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IN the old Maxthon3 on the left side when you opened up the happy face to get to the menu box, one of the items was save as Quick App. In version, not only has the menu box switched sides to the right hand side (3 bars) the save as Qucik app is not there, can we get it back, I used that feature quite regularly.

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magg replied at 2014-4-26 12:57 back.gif

Hi there.

Save as Quick App is of course still available in Maxthon Cloud.

Right Click on Tab and vo ...

Thank you very much. I would of never figured that one out. It (as well as everything else in that tab) should of been in the menu box where it used to be along with the things that are still in the menu box. When changes are made no one tells us. Fortunately for us "dumb bunnies" we have people like you who are on top of it and figure it out right away.

I will say I was puzzled for a little bit. I copied your picture and enlarged it so I could see the detail. I could not make out WHICH tab you were using as I could not make out the name on it. Then I thought "hmm I wonder what will happen when I click on ANY tab. I did, and what you showed in the picture appeared. It would of helped if you had said: "Right Click on ANY Tab and viola!!!!!!!!!!!. But I do want to thank you again, for I would of NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!! thought about Right Clicking on a Tab.

I encourage you to write a manual on what we need to do in Maxthon Cloud (aka Maxthon 4xxxx) because you would be able to explain each feature in detail and show how to use it. You could make a pdf manual for us to download and insert videos of how to do things (and explain it in audio as you are demonstrating how to do it). Because I for one, know I am not getting all the benefits that Maxthon Browser has to offer. I can tell you this: I was a die-hard IE user. But IE kept crashing and I kept getting the "Blue Screen of Death" . So one day while searching for browsers I downloaded Maxthon 3 (as well as some others). As I continued to use Maxthon I discovered I loved it. It took several monthes, but I switched to Maxthon3. In my opinion Maxthon is 100,000x better than Opera, Chrome, FireFox, and IE. There are some things I would like to see in Maxthon, and maybe someday someone will put those things in. I would like to see Maxthon become the #1 Browser in the world!!!!!!!!!

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nevergetany replied at 2014-4-26 17:04 back.gif

Thank you very much. I would of never figured that one out. It (as well as everything else in tha ...

There are some videos on You Tube, maybe check them out and see if they are any help to you. Just type in Maxthon in the You Tube search.

Also, now that you know that a "right click" gives you lots of different options, try it in other places other than the tabs and see what happens. It's fun to click and investigate and a good way to learn. If you still have questions, just let us know.

post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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Oh, I've used the right click for quite some time, because that is where I can "refresh" the screen "cut"; "copy" "paste"; "select all"; "delete"; and many other things (including spelling of words when I misspell it). But "save as quick app" does not show there. And that is why I would not ever of thought of clicking on a tab. The save as quick app" only happens when you right click on the tab. And I never clicked on a tab before. I've clicked in several places, just never a tab.

I will check out you tube for Maxthon and see what is there. But I still think you would make a very good teacher on this.

I have a question listed somewhere about sync. But the short is this: When I used Maxthon 3 I never set up passport. When I installed Maxthon Cloud (unfortunately, not the portable like I thought I was doing) I had passport installed, and then I imported my shared files. Now I'm thinking, since I did not set up Maxthon3 with Passort, I may have created a mess for my self, because it seems that all my passwords for other sites are now scrambled. They are jumbled numbers and letters. My question is if I sync now will that correct this problem, or do I need to do something else. If I need to do something else 1st, what is it.

Can you give me assistance on this one.

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