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Quora Extension

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Quora is a scholarly q&a site.

I've ported over this ( to Maxthon.

Copied from the webstore:Compressing Notifications:

Go to your notification page after installing this extension.

Click the COMPRESS button that now appears in the sidebar.

Blocking Topics:

Type the topics you no longer wish to see into the text box that appears on your Quora home page after you install this extension and press enter.

The relevant topics will now be blocked and they will no longer appear in your feed.

If you want to view these topics again, click on the blocked topic that appears in the side bar on your Quora homepage.

To clear all your blocked topics, click the CLEAR ALL button.

Sorting answers:

Click the dropdown menu that appears on every answer page and then sort by Magic/Votes/Newest.

Fixed top bar:

Stop scrolling to get back to the header bar.


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