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  1. beta * Optimize the tab height - Fixed Maxnotes url handing problem - Fixed bookmark opened in wrong position problem - Fixed flashing window when browser started problem https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/
  2. Maxthon beta + Add a new double-click to install extension (.crx) * Adjust two-factor authentication to the account security center * Optimize the logic for opening recent menu lists, adding a new 'Reopen Closed Window' menu item - Fix the issue of the bookmark script executing would open a blank page problem https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ Maxthon - Fixed profile page did not show the correct language problem. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ Maxthon Upgraded Chromium kernel to 109.0.5414.121+ Added golds system, score can be exchanged for golds, continuous sign-in can obtain more golds+ Added function bar at the top of the new tab page, which can switch between quick access and notes+ Added login backup route+ Added settings for pinning and scrolling tabs+ Added crash prompts* Optimised minimalist and download window styles* Optimised URL recognition for super drag-and-drop* Updated multilingual translation- Fixed known issues and crashes Maxthon Beta https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ + Added crash prompt * Fixed the issue of default hotkeys being occupied after modifying global hotkeys * Fixed the issue of browser crashes when closing tabs or unpinning tabs * Fixed the issue of being unable to replace the version during browser runtime when installing over an existing version * Fixed the issue of certain settings being ineffective when opening bookmarks Maxthon Beta https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ Added locked tab and scrolling tab interaction settings+ Added minimize button to quick note+ Added tab folding to display more tabs- Optimised Maxthon note sharing page* Fixed label abnormal sleep issue* Fixed Win11 menu display incompleteness issue* Fixed bookmark menu maximum width setting not affecting submenus issue* Fixed new tab page not displaying control bar flickering issue* Fixed incorrect order when opening all bookmarks issue* Fixed browser window state inconsistency when opened by login and before closing issue
  3. + Most of the PC features are included. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon_mac/releases/download/
  4. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ beta* Optimized the auto-update of PassKeeper when opening the website with a blank title* Optimized PassKeeper to save blank accounts or blank passwords* Supports deletion of bookmarks, tabs, and search engines from history records- Fixed the issue where inputting search engine keyword + space in the address bar fails to switch to the search engine- Fixed the crash caused by data upload during login- Fixed the issue where the second verification of PassKeeper was invalid- Fixed the issue where the share link could not be copied in the new tab
  5. + Improved Theme and UI + Optimised page loading speed + Optimised Maxnote * Fixed some bugs https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mx.browser
  6. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ + Added locked tab and scrolling tab interaction settings + Added minimize button to quick note + Added tab folding to display more tabs - Optimised Maxthon note sharing page * Fixed label abnormal sleep issue * Fixed Win11 menu display incompleteness issue * Fixed bookmark menu maximum width setting not affecting submenus issue * Fixed new tab page not displaying control bar flickering issue * Fixed incorrect order when opening all bookmarks issue * Fixed browser window state inconsistency when opened by login and before closing issue
  7. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ Added minimum and maximum width settings for tab and bookmarks menu* Fixed the issue of sync icons not disappearing in the list after creating/editing a title/changing the main text* Fixed the issue of garbled website display in Maxthon Notes* Fixed the issue of being unable to open local addresses with icons* Fixed the issue of not being able to drag and sort in the bookmarks management page* Fixed the issue of incorrect thumbnail display on the new tab page* Fixed the crash when closing tabs after previewing favorited notes* Fixed the crash caused by adding and reading new notes* Fixed the crash when opening all bookmarks in a new window
  8. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ - Fixed sometimes new tab page became blank problem - Fixed several crashes
  9. Beta+ Added tab animation+ Added choose temperature unit in QA+ Added "paste as plain text" to spelling checker* Updated translation- Fixed direct URL logic problem- Fixed some crashes https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/
  10. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ + Added backup login server + Added option to hide topbar on new tab + Added tab context menu, add desktop app - Optimized style for quick note - Optimized stype of new tab page * Fixed "could not as as PDF on page context menu" problem * Fixed "switch account caused crash" * Fixed "Save to max note caused crash"
  11. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ beta * optimized window style of quick note * Updated languages - Fixed download process was sometimes wrong - Fixed a crash when minimize the main window - Fixed search engine list error in settings - Fixed a crash when switching account - Fixed a performance issue when copy image with context menu beta * Optimzed check-in style on new tab page - Fixed image save and image copy didn't work problem - Fixed could not dismiss access popup window problem - Fixed crashes when playing video - Fixed crashes when closing tab - Fixed crashes when deleting history items
  12. beta* Optimized new tab page style- Fixed crashs caused by addons and page loading- Fixed the wrong wording in gold conversion- Fixed could not load history items and could not load last session problems- Fixed address bar style because black in incognito mode problem- Fixed could not open note items in sidebar problem + Upgraded to blink core 109.0.5414.121 + Added New tab page redesign, added top bar to switch between quick access and maxnotes + Added Gold system + Added Score to gold convertion, can be converted in Settings/General Settings/Maxthon Cloud Account + Added daily check-in feature, can earn gold by checking in * Downloader window supports changing size + Added adjust sidebar notes by drag-and-drop https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/
  13. If the quick access data of the new tab page restored to the default, you can 1. Exit the browser 2. Open the installation path, such as C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Maxthon 3. Open the account folder, find the folder "Backups" > "QuickAccess," select one backup file which you'd like to restore, rename it to "QaConfig.dat," 4. Back to your browser account folder, open the folder "QuickAccess," use the backup file to replace the current one. 5. Restart the browser To check the installation path, you can run the Maxthon 6 installation package.
