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  1. Hi, Sorry for this inconvenience. Here I tried to test it, but it works fine here. Please try to clear Cookies and Cache files then try again. If this issue still exists, would you please tell us this issue occur on other browser(IE etc.)? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.
  2. 1st problem - Try disable adhunter as Oliver One said. If that works, then you may need to adjust some of the filters applied. If not then we'll start looking for other causes. 2nd problem - Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data, make sure the "Delete cookies" option isn't checked. If that isn't checked, then there might be a problem with where your cookies are being saved. Magic Fill doesn't auto-login to sites, it just pre-enters the details it has saved so all you have to do is press the login button.
  3. Hi Guys, So I have this weird problem where when I try to get into Facebook (especially when there are posts and messages waiting for me), the site becomes very unresponsive to the point where I just have to close it and use a different browser in order to access the posts / messages. I have not seen this problem with any other website. The only way for me to view the post or msg is to just use a another browser like Chrome or Firefox. Just to cover my bases, I am running Windows 8.1 and Maxthon v (the latest version according to Maxthon:About.) If I do not have any new posts, or no one has attempted to message me, I can use the site just fine, but once someone does, and I click on the Facebook tab, or I open Facebook and there is a message / post waiting for me, the page will not load. I have tried many things to get past this, suck as simply closing the tab and opening anew. Nope. I have tried closing the browsers, rebooting (Why? Because nothing else worked! lol) Nope, nadda.) Clearing cache, history. Gone as far as to use CClearner to help clean something that may just be hiding..No way!.... Ok, So how-about clearing the cookies for Facebook? (F12/resources, use at your own risk if you aren't sure what you are doing) Clearing cookies did not help either. So guys as you can see, I don't know what or why I am having this problem and it's is only with Facebook, and only when there is a new post or personal message to me. Otherwise there is not problem moving about Facebook. If anyone can provide me with some suggestions, I would really be appreciated. It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. If I had to venture a guess as to the problem, I would say that it was either an issue with corrupt cookies, or corrupt cache, however, clearing these does not seem to help out at all, and that puts me at a huge loss. The worse part is clearing cleaning these does not seem to be helping me get past this. My only solution thus far is to just use another browser. I was looking through the forums, and I came a across another thread that I am not sure but could be similar to this. I am not real sure but since this problem seems was out there, It thought I would mention it anyway incase they are related, plus it would help silence those that think that people don't search the forums here before opening a new thread! Check out this link May not have anything to do with my issue, but who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  4. Site uses too much cookies, Got my desktop hang up in a minute
  5. I just updated to the newest version of Maxthon, but when I tried to log on to one of the forums that I frequent, it says my cookie is not enabled. I checked the settings, the cookie is enabled. So there may be a bug in the latest version on Maxthon Android not accepting cookies. Please fix it.Thanks.
  6. Tengo varios problemas con Maxthon. Los enumero: 1- Se cambia solo el background donde se encuentran los accesos rápidos. (no le encontré ningun tipo de patron, o algo que haga para que suceda) 2- En modo privado, si quiero abrir facebook (con varias páginas me sucede lo mismo) me pide que habilite las cookies, (se supone que están habilitadas). Sucede a veces. Alguna ayuda? Gracias
  7. FOMECBLOT replied at 2015-2-15 23:46 Here I have no problem and I have this cookies The problem has resolved itself overnight! I'm not getting the cookie message this morning, thanks. No auto refreshes on Facebook either, yet!
  8. Here I have no problem and I have this cookies 11860 11859 Maybe you should delete cookies with dev tools and retry.
  9. Hi Mist001, Sorry for the inconvenience. Here on my side i conducted a test but i couldn't reproduce this issue. I can login into my eBay account without any problem. Are you browsing in a normal window ? If you have allowed cookies on all sites and the problem still exists, then you may need to check if there is no other third party software (anti viruses...) you are running that might be causing the problem. Also, if you are using Maxthon account , you may log out and give it a try again. Thanks.
  10. V. eBay is telling me there's a problem with my browser and cookies, but there isn't, as you can see form the attached picture. I've tried it with both Adblock on AND off and I've cleared all my cache, temporary files and whatnot.
  11. A little more Info : Somebody posted this earlier, in Mx Settings there is an option "Third-party cookie policy" with a dropdown listing "Auto", "Allow", and "Forbid". The names are a little misleading in the sense of what they aactually do. Allow "Allow" option lets third-party cookies to be the same for every website. So, for example, if there's an embedded image from a third-party website A placed on a website B and website C, the cookies that are send to website A will always be the same, regardless of whenever it was accessed from website B or C Auto "Auto" option doesn't let the same happen to third-party cookies. Instead of letting all third-party cookies to be always the same regardless of first paty domain, they are separated for each domain. So with this option the cookies will be sent depending on which first-party website you're visiting Forbid "Forbid" option disables all third-party cookies, but first-party cookies are still allowed. The cookies are never sent when connecting to a website from another website Source is this Post : • Cookie handling - User Voices - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! (old-forum)
  12. Hi binarybasher, Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you talking about Magic Fill saved passwords? If so, i suggest that you go to Maxthon Magic Fill settings and edit your passwords. Also you may need to clear your browser cookies and refresh the page to see if everything works as expected. Hope this information is helpful to you. Have a nice time.
  13. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-16 05:31 Hi Momfer, G;ad to talk to you. Really sorry for finding Maxthon slower due to ABP. Hi BugSir (: I also use Adblock version and have problem about source usage and browsing. For example when I opened a few tabs from or (actually, most websites), this took a lot time to scroll page or click somewhere. Web pages doesn't respond for 10-12 seconds. Also my computer's fan is starting to scream like it will fly. I've also tried deleting cookies, even performing clean install. Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit, 8GB RAM, Intel i7 processor
  14. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-15 18:31 Hi Momfer, G;ad to talk to you. Really sorry for finding Maxthon slower due to ABP. I have cleaned all history and cookies and still it is slower than the stable version. With slower I mean that it takes more time to load websites and mostly to load pictures. When not delete history and cookies it stays slow.
