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Found 21 results

  1. Dear Maxthon users, You may already know that we are developing next major update of Maxthon browser, Maxthon 6. Here I want to share something information about it, including its value proposition, and how we will develop it. Value proposition: For existing Maxthon users, Mx6 will keep all Maxthon5 data and implement most useful features from mx5, and providing much better website compatibility, full chrome addon support, useful chrome features. For all users, Mx6 will be the world first Bitcoin powered browser, enabling users to explore and participate the next generation
  2. Hello, Having had a synchronization problem that was never resolved when I used Mathon v5, I decided to create a new account to start over with Maxthon v6 without importing data from my previous account into Maxthon v6! But the problem is also present. If I go to the address below I don't have my favorites. https://www.uu.me/note/en-us.html The passwords are there. Can you help me please ?
  3. Hello, In Maxthon 5 there was a google search bar or something to the right of the address bar. Where did she go on Maxthon 6 ??? Thank you
  4. After inputting my password on a given site, the passkeeper popup appeared and by mistake I hit on the "do not remember my password never on this site" or whatever text it appeared. Now I want this site password to be recorded, but I know now how to undo the previous command. I know I still have the option to add the password manually in "accounts" by I wanted in "autosaved passwords". Thanks,
  5. stopped updating Adblock Plus subscriptions on win7 on win10 mx5 Adblock Plus is updated normally
  6. Hi, A few weeks ago my company increased the network level of security; I can still access most of the sites on the internet however for some reason maxthon.com is now being blocked. I am not sure what criteria did my company use to decide which websites to block (of course all porn/malware, etc. sites are being blocked, but regular sites are not) so I am wondering what does maxthon.com have so that it is being blocked...? Any idea? And the worse part is not that, the worse is that as a result MX5 became crazy. Since they are blocking maxthon.com, when I open MX5 the tabs keep r
  7. Good afternoon to everyone. I'm a happy user of Maxthon since 2006, and I love all features of Maxthon, including screen capture. Maxthon 5 let me have a CTRL+F1 capture and paste directly on Outlook email as HTML part. Maxthon 6 natively, since beta versions, didn't allow. Whenever I was pasting it onto Outlook, it paste it as a snap attachment. So, what was I doing? I did past the captured area on Word document, re-copy it, and paste into Outlook email as HTML part. Since version (?? I dont know), I could capture and paste on Outlook email directly: WONDERFUL! But
  8. So lately I noticed that there is a general problem with playing full-screen videos from essentially every website (YouTube, News sites, Rumble, etc.). I get an error (different text for every site) but essentially it seems that when viewing the videos in full screen the buffering stops and once the buffer clears, the video stops and an error is issued. I haven't noticed if it's specifically HTML5 or flash. When reloading the page/video it works and buffers fully as long as you don't go full screen. I'm using (64bit), but I think this happened in previous versions as w
  9. Hello, I have been having trouble syncing my favorites with Maxthon v5 for several months, but the password sync is working. I want to switch to Maxthon v6, to avoid the problem of favorites, I exported them in html file. For the passwords I thought of using the synchronization of my account, but once connected to Maxthon v6, I am missing 65 passwords. So I think it would be nice to create another account to start from scratch with Maxthon v6, but how can I export my passwords from Maxthon v5 to a file so that I can import them into Maxthon v6? Can you help me please ? Thank you.
  10. The Search engines settings in M6 remain awful (v6.1.1.1100). The 'Delete' option on each record seems to randomly delete other engines, whilst Modify and Default options don't seem to have any effect at all. I was trying to set my local Google (not .com.hk!) as the sole and default engine, but have ended up with this duplicate, neither of which will delete. The whole thing is unusable and very frustrating!
  11. Hello, I have a problem, when I want to rename the Bookmark, when the name is not selected, the writing is really too clear, we can't see anything .. Even when rewriting .. (Screenshot) Do you have a solution please?
  12. Bonjour, Dans Maxthon 6 Passkeeper, je ne trouve pas la fonction "General Identity" qui est présente dans Maxton 5 .. At-elle été supprimée? Merci.
  13. I have this question posted elsewhere, but I did not get a response, thought I would try again. Hi, If I install the version for MX5, will this new install overwrite my previous version of MX5? I noticed that when I checked the version number on "Help - About", it constantly tells me there is no new updates available. Or, will I have 2 versions of MX5 installed on my laptop?
  14. Hello, With Maxthon v5 it was possible to "Set shortcut bar display folder" (Capture), I searched with Mathon v6, but I can't find how to do it .. Can you help me please ? Thank you
  15. Yesterday, Mx6 began to crash 9 seconds after I open it. It did this repeatedly. The debug.log reports this error: 0218/102517.715:ERROR:chrome_exe_main_win.cc(268)] ReadProcessMemory failed: Access is denied. (0x5) I made no changes or updates to my system or Mx6 before the crashes began. I had added a bookmark in the Android version of Mx6 the evening before this started. I also recalled a similar issue several weeks ago. At that time, I updated Mx6 to and it worked again, but I noticed that two new bookmarks saved in Mx6 on Android were missing. This suggested a syncin
  16. When I launch MX6 for the first time after the browser restart, the typical Windows 10 security prompt appears asking to allow or deny MX6 making changes to my computer. I allowed the browser on my home computer, so it stopped asking, but on my work computer I keep denying it, as I do not have rights to press "Yes". This doesn't happen with other Chromium-based browsers: as far as I can remember, such prompt only showed up once during Google Chrome installation, after which it didn't appear again, even when I had pressed "No".
  17. Steps to reproduce: Have a browser profile that is not signed into Maxthon Cloud. Go to Settings -> General -> Nickname and avatar. Change the profile picture and press OK. Desired effect: the profile picture is changed. Actual effect: all browser instances crash. Experienced on: Windows 10.
  18. this bar exist in mx 5 but I can't find it in mx 6 how to make it appear ?
  19. This is an updated thread replacing the previous ones that have been archived. MX 6 only functions on Windows 7 or later. At present (February 2012) it is not possible to change the User Agent in MX 6 using the traditional internal UA modifier/selector so you have to use extensions from the chrome store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/user agent?_category=extensions. The choice is yours. The Qupzilla browser is now obsolete and is no longer being developed but it still functions well in the UA. If anybody wants to suggest a replacement please post it here. We can try t
  20. I see many features for MX6 being requested either in the forum or the chat. I would like to know if there is any public Trello or related to know what's the priority on the roadmap of MX6 or at least to know under what criteria are you deciding it. In https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/110-mx6/ , there is a "VOTE" which I assume you are not using hehe
  21. some sites open with incredible small font,example - gmail (win10)