  14. How to add 1. On the top right, click the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > General > Default engine > Manage engines > Add search engine 2. Fill out the text fields and click OK. 3. If you cannot find the search engine from the search engine list, please hover on the search engine the click Default. How to customize the search engine URL: 1. Go to the search engine you want to add. 2. Do a search. 3. Copy and paste the web address of the search results page into the URL field. The address for the search results page is different from the website address. For example, if you search for "soccer," the Google search results URL is http://www.google.com/search?q=soccer. 4. Replace the search term in the URL with %s. For example, if you were using the Google search results URL, your search engine address would be http://www.google.com/search?q=%s. Attached a video for your reference. How to use "Keyword" Enter the keyword in the address bar then press the "Space," it will switch to that search engine quickly. howtoaddsearchengine.mp4
  15. When you encounter a crash, if it can be reproduced by some specific steps: Then, It is highly appreciated that if you can tell us : the specific steps that cause the crash; The browser version you are using; provide us the crash data Ps: Two methods to get your crash data: You can press "Win + R" keyboard > run "%appdata%" and press the keyboard "Enter" > go back to the folder "AppData" > open the folder "Local" > find the folder "Maxthon" > open the folder "Application" > "User Data" > "Crashpad" > "reports" > compress this folder and send it to us. You can also find it directly from the following path: C:\Users\#Your User Name#\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Crashpad\reports. The whole complete reports folder will be highly appreciated instead of only certain .txt document in it.
  16. If you unluckily lose bookmarks, you can try to restore the bookmarks by using the backup file. 1. Open Maxthon 6 browser. 2. Open the installation path, for example, D:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Maxthon\ 3. Open the folder "User Data" under the folder "Maxthon" 3. Find the account folder you'd like to restore data, such as "Default" 4. Under the folder "Default," you can find and open the folder "Backups" > "BookMarks" 5. Choose a backup file, copy it, then paste it to your account folder, such as "Default" 7. Rename the backup file as "Bookmarks," no file suffix required; delete the previous file "Bookmarks." 8. Restart the browser.
  17. Hello Maxers, Because of the forum update issue, some members could not reset the password or register the new account successfully. If you need any assistance with the account issue please feel free to contact us at huangshan@maxthon.net or send feedback on https://www.maxthon.com/mx/bug/post/. We will approve the new registration and change the password manually for you. Thank for your support and understanding! Kind regards, BugSir006
  18. This extension last updated on 10/23/2014, and it is not available for the latest Maxthon 5, the dev team has helped solve this issue, would you like to update it? If you don't contact us in two weeks, we will remove it from Maxthon extension center and upload by our official account. If you can reach this author please help let him/her know. Thank you!
