Web Notification API is broken

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Nom4d3 replied at 2014-6-24 11:17 back.gif

yeah... the problem seems to be with the animation.

Some extensions, like Gmail Notifier, use this A ...

Looks that way here. On the first click, I see just a sliver of the notification popup, a little more after the second click, and the whole popup after the third click.

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ligoten replied at 2014-6-25 13:24 back.gif

Without trying to examine the underlying code, it visually looks like the that version isn't using ...

It seems like both of the tests depend on some soft of libraries to run, I'll try to make bare code and see exactly what's wrong


First thing you'll notice is that you don't need notification permission to be granted to be able to use the API, which can enable malicious notifications and all sorts of stuff. When clicking on the "request permission" button it just automatically grants permission as well.

Let's test the API in 3 different browsers, Maxthon, Chrome, and Firefox. On Chrome, when I try to click on the "show notification" buttons, none of them will work, because I need to grant permission first. So I click on "request permission" button, an in-browser pop up asks me if I'd like to show notifications for this website and if I click to allow, the notification buttons work, this same principle works in Firefox and, as I said earlier, not the case in Maxthon.

So let's move on to the notifications themselves. Here I click on all buttons in Chrome and every single one opens. I try the same in Firefox and they works flawlessly there too. But on Maxthon we see this: "just title" doesn't work, "title and body" makes a small blue bar appear at the bottom, if I decide to click the button again it makes a second one with a slightly bigger height, making the title readable for the second notification, but then if it's clicked the third time all three appear normal. "Title and icon" doesn't work either much like "just title". And finally "title, body, and icon" opens flawlessly.

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