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Maxthon doesn't let me use a Torrent client

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I am using a portable version of Tixati torrent client, when I download a Torrent Maxthon tells me that the torrent is not associated with any program and reset the connection, Firefox allows me to choose the association. Can you fix please this problem? Thank you (I want to continue to use Maxthon for every needs)

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You can associate your torrent client to work on Maxthon if you set it as "default" or, if it's not available in your client, by editing registry

1. Open Registry Editor (Start menu > search for regedit)

2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

3. If a key called "Magnet" doesn't exist, create it

4. Make a subkey for Magnet called "shell"

5. And a subkey for shell called "open"

6. And a subkey for open called "command"

It should look like this now:


7. Now double click "(Default)" on the right pane, for me it looks like this:


The first quotes should point to the Torrent client executable, the second should always be "%1" (with quotes)

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