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  1. thanks for your help. btw I'm using maxthon 4 browser not mxnitro sorry for the confusion. I already cleared my browser history,cookies etc. and disabled favorite/history suggestion but it still visible on my address bar. i think there's something wrong with maxthon search engine even in MxNitro it suggest XXX websites. sorry for my english.
  2. magg replied at 2014-12-30 18:59 Check this- should help ... Ohh hey thats perfect! Ok, so then I am a little confused, why do I see all these posts where I see you guys saying that you guys don't support cookies? Is that just because you don't store cookies like other browsers do, say like in a directory where you can go and individually delete specific files? Perhaps that is what I am always seeing around? I appreciate the really quick reply on this. The link you sent me was perfect! I used that to delete ALL the cookies, and while I had to relog in to all the sites I was on except (oddly enough) the PCH page, but after I cleared all the cookies, I was able to get the PCH games page to load, so you helped me fix my problem, thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I know that there is no real support for clearing cookies within Maxthon, but that brings me to my question. I use the PCH (Publishers Clearing House) website alot to play games and what not. I have actually won money playing these games, but the site heavily relies on cookies, but sometimes the cookies can become corrupt. When this happens within other browsers, I have to clear the cookies in order to get rid of the corrupt cookies, and begin playing again. What can I do within Maxthon to delete these bad cookies? Right now, I can not get the PCH site to work in order to enter the contests until I find a way to delete them. I am actually receiving the following error..... Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. Cookie /n Apache/2.2.15 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80 Sometimes if I just close Maxthon and restart it the error will clear but in other cases, I have to come up with a way of clearing the cookies before the site will stop throwing the error above? This is the problem that I am encountering right now. Closing Maxthon is not clearing this error, so I need a way to delete all the PCH cookies so that I can start entering the contests and playing the games. I would really like to continue playing but with out having a way to clear these cookies, I am completely stuck. Please advise!
  4. There are a number of applications pre-installed on the MacBook in OS X that uses the camera trong.Photobooth is a fun app to snap self portraits with a variety of different effects to choose chon.Mot in the other key is FaceTime, which can be used for video calling Mac, iPhone and iPad.Ban users should also check out iMovie. Also might want to download the software for use with the countless webcam.Co available there, many of which are available free of charge. One might expect that the download is Skype.Nay work like FaceTime and can be used for video calling users no matter what they have installed Skype tren.Cac other applications will use Final Cut Pro includes webcam and EvoCam. In some cases, you do not even need to download some software to use .A example is YouTube can use the camera to record the videos will be uploaded to the site. YAC is exactly that: a small program to effectively make quick work of the obsolete registry entries, cookies, and temporary files. also help protect your browser from malicious plug-in.Thong through the clear history cache / browser, dump trash, old Windows logs, memory dumps and ’did not see’ the other objects to speed up a slow PC, saving disk space and keep your computer running to purchase shares. purchase shares
  5. This is a basic troubleshooting guide for users to try and find the cause of issues. Following the guide should allow you to hopefully fix the issue, or at least figure out the source that is causing it so that when posting on the forum users have more information available to offer help. 1 / Are you running the latest version of Maxthon? Check the forum for any new releases and update/reinstall. Most issues will generally be resolved in new builds, or just by the reinstall process. Also ensure you have the latest version of Flash and any other plugins you might be using. If an update/reinstall doesn't work, try doing a clean install which removes all userdata during the uninstall process. Your userdata will be restored if you are using a Maxthon Passport. If you're using a local/guest account, make sure you have a backup of your Maxthon userdata folder (Open an explorer window and type the following into the address bar: %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\guest). Keep a copy this folder, then copy it back once you have reinstalled. 