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Text line breaking/wrapping

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I don't know the exact name of the setting parameter in English, but it does not work for my new telephone. It was braking the text correctly on my previous phone, now on new HTC One with full HD resolution it doesn't breake the text when zooming in on the page. The text is then not visible and exceeding the screen.

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The phone is HTC One M8 with Android 4.4.2. Maxthon is I have googled the problem and understand, that the text reflow feature is no longer supported in KitKat in WebView, which is probably the case of Maxthon.

It worked in older Android, now it doesn't in any web page.

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@dn007, it is a known issue and has previously been reported.

BugSir007 replied at 2014-6-23 00:35 back.gif


What is your device configuration please?

And what is the specific website that is being visited ...

You can find an example of the problem on this page http://www.thecleverowl.com/wellness/one-weird-trick-to-stay-asleep-all-night-100_8298/?fb_lgid=16888&fb_lpid=31492&fb_itid=8298&pid=201&fb_itid2=21226&nid=58&aff_id=saruh_bnsatwbs_dasn_060514&eol_id=1

Images are self explanatory, att. to their names

Android 4.1.1, Mx


Android 4.4.4, Mx4.2.7.2000




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Guest Bugmiss008
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ntzphyr replied at 2014-7-10 14:40 back.gif


Yes, the Tech support for android is now listed, definitely wasn't when I first checked

just because the thread was in the "computer section";P ... I moved it to maxthon for mobile !


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