  19. I've ported the MX4 night mode extension into a standalone extension after looking into it after requests by users to bring it back. All credit to the original creators from the MX team. Known issues: Toolbar button may need to be clicked twice to manually enable/disable Night Mode if Auto mode is enabled. http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=3060 Changelog: 1.5.0 + Fixed issue with exetension running on Night Mode settings page on refresh even when Auto was not enabled + Added confirmation for Default settings button 1.4.0 + Added Auto enable option (enables on new pages or on refresh) 1.2.0 + Added first run user prompt to check default settings 1.1.0 + Added default settings button + Minor settings page UI changes 1.0.5 + Fixed issue where only background colour was being applied 1.0.0 + Added Settings page 0.9.0/b2 + Icon now updates to show if enabled/disabled 0.5.0/b1 + Updated to work as a switch. Click to enable/disable 0.0.5/a + Initial release
  20. This translator is an alternative to standard translators built into Maxthon 5. With this extension you can automatically translate web pages into the language the browser is in without leaving the current page, you can also translate the selected text into a new tab from the drop-down menu of the extension. Supported Languages: • Chinese (Simplified) • Chinese (Traditional) • English - United Kingdom • English - United States • French - France • German - Germany • Italian - Italy • Korean - Korea • Polish - Poland • Portuguese - Brazil • Portuguese - Portugal • Russian - Russia • Spanish - Argentina • Spanish - Mexico • Spanish - Spain • Turkish - Turkey Bing Translator.mxaddon
  21. Hi ! Let me introduce my last extension for Maxthon browser. It's a shortcut for yours favorites online ... so (unfortunately for someone of you) this extension is only for users signed to Maxthon Passport. It's just a workaround at the moment - let's hope we'll get a true fav's on the sidebar someday ... To manage your fav's (add/ remove/ rename) you still need a Infobox ! OR Just use another version of this extension ( named favs2) from my attachment... So this time it uses fav's from Infobox. favs.mxaddon favs2.mxaddon
  22. Hi there! Let me introduce you another new extension for our Maxthon browser . Inoreader can be an alternative to Maxthons RSS Reader. Description: Home page & more infos: http://www.inoreader.com/ Download: Extension is now available in Maxthon Extension Center - http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2947 I hope you'll enjoy it!
  23. Hi there! Let me introduce you a new extension for our Maxthon browser . Feedly can be an alternative to Maxthons RSS Reader. Description: Home page & more infos: https://feedly.com/i/welcome Download: Extension is now available in Maxthon Extension Center - http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2946 I hope you'll enjoy it!
  24. Translated weekend №1. Pocket: Read it Later Maybe you know me, maybe not, but this summer I made a few new extensions for Maxthon. Today I want to talk about Pocket, formerly Read It Later. It's a Save4Later service, help to save interesting articles, videos and more from the web. If you use mobile app, you can read saved articles without internet connections (more information). Pocket for Maxthon did not exist for a long time, so I made simple extension. Includes: your saved pages in sidebar (press "x" to close)website menu in toolbar (work as links)script for save opened page (add tags if you need) About translaions: Usually I translate extensions only in English and Russian, but Pocket is something more. So I already translated Pocket for Maxthon in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish. I don't speak these languages, I used Google Translator, so I could make a lot of mistakes. Let me know if you find it. And if you want to help me with translations in other languages too (all languages which are used in Pocket you can see here). If I get a translation, I can add new language immediately. But approval will take several days. If you ready to help my in this you have to translate in your language this terms: ENGLISH - RUSSIAN Pocket for Web - Pocket для Web Save to Pocket - Сохранить в Pocket My list - Мой список Favorites - Избранное Archive - Архив Recommended - Рекомендации Account - Учетная запись Options - Настройки Help - Помощь Email us - Написать нам Request a feature - Предложить функцию About Pocket - Что за Pocket? Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания How to use Pocket in Nitro read here: EnglishRussian
  25. Here we offer the Maxthon Extension Development Guide and Packaging Tool (for Maxthon3, Maxthon Cloud Browser and Maxthon5). English Maxthon Extension SDK Update date:May 21, 2015 SDK runtime version:1.0.6 SDK document version:1.2.7 Mx-Extension-SDK.doc Changelog: 1.2.7: - update stopOnClose 1.2.6: - add contextmenu api - add resize api - add toolbar support 1.2.3: - Update the description of def.json 1.2.2: - Describe the objects that runtime.post support to post 1.2.1: - The included JS File's format must be UTF8 with BOM Maxthon Extension/Skin Packaging Tool Update date:March 13, 2013 Version:1.0.7 MxPacker.rar Instructions: Pack: Drag the extension/skin directory onto the MxPacker icon (no need to run it) to make a package. Unpack: Drag a package onto the MxPacker/skin icon (no need to run it) to unpack it. or Double click the MxPacker icon to run it, and pack or unpack a package using the GUI. Note: Please rename the packed file's extension to .mxskin, if it is a skin file. Examples: These are from Maxthon Chinese BBS. So you may just take a look at it if your like. Douban Radio: douban.fm.zip Baidu Ting: baidu.ting.zip Douban Radio and Baidu Ting are two popular apps in China which may offer you songs randomly. They can remember your taste and recommend the styles you like. Hope you enjoy. Mx-Extension-SDK.zip