2 / Do a forum search. Chances are someone has had the issue before you and a fix has been found. If you find a solution that works, reply in the thread so others know that it has worked for other users as well. 3 / Try changing to Retro Mode. A great feature of Maxthon that allows you to view a site using the Internet Explorer renderer in case the site has issues with Webkit/Blink. Main Menu > Switch Browser Core, or press the lightning button on the right of the address bar so it changes to a broken blue page. 4 / Connection error? (eg. unable to resolve domain name or can't connect error) try with another browser to see if it also has the same issue. Use a site like to check that the site is in fact online. Also check there isn't a problem with your DNS servers. You can try testing with Google ( or OpenDNS ( servers. And always provide a link to the site/page in question when posting so others can check to see if the problem is more widespread. 5 / Try disabling AdBlock Plus. Sometimes overly aggressive blocking can cause issues on a site. If this fixes the problem some of your rules may need to be revised. Post on the forum and someone should be able to offer a solution. 6 / Try deleting/clearing cookies There might be a corrupt or invalid cookie causing the problem. Deleting them will ensure new ones are created. Option 1: (Ctrl-Shift-Del) or from the Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data menu option, or toolbar. [Images here] Option 2: To delete cookies for only one site you can use the Developer Tools. [Images here] Option 3: You can also use the following 3rd party programs: - CookieSpy which can show Maxthon cookies, and DB Browser for SQLite which offer more advanced means of working with cookies. [More details here] NOTE: Only option 1 is recommended. Options 2 & 3 are only for advanced users. 7 / Try disabling all extensions. If disabling extensions fixes the problem then one of your extensions is causing the problem. Enable them one by one testing after each until you find the one causing the problem. 8 / Check the advanced options. Ensure you are using the default User Agent (should be unchecked), check with GPU acceleration on/off, and ensure that "Allow all sites to run plug-ins is enabled" if trying to troubleshoot a plugin related problem. These can be found by going to Main Menu > Settings > Advanced. If the above steps don't resolve the issue, follow the next steps which should help determine if the problem is with Maxthon, your account settings or system related and hopefully lead to the cause of the problem. 9 / Sign out of your Maxthon Passport. Check to see if the same problem still occurs. If not signing in fixes the problem, then it's more than likely a settings related issue. Disable all sync options from the menu then enable them one by one, testing for the problem until it occurs again. Once you know which settings are causing the issue make a post on the forum with the details for further assistance. 10 / Test with Maxthon Portable. Download & extract to any folder, run, check for the issue. DO NOT SIGN IN to your Maxthon Passport account. If this works then it's more than likely related to your install. Doing a clean install should fix the problem. If going through the above doesn't fix the problem, then start a thread on the forum to see if someone can help out. Offer as much information as you can, especially the following: - Any error messages; - What version of Maxthon and operating system you are running; - Any out of the ordinary programs (network related like firewalls, or downloaders like Orbit); - What you have tried to fix/find out what the issue was. Otherwise people will offer solutions that you may have already done; - And if applicable link some screenshots if it will make things easier for others to understand the problem. The best case scenario is you will find and fix the issue without having to wait hours or days for a response on the forum. At minimum you will narrow in on the issue allowing others to offer a quicker and more appropriate response for the problem. And you may learn something as well :-) Happy troubleshooting!
  6. @Sanvi efectivamente solo he colocado esa lista, la ultima. Y desde allí comenzó todo. La primera lista antes de la actualización no ocurría, pero con esta si ocurre. No quiero pensar que sea la lista que publico @wilser, ya que una cosa no tienen que ver con la otra y estoy casi seguro que @wilser no colocaría cookies de correo electrónico como por ejemplo gmail, o de otras paginas como las de solo por mencionar. De todas maneras revisare la lista vieja y la nueva a ver que se le agregaría. O puede ser que solo me suceda a mi. Gracias por responder. Si sucede algo nuevo les estaré avisando. Ya que este navegador es muy bueno.
  7. @Wilser he verificado todo lo que me has dicho y si efectivamente la opción de permitir cookies a todos los sitios esta habilitado y la opción de Borrar las cookies esta deshabilitada, por lo general yo no las borro por que se que causan problemas. Eso sucede a veces. A veces esta normal sin ningun problema y de repente de un dia para otro se pone así, que me bloquea las cookies estando esas opciones habilitadas.
  8. Hola que tal amigos, tengo una pregunta para los usuarios avanzados. Por que a veces maxthon me deshabilita las cookies? Normalmente entro al correo gmail y a otras paginas y casi siempre me arroja una advertencia de que se requiere que las cookies estén habilitadas. Y pues no se donde encontrarlas. No he hecho ninguna modificación a los ajustes, solo a la lista de bloqueos de publicidad que publico @Wilser Alguien me podría ayudar.
