Can I add 4 splite maxhthon screen in my browser?

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Hi and welcome to the forum Lintang Katulistiwa :)

No you cannot, nor do I think there is an extension to help you accomplish this(although you could check the extension site.)

I would suggest using 2 instances in split mode( you can work between the 2 using Drag and Drop)

Edit: It has been requested before and will be noted again.



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Dear Mr. BugSir....

I really love Maxthon. I installed 7 on my computer browser. but that so my main browser is Maxthon.

but I sometimes wear another browser to open a site containing the video can not play automatically. because I am afraid of my internet quota quickly depleted if wearing brower Maxthon. Because Maxthon automatically play if a site contains a video.

give me a solution how to set Maxthon to not play automatically when opening a site that contains a video sir?

thank you very much for your response.

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Hi again,

I just visited the website adf.flu but i won't seem to see this add you mentioned.

Is Maxthon add-hunter enabled for this website?

What specific link are you trying to visit?We'll try to see if we can edit a blocking rule for this add.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your support.

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