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  1. When I use Maxthon browser, there is static sound come out randomly from my speaker. I tred use headset, same thing happening. It's fine when i use Chrome.
  2. When I opened Gmail today there is this message across the top: This version of Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser. Will you upgrade your Chrome version soon?
  3. ya can not read Arabic font tried all solution 4 4 years
  4. Hey there, After using maxthon for a while I have noticed that it will 'disappear' from the task bar , giving the idea that the maxthon browser has been closed, but when cycling through the windows via the 'Alt+Tab' shortcut, There Maxthon Is! This happens most often when I wake up my PC Any fixes?? Any Advice Current Maxthon Version: Maxthon Cloud Browser Operating System : Windows 8.1 Thanks in advance
  5. Javascript error

    For ex: "Sorry, JavaScript is required to view Global Stats charts."
  6. After opening the external URL link .... (from any software + Maxthon closed) AdBlock is not working. EDIT: I can not add comments (must be moderate) Add video: opening the external address with advertising + duplicate tab without advertising VIDEO
  7. HTTP/2 support

    Hello folks! Is there any chance for Maxthon to add HTTP/2 support? I've been testing with this demo site below and unfortunately Maxthon (latest beta) is not yet support HTTP/2 protocol. I've been testing with other browser too (Chrome 41 & Firefox 37) and with this comparison result, HTTP/2 provide a significant performance advantages compared to raw HTTP/1.1. 13167
  8. Drag and drp

    Hi, anybody knows when can I drag and drop a picture directly from Maxthon to Photoshop like Firefox?
  9. Hello, I can't found a software which secure delete cache, history, cookies etc.............. on Maxthon 4, Ccleaner (without the winapp.ini files), Wise Disk Cleaner, Privazer and others doesn't support Maxthon 4 Could you help me please and tell me if the built-in option in Maxthon sent all that it delete to the Recycle bin, in that case i could secure empty the Recycle bin. Sorry for my poor english. SaTiVa.
  10. SSLv3 error alert

    Today, my girlfriend tells me if she gets an ssl error alert from the web which more or less like this. "The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is usually caused when the server needs SSLv3 support, which has been removed." I have tried to check and do the SSLv3 test on and unfortunately both on Ultra or Retro mode got same result with this notice. "Warning! Your browser supports SSLv3." I also take some test on the other browser like Nitro, IE, Chrome, Yandex and Firefox and each one of those passes the test without warning and only Maxthon which is fails. So, I just curious, is there a way to disable the SSLv3 in Maxthon? is Maxthon still safe for us?
  11. ***this browser, it used to be awesome, now it's bullcrap. Thanks for ruining it. Oh yes, explanation of the problem yes yes - when I open maxthon it just crashes while trying to restore previous session tabs, so thanks to your incompetence I have to manually research the tabs I had opened on Firefox since Maxthon doesn't work at ALL. edited by Odyssee: don't use such impolite words on a public forum please
  12. Some time ago Maxthon has removed a feature to save screenshots of a website as a thumbnail of favorite link, visible on new tab page in grid layout. I thought that this feature was not implemented YET, so I've been waiting for updates adding the feature back so I could start updating my browser again. But half a year has passed, and the browser still doesn't support said thumbnail images. Currently I'm still using Maxthon and I want to know if there are any future plans of adding the feature, or if I should start looking for new browser. Thanks.
  13. Hi... I just wanted to know that while I was on DeviantArt on one tab and at weebly on the other tab,the back button on the first tab has vanished in thin air.Could you guys please just please make the browser as faster then before by letting the back button stay on the first tab and on each tab until it reaches the home page please. Thanks for reading. Warmly regards, Ayla
  14. I'm talking about this one: It already works on Chrome, FireFox, and Opera...
  15. Anybody has used hotspot shield elite in maxthon browser?? did you have problem with it ? Because to me doesn't working well in favorite bar !
  16. Hi, For some reason when I try to view YouTube video in fullscreen while using HTML5 player, it appears to run at something like 10 frames per second. When not in fullscreen or while using Flash player, it plays smoothly. I tried Firefox and there is no problem there. I also tried reinstalling Maxthon without success. Any tips?
  17. Everytime I open a youtube video it keeps doing that..I have to zoom in and out to fix it.
  18. I have a single account with Maxthon on 2 computers. changes I make in Magic fill on 1 machine are invariably erased and overwritten by older data from the 2nd machine. I do not understand how the sync function works. Does sync upload recent changes to my account cloud? Or download older data from the cloud onto the computer? Or both? Also, how do I transfer magic fill changes from 1 machine to the next? Sync, then import user data on the 2nd machine in order to update the data there as well? or do I use a different method? Help! Thank you.
  19. Just like in the title... Page is messed up and not working. Everything works fine in retro mode... Ultra: Retro:
  20. The game loads but crashes right away if I click on anything. Have installed flash player as per directions, but it hasn't helped.
  21. Hello, this seems like a bug to me. When 1.) I open Maxthon ( and open up 3 different tabs, only one of which has a sound application, and 2.) I open the Volume Mixer provided by my Realtek Sound Card, I would expect to get only one Volume Slide Panel. Instead, for every tab in Maxthon I get a separate Volume adjust slide panel. Sometimes, when closing and reopening the Volume Mixer, the Maxthon tabs are displayed as "name not available", without the Maxthon icon. When having 30 tabs open, this makes it almost impossible to find the Volume adjust for the correct Maxthon tab! Is there a way to make Maxthon register only once with the sound device? Many thanks Eva
  22. I can't Print 7.5 x 5.5 inch size page with Maxthon I think modify Maxthon like Firefox. Another problem is Print out quality is Bad than Firfox and we need to change print Headers again by again
  23. Hi Guys , I am trying to enter to this page It's my first that login in