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  1. Hi Everyone, We always believe Maxthon is made by all users, not just developers and we always believe we shall send thanks to the people who contribute to the community. Now, we have introduced a new forum feature to make a step forward in this direction. If you look at the post, you will find there is a new feature, "Give tips", on every post. When you click 'Give', you will have the chance to send a little reward to the owner of the post to show thanks to him/her. You can use Maxthon Vbox or other wallet to pay the tips. How to receive tips? Open Maxthon Vbox and create an identity. Goto 'Identity' tab and 'Copy address' 3. Go to your profile page on the forum and paste the address to "Payment Address" Q: What unit is the tip? A: The unit is VPoint which equals to 100 satoshi. 1 satoshi=0.00000001 BSV. The default value is 2, so it doesn't cost much, but a good way to show the thanks. Feel free to increase the amount ? The feature is pretty new, feel free to submit any problems you found. Cheers ~~ Jeff
  2. Maxthon PC beta + Added Device management feature to the Maxthon account page. You can view the list of devices logged into the Maxthon Browser so that you can easily log out of your Maxthon account and remove the device. + Added option to create Maxnote shortcut in the installation window (formerly Maxnote popup) - Fixed an issue where screenshots could not be unfixed - Fixed an issue with incorrect tag in auto-refresh settings - Fixed an issue where the file name of the downloaded file was displayed incorrectly - Fixed a style issue on the settings page - Fixed known crashes Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 21/11/2023 ) * Optimized memory usage for an enhanced browsing experience. Browser memory usage reduced by 20% * Improved logic for app binding * 'Translation updates for multiple languages - Fixed some known issues with the video download feature - Fixed AVIF file saving error Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 14/11/2023 ) + Added Reading Mode and Read alound switch to feature management * Optimized browser memory usage * Updated languages - Fixed an issue where the complete video download showed 'file deleted' after downloading - Fixed an issue with abnormal playback of videos downloaded using the complete video download feature - Fixed an issue with the display of the complete video download toolbar being abnormal Maxthon beta ( Released on 7/11/2023 ) + Added full video download feature - Free trial available for a limited time during Beta testing* Improved default save format for images- Fixed known crashes Maxthon PC ( Released on 30/10/2023 ) + Added Reading Mode + Added Read Aloud feature + Added Maxthon coin acquisition feature (By Bright Data) + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added web scrollbar double-click top to scroll to the top, double-click bottom to scroll to the bottom * Updated multilingual translation * Optimized note performance, improved search speed * Enhanced new tab interaction and card design - Fixed known issues Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 24/10/2023 ) + Added continuous loading feature to reading mode * Optimized the display of search results in the smart address bar * Update multilingual translations - Fix the issue where the control bar in the video mini-window can’t be hidden in fullscreen - Fix the issue where text focus in reading mode can’t scroll to the bottom - Fix the misalignment issue of the top bar in reading mode - Fix the issue where notes sometimes can’t display search results Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 16/10/2023 ) + Added text focus feature in reading mode * Optimized layout in reading mode * Updated multi-language translation - Fixed issues with abnormal functionality on some websites - Fixed residual problems after closing the Bright Data service for gold acquisition - Fixed issues that could not enable reading mode on some websites - Fixed known crashes Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 29/9/2023 ) + Added Reading Mode + Added Read Aloud feature + Added Maxthon coin acquisition feature - Web Indexing by Bright Data + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added web scrollbar double-click top to scroll to the top, double-click bottom to scroll to the bottom * Updated multilingual translation * Optimized note performance, improved search speed * Enhanced new tab interaction and card design - Fixed known issues Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 26/9/2023 ) * Optimized image save-as format support for png, jpg * Updated multi-language translation - Fixed the icon error issue in the note pop-up shortcut - Fixed the installation error issue when overwriting with the same version Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 18/9/2023 ) * Optimized the positioning directory opening for the super favorites bookmarks bar menu * Improved the default browser file association in the settings page * Updated multi-language translations - Fixed the issue of blank page when opening in note editing mode - Fixed the garbled text issue in loud reading - Fixed the security issue of using the browser without logging in - Fixed the issue of being unable to save pages as pictures in incognito mode - Fixed the error in the initial page when creating a new window from the taskbar right-click menu Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 11/9/2023 ) + Added read aloud feature + Added Lab - Smooth webpage scrolling feature * Optimized saving webpage with a different filename * Updated translations for multiple languages - Fixed the issue of browser freezing when closing tabs Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 5/9/2023 ) + Added Maxthon Note upgrade dialog * Improved search speed for Maxthon Notes - Fixed the issue where ‘Web Indexing by Bright Data’ couldn’t obtain coins - Fixed the problem with disordered installation path logic - Fixed the issue where the note’s URL decoding failure caused the list to not load - Fixed the issue of infinite coin-adding animation displayed on the new tab page Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 29/8/2023 ) + Added the feature to acquire Maxthon gold - Web Indexing by Bright Data + Added support for saving web images in png, jpg formats * Optimized the note search interaction * Updated multilingual translation - Fixed the issue where submitting changes on a new tab page caused errors and couldn't save - Fixed a potential crash when querying notes - Fixed a crash issue when clicking on notification pop-ups Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 21/8/2023 ) + Added toggle for 'Lock Browser' feature + Added go back button to the settings->lab * Optimized display of full path in recent list for Little Bee * Optimized sync logic for PassKeeper * Updated multi-language translations * Fixed the issue where two-factor authentication in PassKeeper prevents access * Fixed the occasional issue of the settings page displaying the feature management page content Maxthon PC beta ( Released on 14/8/2023 ) + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added mouse gesture switch and blacklist settings + Added switch for always opening links in a new tab * Installation logic optimization * Multilingual translation updates - Fixed abnormal exit issue when closing the browser - Fixed issue where the new tab doesn't display quick access - Fixed abnormal note-sharing issue beta ( Released on 7/8/2023 )+ Added feature: Double-click the top of the webpage scrollbar to scroll to the top, and double-click the bottom to scroll to the end.* Unified note URL type operation.* New tab page background image logic optimization, adjusted default width of the site list.* Password Master page startup optimization.* Multilingual translation update.- Fixed the issue of incorrect web page form filling.- Fixed the issue where the new tab page did not load correctly. Maxthon PC + New setting added for the new tab page - switch for daily background image update * Updated translations for multiple languages - Fixed the issue where images don't display in new tab icon mode - Fixed the issue where added sites can't switch in the new tab icon mode - Fixed the link error in the new tab's Maxthon notes - Fixed the error in favorite note titles - Fixed known crashes Maxthon PC + Added Maxthon VIP membership + New Tab App Center added, introducing the chatbot - AiChat ( Free quota for Maxthon VIP) + Added Super Bookmark, using Maxthon Notes as bookmarks + Added Incognito Mode for multiple sessions + Added Main Menu - More Tools - Lock Browser Menu Item and Hotkey * Redesigned Maxthon Notes, added a reading mode * Address bar bee interaction optimized * Settings page optimized, features management redesigned * Restore button and restore menu optimized, restoring to current window * Multiple language translations updated - Fixed Win7 page displaying issue - Fixed known issues Maxthon PC beta + New app to the App Center - AiChat, accessible from the new tab page + 'Quick Notes' is now renamed to 'Note Popup' + Added a button for quick access list on the new tab page * Redesigned the "Features" on the settings page * Optimized logic for local data backup * Improved the restore button logic to restore tabs in the current window * Adjusted the right-click menu order for Maxthon Notes * Updated multi-language translations and corrected some language encoding errors - Fixed the issue where synchronized data might be duplicated - Fixed the issue where the new download window would infinitely enlarge Maxthon PC beta + Added main menu - More Tools - Lock Browser Menu Items and Hotkeys + Added shortcut for note pop-up window + Added maximum width setting for new tab page list + Added Maxthon Note and sidebar right-click menu - Open in Note Pop-up Window * Optimized interaction of note pop-up window * Updated translations for multiple languages - Fixed issue with duplicated bookmarks - Fixed issue with note pop-up window failing to load editor - Fixed issue with Ctrl+A not selecting input box content in Maxthon Note - Fixed issue with certain notes not being displayed in Maxthon Note Maxthon PC Beta + Add "show most favorites on bookmark bar" + Add the option to open a new tab by double-clicking the title in the Maxthon Note/Sidebar Note * Renamed the quick note to note popup and Optimized UX * Optimize the layout of the new tab page and messages - Fix the issue of abnormal list records in Little Bee - Fix the issue where some pages do not support super drag and drop - Fix the inaccurate word count issue in Maxthon Notes - Fix the issue of select all abnormality in Maxthon Notes - Fix the issue of multiple language errors in URL detection on the bookmark management page - Fix known crash issues Maxthon PC beta + Added the duplicates removal function of MaxNote + Added Message in the new tab * Adjusted the logic of shortcuts and taskbar shortcuts * Optimised the interaction of sidebar notes - Fixed the issue that some pages in Win7 are not displayed clearly - Fixed the problem that video could not play Maxthon PC beta + Added word count feature in Maxnote editing mode + Added drag and move interaction in Maxnote editing mode + Added folder selection and right-click menu interaction in Maxnote root directory * Improved clickable range for titles and summaries in Maxnote * Optimized data synchronization prompts in Maxnote * Updated translations for multiple languages - Fixed an issue with Beehive Favorites positioning and modification errors - Fixed a blank bookmark bar issue during Super Favorites initialization Maxthon PC beta+ New URL notes popup added* Maxnote