  9. I can't reproduce this, the ads start playing immediatly after page loaded, with and without cookies, with both HTML5 and Flash player. I didn't use extensions and AdHunter was subscribed to rules but nothing else
  10. UFO106 replied at 2014-11-19 08:57 Here's what I see (attached) . It keeps refreshing till it fails. Thank for the video. I can see the refresh problem in the video. But this is odd. here on my end the page doesn't refresh at all, it is stable. Not quite sure what might be causing this problem. I can see the you are downloading something....Can you disable everything that may be causing this issue and try again. First i suggest you clear your browser cookies and caches files. Secondly, you may log out your Maxthon account and try to open the page again. Thanks
  11. Zugi replied at 2014-11-12 15:53 Try to delete cookies and clear cache. It sometimes solve these problems... Done it so many times!
  12. Try to delete cookies and clear cache. It sometimes solve these problems...
  13. A quick search shows this google chrome forum page it's something to do with sockets not closing properly. In Chrome there's an advanced option to "close idle sockets" which apparently fixed the issue for some people. Maxthon doesn't have such options. Does the same happen with other browsers? If yes, then it's probably a local network issue rather than Maxthon. You can try clearing cookies and cache, which apparently fixes the issue, but it's not seen as a permanent solution. EDIT: link fixed.
  14. So... As I said before, I test also to download a clean portable version of MX, and the problem is still there, so no problem of cookies or cache. Either on this version I do not login on my account, so no problem with it too. I tried also to copy my portable version of MX from another working PC to that with the problem (the entire folder, so cache and anything else was there) and the problem still there. As far as the problem is concerned, I want to stress the fact that not all the titles are partially missing, but only some of them. Sometimes the first, other time just scrolling down a bit I can see the problem. As soon as I can, so I think on Saturday, I will try to go to safe mode and will try from there , in order to try it with no program running in background (but I already try to kill any unnecessary program running, and the problem still there...). The PC I have the problem (office PC) is a core 2 duo, with windows 7 x64, with 4gb of ram, nvidia graphics and realteck audio. Maybe Oliver One has something similar to that...
  15. Hi guys, Here on my end i also conducted a test with the website but i couldn't reproduce the mentioned issue. The titles are displayed as expected. nothing is missing. You guys can clear your browser cookies and cache files then try again. Also you can log out you browser account and give the website a try again. Thanks for your support! 10323
  16. Thank you so much for your reply. But, I'm not using a Passport account, I also did try to delete cookies, I checked all options to clear and then cleared it ...... Nothing happened, it still same not fixed. BTW after the version stop working, if i installed it again, it doesn't work again, just work one time, ill try to download any version before and see. hope i can find any solution here because there is no other place to go :'(
  17. If you're using a Passport account, try signing out and see if the problem still happens. I'm thinking it's something related to cookies seeing as it works then doesn't - the theory is the second time it finds a cookie that is corrupt/wrong/something else and that's why it won't run. You can try deleting cookies and see if that helps - Menu > Clear browsing data.
  18. Hello everybody I really need your help to fix this problem because i believe i will find the solution here. problem started 4 days ago after i closed Maxthon, next time i was trying to join the call in hangouts, it did not join, it just stopped at hangouts logo page and never turned to video call. I did try to fix it myself; 1. I un installed maxthon also deleted personal files too then reinstalled it, Didnt fix the problem 2. Downloaded latest and installed it after uninstall, Didnt fix the problem. 3. Changed UAs many times on each version, Didnt fix the problem. 4. Allow sites to run plug-ins and cookies are enabled. 5. I un installed everything then i downloaded and installed it, then Hangouts worked wonderful, till i closed the browser, then it stopped working again. 6. I un installed then downloaded and installed it, Hangouts also worked till i closed the browser. BTW Hangouts works fine on all other browsers. So i really need your help to fix this annoying problem.
  19. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. Here on my end i tired to test with both Maxthon and Chrome Browser and i'm getting the page with a captcha. You may clear your browser cookies and cache files and try again. 10265
  20. Hmmm, you are right. But this icon is somewhy not shown on first load! You could see the attached image. It was made after full clean of cache and cookies. Sooo weird!