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Found 13 results

  1. Any chance of having a color fav folder option? and maybe even a color tab option? Id love that, it help to see folders and tabs quicker Or does anyone know of a plugin or addon for this? I couldn't find one.
  2. I'm looking for the "paper" skin on chinese forum, but I am unable to find it... can someone please help me ? thank you
  3. I'm happy to introduce Snapper 2 skin for MX4(compatible: 4.4.5.xxxx). Almost all features from Snapper are implemented. Skin is HD optimized. Skin was uploaded from old forum. Snapper2_HD.mxskin
  4. I don't see any link. Just a number like 4943 thx in advance.
  5. Can anyone return these useful < and > buttons please and keep correct order of Tabs? MX4 is nightmare to use when you have many tabs opened, you have to open dropdown list and select tabs that out of screen, and instead of centering this tab and showing left and right tabs, MX4 shows this tab instead of last of right tabs that was show. MX3 default skins was much more comfortable to use with left and right tab buttons and scroll of tabs right in tab bar, its shame that MX4 devs and designers does not recognise and fix new design flaws after so many years since MX4 appeared. Another issue i bet many has with MX4 design usability - lack of option to show ONLY ICONS (and short text like 5-10 letters in case if no icon is downloaded, the way IE does) in compact view of favorites bar. There is another think i would like to see, but not sue if skins allow that - in IE there is a very useful feature - you can add RSS subscibed channel to fav bar, and it will show dropdown menu with headlines. Since im moved to MX from IE im really missing this feature. Can anyone please mod original MX4 skin of latest beta version to fix these issues?
  6. I really loved the look of the Maxthon beta skin. Is there a skin like this for maxthon 4, anyone? Much appreciated It looks like this: 11254
  7. Is this Dragon Boat Festival skin compatible with the new maxthon? I really love it and I've refuse to upgrade my browser because Maxthon4 is incompatible
  8. Hello there, It's just another Nitro UI skin port for Maxthon, this skin was built to be a look like Mx Nitro. Preview Default Nitro UI Minimalist looks full features looks Nitro UI Dope Minimalist looks Full features looks Download Skin Nitro UI v1.4.1.7z Misc Colors Lines.rar * Background image which use for the Nitro UI Dope preview. Changelog v1.4.1 Compatibility support for 4.4.6.x Minor bug fixes. a bit optimization. v1.4 Compatibility support for 4.4.5.x Revert ABP menu to default state. a bit optimization. v1.3 Some adjustment with the latest MX 4.4.4.x UI framework. Remove unecessary things (ABP social sharing, etc). Minor fixes for some annoying things (Overlap site-safety icon, lock tab icon, private/incognito layout etc). End support for MX 4.4.3.x (due to the different UI framework with the latest MX 4.4.4.x). v1.2 Add some hover function implementation (eg. autohide quicktools, bookmark, and sidebar). Minor fixes for some mismatch color. Else (I don't remember). v1.1 Remove unecessary part (eg. annoying social sharing on adblock panel etc). Add support for MX Cloud 4.4.3.x version build. Some adjustment from MX Nitro Minor fixes for some glitch and odd layout. v1.0 Initial build. Notice For skin with auto hide features. 1. Hover the menu button to show the quicktools. 2. Hover the big back button or sidebar button on bottom left corner to show the sidebar. 3. Hover the left address bar to show bookmark. Due to this skin was built to be a look like Mx Nitro, any suggestion or request from user which is not related to the purpose will be ignored. If you have a problem/issue with this skin, feel free to let me know. Credits 1. Maxthon Ltd and the dev. 2. All Maxthon forum community member.
  9. Please, friends, help me to find this skin: 10319 Maybe you remember its name or even have it somethere - hope so!
  10. when i want to add a skin he tell me Maxthon 3 Required please tell me how to fix this problem
  11. Hi, my MX family; After Maxthon 3, We have CS skins for MX4 too! 7378 7379 CS-Dark.mxskin CS-Light.mxskin
  12. As requested, here's a separate topic for an alternative version of OneBar, in which locked tabs are shown as favicon-only small-size tabs: the lock indicator and the page title are hidden. For screenshots in OS's other than XP, see The address bar unfolds when activated If you want to move/drag the window, use the spacer between the menu and back buttons New version (April 15, 22:30 UTC/GMT): Fixed the maximum width of tabs Removed Refresh button for more horizontal space: use F5, or Shift+F5 to refresh all tabs, and Ctrl+F5 to force refresh Removed Favorites button (when Favorites bar off): just use default keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B, or set a more ergonomic shortcut, like Alt+A New version (April 21, 01:00 UTC/GMT): Fixed private mode indicator position Turns out I did like the Favorites button: reintroduced Width of navigation buttons slightly altered for more horizontal space. New version (April 21, 15:30 UTC/GMT): Gained another 2 (!) pixels vertically, hurray! Dirty fix for navigation buttons not showing up in W8, possibly Vista/W7 (there's something wrong with it when the opacity is <1 since Maxthon v4.4.0.2000). Thx2 大笨狗 New version (April 29, 8:45 UTC/GMT): New Tab button now sticks to the right of the tabs instead of jumping all the way to the right "Overshoot" when clicking on (expanding) the address bar is less ugly Made resizing of window easier (hit-margin expanded) New version (May 10, 12:21 UTC/GMT): New Tab button fix of previous version caused Maxthon to lose the last session tab and all locked tabs upon restart. It's a real strange thing for such a small change. I removed the change, so you can use the skin safely again. New version (June 5, 19:00 UTC/GMT): Little fix needed for Maxthon v4.4.1.1000 Download: For those who want to adjust the skin to their own preferences, the maximum tab width had to be hard-coded (to 232px), so the skin3.ini variable doesn't work anymore, change in skin.css. Tip: to save some horizontal space, you might want to edit Maxthon\Language\en.ini to make the Reader Mode button smaller. Change it into something likeReaderMode.Available=Reador you could even make it 'button-only' by putting only a space there (although the tooltip is gonna be blank then, too).