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Sync Is Disabled By Your Administrator


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Hello my friends at Maxthon,

I go into mx://settings (not mx://mxsettings/ ), and I try to sync my information and settings within Maxthon for Linux to that of my information and settings within my Google Chrome and Chromium accounts, and I find I cannot do so. I'm wondering why not? I sign into the Maxthon, with my Google information, but nothing automatically appears in Maxthon as it would in Chrome or Chromium. Why not?

I see "Sync is disabled by your administrator."

Any suggestions?

Thank you,



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剑出比达 replied at 2014-7-2 23:47 back.gif

try run maxthon with sync switch:

$ maxthon --disable-sync

this allows you sync Google account conte ...

Hello SAAV,

I haven't been active with Maxthon for a while, but thank you for this tip.

From what I can tell, it looks as if Maxthon has fixed this bug now -- at least in their latest beta edition. Here's what Mx Product says,

"Hello dear Maxthon folks,

Today, we are very glad to announce that Maxthon for Linux Beta for you to try out.

With this version, we bring history import feature for you. Click 'import user data' in main menu or the 'import bookmarks and settings' button at the top of settings page, and then you can select Chrome and import your history.

Hope this feature let you switch to Maxthon for Linux smoothly.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems.'

SAAV, this sounds like good news for us.

Thanks so much,


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