Long time user, but ready to abandon Maxthon over long-standing issues.

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I'm sorry to say this may be the last day i use Maxthon.

I just downloaded the latest version and will give it a go, but at the first sign of a long-standing bug or insurmountable issue, i'm afraid i will need to move on.

I've been using Maxthon for roughly 14 years, possibly longer. I've used most Windows versions extensively, on multiple platforms. I loved tabs long before most browsers had them, the ability to download videos, URL aliases and group management were indispensable and some of the reasons i stuck with it this long.

But at this point, i am no longer able to overlook the long-standing issues with the browser, and those who develop it. I am continually baffled at the memory issues Maxthon has ALWAYS had. It has been a huge and often-reported issue. It may manifest in various ways at different times, but there has always been a memory leak of some kind that either eats up resources, causes the browser to freeze and not be recoverable, or makes the entire set of tabs refresh themselves. I can't fathom why this has never been corrected, even over FOUR different versions of the program. (Oh, i almost forgot. I imagine the same thing is happening on the Android version as well, as it crashes, freezes, or simply refuses to load pages after a time, and needs constant closing and reopening.)

Recently the tab refreshing problem seems to have finally been resolved. The problem now is, on a brand-new computer running windows 8.1, when the memory catastrophe happens, Maxthon takes my entire system with it. I'll notice it acting a little funny, then i'll see the browser flicker, and then the screen goes black. Maybe there will be more flickering, and i'll see a program or two appear, but very soon, both of my monitors will be black with only a mouse pointer visible. There is no way to shut off the pc other than pressing the power button.

This is incredibly dangerous, and entirely unacceptable, that i risk damaging my pc because i use a specific browser.

It's possible that the browser is not playing well with my graphics card, but it is a very top-of-the-line card that plays intensive games very well and has no other noticeable issue, so the fault is with Maxthon and its programming anyway, so it is still a problem

I'm not sure why these memory issues have never been resolved in over a decade. Developer incompetence? Lack of concern for the users? Simple apathy? Do they just wish to keep adding features and fiddling with new things rather than fix the many issues the browser has? I wondered in the past on these forums that very thing. Why make a Maxthon 3 when Maxthon 2 is broken? No one answered me then, either. I expect no answers now. But i thought i'd say something, because this is so disappointing, and i know others must be dealing with the same thing.

Anyway, it was a nice run, and i'm giving Maxthon one last chance. But i'm not holding out hope that tis new build is any better. I'll be sad to see it go. Mostly.

Thanks for reading.

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Hello mamimi4764695,

Thank you very much for your writing.

Actually, all reported issues are considered and developers put in all the effort to solve existing issues.

There might be some issue still not solved but it's not because we do not want to solve them.

Sometimes users report issues which are hard to reproduce,therefore it'll be hard for us to determine the exact problem they encountered.

For instance, the memory issue you mentioned,here we can not confirm it. Maxthon has improved its memory usage Since the last couple releases and consumes very low memory.

As far as i know, recently we did not receive many user's feedback reporting the memory usage issue.

For this issue, i would advise you to check whether there is no confliction between Maxthon and other applications you may be running.

Also, providing more information on how to reproduce this problem would be very helpful for us to identify the cause of the problem.

At the same time, I'll talk to our team about this problem and ask them to pay more attention to this issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kindly continuous support.

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I'm sorry to say that I am trying maxthon for the first time and experiencing the same thing on Wndows 7. I've heard nothing but good things about maxthon but this is kind of a let down. hope the issue is resolved soon. p.s the memory usage is ridiculous even when not streaming video from you tube, however I experience the screen flicker mainly when watching one of my favorite documentaries and switching from full-screen, then changing tabs or vice versa. This also occurs frequently when moving the mouse to the start menu-bar and back into the browser window. Also there is some other strange erratic mouse behavior when this happens. Im running an old E521 dell dimension desktop with 3 GB of ram. Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't detect any kind of malware, and i haven't had this problem with any other browser. I Hope this has been helpful in solving this issue and I look forward to seeing it resolved. Thank You!

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