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  1. Hi, some issues with Super drag and drop 1. When I Super Drag and drop a link, it will auto switch to that tab. (I have Open link in New Tab). In older maxthon, there is option to stay on current page. 2. On some sites, Super drag and drop don't work. e.g https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/store
  2. Can't MUTE tab, for example with Youtube Playing. It's possible to mute, via right click, mute site. But the button doesn't work. Regards SEER
  3. Hello, I've updated to Version (64-bit) 0409 (PORTABLE!) and now new tabs are ALWAYS opening to the right of all others, rather than to the right of the current. I tried changing the setting and back and forth but didn't help. I tried setting it, close browser and opening fresh - didn't help. Here's my current setting:
  4. Recently after upgrading win 10 to 20H2 and updatig nvidia drivers I noticed massive screen tearing in maxthon 6 while browsing and watching videos. I googled solution on reddit that disabling Smooth Scrolling in chrome does the trick. Since maxthon is chrome the chrome issues apparently is maxthon issues as well. But the only problem that I can't find Smooth Scrolling option in maxthon. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi All I removed a shortcut yesterday night from the fav. bar. shut down the pc & went to sleep This morning I realise, I shouldn't have Is there any way I can retrieve the shortcut(link) that I removed -I have no backups -I have no cloud is it anywhere in the config files residing on my pc.? I am on Version: Thx in advance !
  6. Running the latest beta,, I've started noticing a couple of odd occasions where I can't, or it is not easy to, focus/activate a form input field. The most obvious of this is on XE's currency converter, where the whole form is out of line and I cannot focus the amount field in order to change it from the default 1. https://xe.com/ucc/ I've had something similar, although it's not occurring right now, strangely, on https://weather.com/, where the search field in the centre of the top bar was similarly not responding to my clicking on it and trying to give it focus
  7. i made a post about this last year and i just downloaded the latest version of maxthon 6 for windows 10 and it still isn't deleting everything
  8. When using the new maxnote feature to add urls , I tried to use the new folder button first if fails in creating the folder, you can see I create it , and then when I reopen it, the folder is not there. And second, I managed to make MX6 crash ,, you can see in the video how it suddenly closes:
  9. Chrome 90.0.4430.30 is blocking installation of the latest build of Maxthon. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. I don't see them and can't find anywhere to enable its visibility?
  11. In the new version of Maxthon, the Autofill in Address Bar becomes annoying. If I want to type "leet smith", when I type "leet", it shows like following: And then I type " ", it shows: If I continue typing " ", it shows: So I will never get what I want. Also if I want to type "github google", I will never get what I typed.
  12. Hi, Is there any way to export a history from M5 to M6?
  13. Settings > Advance > Privacy and Security > Send "Do Not Track" Request With Traffic > Trafikle Birlikte "İzleme" İsteği Gönder Settings > Advance > System > Close to system tray > Sistem tepsisi özelliğini kapatın Always show icon in system tray > Simgeyi her zaman sistem tepsisinde göster Minimize to system tray > Sistem tepsisine küçült USER > Access Maxthon Cloud > Maxthon Bulut'a Giriş Yap HELP > MORE > About Us > Hakkımızda Terms of Service Agreement > Hizmet Şartları Sözleşmesi
  14. Hello, I recently tried the latest version [ (64-bit) 0226] in portable mode. I usually do this before replacing the installed version to make sure everything is OK. When trying to open my email - outlook online (https://outlook.office.com/) but instead of it opening as usual, I'm getting the following error page: and the "More details" doesn't add any relevant information (my IP address and such). I tried using the previous version of Maxthon at the same time and it works fine (as well as MX5). I also tried clearing the cache end browser data (completely) as
  15. Hello, Having had a synchronization problem that was never resolved when I used Mathon v5, I decided to create a new account to start over with Maxthon v6 without importing data from my previous account into Maxthon v6! But the problem is also present. If I go to the address below I don't have my favorites. https://www.uu.me/note/en-us.html The passwords are there. Can you help me please ?
  16. stopped updating Adblock Plus subscriptions on win7 on win10 mx5 Adblock Plus is updated normally
  17. After inputting my password on a given site, the passkeeper popup appeared and by mistake I hit on the "do not remember my password never on this site" or whatever text it appeared. Now I want this site password to be recorded, but I know now how to undo the previous command. I know I still have the option to add the password manually in "accounts" by I wanted in "autosaved passwords". Thanks,
  18. Hi, A few weeks ago my company increased the network level of security; I can still access most of the sites on the internet however for some reason maxthon.com is now being blocked. I am not sure what criteria did my company use to decide which websites to block (of course all porn/malware, etc. sites are being blocked, but regular sites are not) so I am wondering what does maxthon.com have so that it is being blocked...? Any idea? And the worse part is not that, the worse is that as a result MX5 became crazy. Since they are blocking maxthon.com, when I open MX5 the tabs keep r
  19. UPDATE: Problem resolved with update So lately I noticed that there is a general problem with playing full-screen videos from essentially every website (YouTube, News sites, Rumble, etc.). I get an error (different text for every site) but essentially it seems that when viewing the videos in full screen the buffering stops and once the buffer clears, the video stops and an error is issued. I haven't noticed if it's specifically HTML5 or flash. When reloading the page/video it works and buffers fully as long as you don't go full screen. I'm using
  20. Hello, I have been having trouble syncing my favorites with Maxthon v5 for several months, but the password sync is working. I want to switch to Maxthon v6, to avoid the problem of favorites, I exported them in html file. For the passwords I thought of using the synchronization of my account, but once connected to Maxthon v6, I am missing 65 passwords. So I think it would be nice to create another account to start from scratch with Maxthon v6, but how can I export my passwords from Maxthon v5 to a file so that I can import them into Maxthon v6? Can you help me please ? Thank you.
  21. The Search engines settings in M6 remain awful (v6.1.1.1100). The 'Delete' option on each record seems to randomly delete other engines, whilst Modify and Default options don't seem to have any effect at all. I was trying to set my local Google (not .com.hk!) as the sole and default engine, but have ended up with this duplicate, neither of which will delete. The whole thing is unusable and very frustrating!
  22. Hello, I have a problem, when I want to rename the Bookmark, when the name is not selected, the writing is really too clear, we can't see anything .. Even when rewriting .. (Screenshot) Do you have a solution please?
  23. Hello, In Maxthon 5 there was a google search bar or something to the right of the address bar. Where did she go on Maxthon 6 ??? Thank you
  24. Bonjour, Dans Maxthon 6 Passkeeper, je ne trouve pas la fonction "General Identity" qui est présente dans Maxton 5 .. At-elle été supprimée? Merci.
  25. Yesterday, Mx6 began to crash 9 seconds after I open it. It did this repeatedly. The debug.log reports this error: 0218/102517.715:ERROR:chrome_exe_main_win.cc(268)] ReadProcessMemory failed: Access is denied. (0x5) I made no changes or updates to my system or Mx6 before the crashes began. I had added a bookmark in the Android version of Mx6 the evening before this started. I also recalled a similar issue several weeks ago. At that time, I updated Mx6 to and it worked again, but I noticed that two new bookmarks saved in Mx6 on Android were missing. This suggested a syncin