  15. Hi Momfer, G;ad to talk to you. Really sorry for finding Maxthon slower due to ABP. In order to investigate about the problem, could you please let us know in what aspects the browser has become slow? Did you cookies and cache files and try again?
  16. MarkStrobel3367 replied at 2015-1-13 20:56 Magg, I have a question for you - Is there any way to design the aol extension so that one doesn't ... To be honest- I'm a noob in creating extensions. Second thing- Aol Reader probably doesn't support autologin and doesn't accept cookies. You can check easily with any other browsers-logg into AOL Reader then close/restart browser and you have to loggin again to the reader. Even when you don't clear cookies. FYI-my Feedly rss have autologin/ keep cookies... So far- I'm realy sorry-but I can't help you to solve this issue. Maybe someone on forum could help with this. My advice- try once again Maxthons RSS reader or try Feedly.
  17. Hi, thank you all! Disabled the extensions and Adblock, deleted cookies and is now working well. Thx!!!
  18. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-7 22:05 Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. What happens when you try to connect to Google plus please? 1- YouTube - on the top right corner there is a 'bell' icon next to my picture(this is a sign that I am connected) where nothing happens when I click on the "Connect to Google+" window. 2- When I try to make a comment on YouTube (right under the video my picture is missing)for a brief moment it opens a new window in the bowser redirecting me to Google+ ,then it closes itself and I can't write anything . I understand that this happens because in the Maxthon 4 Browser, you have to allow 3-part cookies temporally because it's missing 'Manage Exceptions'(only in Internet Explorer, Firefox and in Google Chrome). Best regards
  19. 'Manage Exceptions' don't exsist in Maxthon 4 (yet)... Sorry for that. 'Manage Exceptions' is only in Internet Explorer, Firefox and in Google Chrome. So in the Maxthon 4 Browser, you sadly have to allow 3-part cookies temporally, when you are on YouTube and want to make a Comment there. Then BLOCK or Auto block, for 3-part cookies after a YouTube visit. It's realy fast to do, in Mx.4 settings... And sorry for this late anwser. Best Regards Ohke
  20. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to clear your browser cookies and cache files and try again. Also make sure you are not running any extensions that might be causing the problem. If convenient, would you please give us the video link to conduct a test? Thanks for your support!
  21. If you can't make any comments on YouTube... The best and the most secure way to do this, is to leave a marking in the "Block third-party cookies and site data" and also into 'Manage Exceptions' add some exception for Google+ and YouTube. This is how I wrote it in Firefox (v.38.0). ( this also works for Chrome and IE ) Copy and Paste this in, one line at a time, exactly as it is written. This will accomplishes the same goal, without opening you up to ANY 3rd party cookies. = more and better safety for you. BUT: In the Maxthon 4 Browser, you sadly have to allow 3-part cookies temporally In Mx4 , under Settings > Advanced > Content Control = Allow or Auto P.S. If this tip isn't not working still, then you have to go into your Google+ settings, and set a marking for YouTube, so it's become connected with Google+ = Allowing it. New Video, for more help and Info... • NEW YOUTUBE COMMENT SYSTEM HOW TO ENABLE COMMENTS AGAIN • P.S. This don't work in Nitro, because it's all-ready open for 3-part cookies. • More Info for Mx 4 ~> youtube/google issue workarounds Best Regards Ohke EDIT : I know this is very backwards, because Google owns YouTube now. Don't understand why they need to use this with 3-part cookies. But thats Google in a Nutshell...
  22. Hi as69, Sorry for the inconvenience you encountered. Please try to disable any extensions you might be running and clear your browser cookies and cache files and try again. Here on our side we will also try to conduct a test to see whether we can reproduce your problem. Thanks for your support of Maxthon.
  23. Ok, well this is even better! Thanks a ton Oliver One!!! For those that may not have seen that post, I copied the important part from 7twenty's post.. Edited by 7twenty at 2013-11-24 01:07 Some good news! I was in the Developer Tools (F12) looking at some coding for removing some ads, and was looking thru the Resources tab. Displayed in this tab is a section for cookies for the site open. It's simple to select all or some of cookies for that site and delete them. Not as user friendly as choosing a number of sites to delete, or excluding some, but it's a lot better than using SQLite browser as I and some others have been, or deleting all using the UI option. I tested it by deleting all the cookies for the address/page and it worked fine. Obviously it's not recommended for anyone who isn't comfortable playing around with things that aren't made directly available by the dev's through the UI. Use at your own risk etc. Ok, so while no one has officially answered my second question, reading that second thread that Oliver One posted, has given me my answer. Rather then keeping the cookies in txt files in a specific directory, Maxthon places the cookies into an SQL database. This actually makes sense for performance reasons. While it is not as user friendly as having access to the txt files todo what you please, 7twenty's find makes it far more user friendly by using the resources tab rather than having to fire up something like SQL Lite. Again, as 7twenty mentioned, if you are not comfortable with using such advanced resources / tools, then please do not try to use this as you could cause unrepairable harm which may cause you to have to reinstall your browser, however, for us more advanced users this is perfect. Having said that, this answers my question as to why I am always seeing posts stating that Maxthon does not support tools for cookie support, however, while they do not support intuitive tools for cookie support, they DO in fact support it. In fact, using the resources tab you can even go as far as deleting the specific cookie from the database if you know what your looking at. Thanks Oliver One, you linked in a VERY valuable bit of information and I could not thank you more! I hope everyone here has a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! Cheers!