interaction optimisation* Address bar 'little bee' interaction optimisation* Settings-> Maxthon cloud account display and interaction optimisation- Fixed 'note reading mode opened in the current window' problem Maxthon PC beta + Added Maxthon membership, which enables early access to new features + Added Super Bookmark, use Maxthon Notes as bookmarks, note reading mode added + Added separate profile for Incognito Mode * Optimized the interface and interaction of MaxNotes * Optimized the restore menu, no longer displays sub-menus * Optimized the new tab assets page - Fixed an issue where the maximize window system button exceeds area - Fixed the issue of bookmark opening order and multiple tabs opening in the current new tab - Fixed the crash when deleting the search engine Maxthon PC beta * Optimize the tab height - Fixed Maxnotes url handing problem - Fixed bookmark opened in wrong position problem - Fixed flashing window when browser started problem Maxthon Mac + Most of the PC features are included. Maxthon PC beta* Optimized the auto-update of PassKeeper when opening the website with a blank title* Optimized PassKeeper to save blank accounts or blank passwords* Supports delegation of bookmarks, tags, and search engines from history records- Fixed the issue where inputting search engine keyword + space in the address bar fails to switch to the search engine- Fixed the crash caused by data upload during login- Fixed the issue where the second verification of PassKeeper was invalid- Fixed the issue where the share link could not be copied in the new tab Maxthon - Fixed profile page did not show the correct language problem. Maxthon Upgraded Chromium kernel to 109.0.5414.121+ Added golds system, score can be exchanged for golds, continuous sign-in can obtain more golds+ Added function bar at the top of the new tab page, which can switch between quick access and notes+ Added login backup route+ Added settings for pinning and scrolling tabs+ Added crash prompts* Optimised minimalist and download window styles* Optimised URL recognition for super drag-and-drop* Updated multilingual translation- Fixed known issues and crashes Maxthon Beta + Added crash prompt * Fixed the issue of default hotkeys being occupied after modifying global hotkeys * Fixed the issue of browser crashes when closing tabs or unpinning tabs * Fixed the issue of being unable to replace the version during browser runtime when installing over an existing version * Fixed the issue of certain settings being ineffective when opening bookmarks Maxthon Beta Added locked tab and scrolling tab interaction settings+ Added minimize button to quick note+ Added tab folding to display more tabs- Optimised Maxthon note sharing page* Fixed label abnormal sleep issue* Fixed Win11 menu display incompleteness issue* Fixed bookmark menu maximum width setting not affecting submenus issue* Fixed new tab page not displaying control bar flickering issue* Fixed incorrect order when opening all bookmarks issue* Fixed browser window state inconsistency when opened by login and before closing issue
  3. Maxthon Browser releases official MX5 PC, Android, and iOS versions today! Their changelogs and download links are here: Thanks for everyone's feedback and support for MX4, and MX5 alpha and beta, we fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements. Now, we release the official versions MX5 (V, V 5.0.1, and V 5.0.1) ! Welcome to give us feedback still in "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area. Here is the "MX5 Beta Version Discussion" area link: Our professional admins and moderators will help you and deal with issues. Let's make Maxthon browser better together! Notice: We withdraw iOS version from AppStore temporary, since there appears a function needs to be optimized furtherly. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and please stay stuned for the return. Thank you all for your interest!
  4. Hey Maxers! Did you have a good weekend? As another great new week starts, we are announcing the MX5 VIP Plan today! Take a look at this picture below and see what you snatched. For those who couldn't join our pre-register campaign, don't worry. We are opening a VIP Upgrade Program. Basically you can upgrade your VIP level through referral or review of MX5. This link will take you to check out the detailed upgrade program. ( So go ahead upgrading your VIP level and we look forward to seeing what you've got to say about MX5. Thanks!
  5. Hello, everyone, MX5's Pre-Register Campaign Started ! Let's talk about how to register. Today, at the first time of starting your Maxthon Browser, you can see a pop-up window, as similar as below: Click "Pre-registration page for MX5" button to go to the MX5's Pre-Register Campaign Interface. If you closed pop-up window incautiously, don't worry. You can go to Pre-Register Webpage by the following steps: Firstly, you need to go to our official website, then you can see a tag of "Pre-register" on the top right corner. Click this tag, you will see the MX5 Pre-Register Campaign Interface. Click the "Pre-register" button or scroll down, the Register Area will display. How to register? Very Important Tip: If you already have a Maxthon Passport in MX4, please use your email of your old Maxthon Passport to register. This will be convenient to sync data to your MX5 VIP account from your old Maxthon Passport. Input your email and comments, then click "Pre-Register" button to register. (shown in the below picture) Where is my submitted comments? All submitted comments from all people register in this campaign will display in the right box. We will select some comments to reply on Facebook, please have a check by click "check your reply on Facebook" button. Watch Video You also can click the "watch video" button to watch the Campaign Video. Are you ready to join us? Do you get your MX5's VIP?