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  1. Yes, unfortunately Maxthon's extensions don't support cookies. So If you clear your cookies, you have to log in again.
  2. 30370376


    A browser with a native password manager!? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I could not be bothered with getting one my self so i saved it as cookies on google chrome, which was not a good idea because google chrome stores passwords in PLAIN TEXT. Thankyou Maxthon team for making it so much more convenient!
  3. ok i changed Cookies files from other pc and every thing back to normal .
  4. Okay, yeah, it is something in my Favorites breaking the Favorites Manager. After importing my Faves, it wiped the original favorites in Favorites Manager clean, the manager shows as empty, and now I can't add anything new to the manager either. Anything I add does show up in the the sidebar and the toolbar. My imported Favorites did not show up in the sidebar this time. The original favorites still stay in there. Unlike the behavior where in my passport account, importing my Favorites wiped the sidebar favorites clean also. Unfortunately, clearing all user data, cookies, history, and the cache, from the browser doesn't get Favorites manager working again. And I'm not that patient to fully uninstall and try importing different things to see what does it either, heh. I'll just have to start over again. Well, at least I have my Favorites saved on my drive. I guess this is solved unless you have anything else I could try.
  5. Of course not! I'm worried about losing all my favorites and cookies and autologons for different websites. Does the passport account save it all? Here's another question, why doesn't the Online Favorites of my Passport account synchronize with the new MX://Favorites/ page?
  6. Clearing cookies using Developer Tools Open the Developer Tools (F12) Go to the Resources tab, then the cookies section. Right-click on the address you would like to clear cookies from and select Clear.
  7. This is a basic troubleshooting guide for users to try and find the cause of issues. Following the guide should allow you to hopefully fix the issue, or at least figure out the source that is causing it so that when posting on the forum users have more information available to offer help. 1 /Are you running the latest version of Maxthon? Check the forum for any new releases and update/reinstall. Most issues will generally be resolved in new builds, or just by the reinstall process. Also ensure you have the latest version of Flash and any other plugins you might be using. If an update/reinstall doesn't work, try doing a clean install which removes all userdata during the uninstall process. Your userdata will be restored if you are using a Maxthon Passport. If you're using a local/guest account, make sure you have a backup of your Maxthon userdata folder (Open an explorer window and type the following into the address bar: %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\guest). Keep a copy this folder, then copy it back once you have reinstalled. 2 /Do a forum search. Chances are someone has had the issue before you and a fix has been found. If you find a solution that works, reply in the thread so others know that it has worked for other users as well. 3 /Try changing to Retro Mode. A great feature of Maxthon that allows you to view a site using the Internet Explorer renderer in case the site has issues with Webkit/Blink. Main Menu > Switch Browser Core, or press the lightning button on the right of the address bar so it changes to a broken blue page. 4 /Connection error? (eg. unable to resolve domain name or can't connect error) try with another browser to see if it also has the same issue. Use a site like to check that the site is in fact online. Also check there isn't a problem with your DNS servers. You can try testing with Google ( or OpenDNS ( servers. And always provide a link to the site/page in question when posting so others can check to see if the problem is more widespread. 5 /Try disabling AdBlock Plus. Sometimes overly aggressive blocking can cause issues on a site. If this fixes the problem some of your rules may need to be revised. Post on the forum and someone should be able to offer a solution. 6 /Try deleting/clearing cookies There might be a corrupt or invalid cookie causing the problem. Deleting them will ensure new ones are created. Option 1: (Ctrl-Shift-Del) or from the Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data menu option, or toolbar. [Images here] Option 2: To delete cookies for only one site you can use the Developer Tools. [Images here] Option 3: You can also use the following 3rd party programs: -CookieSpy which can show Maxthon cookies, and DB Browser for SQLite which offer more advanced means of working with cookies. [More details here]NOTE: Only option 1 is recommended. Options 2 & 3 are only for advanced users. 7 /Try disabling all extensions. If disabling extensions fixes the problem then one of your extensions is causing the problem. Enable them one by one testing after each until you find the one causing the problem. 8 /Check the advanced options. Ensure you are using the default User Agent (should be unchecked), check with GPU acceleration on/off, and ensure that "Allow all sites to run plug-ins is enabled" if trying to troubleshoot a plugin related problem. These can be found by going to Main Menu > Settings > Advanced. If the above steps don't resolve the issue, follow the next steps which should help determine if the problem is with Maxthon, your account settings or system related and hopefully lead to the cause of the problem. 9 /Sign out of your Maxthon Passport. Check to see if the same problem still occurs. If not signing in fixes the problem, then it's more than likely a settings related issue. Disable all sync options from the menu then enable them one by one, testing for the problem until it occurs again. Once you know which settings are causing the issue make a post on the forum with the details for further assistance. 10 /Test with Maxthon Portable. Download & extract to any folder, run, check for the issue. DO NOT SIGN IN to your Maxthon Passport account. If this works then it's more than likely related to your install. Doing a clean install should fix the problem. If going through the above doesn't fix the problem, then start a thread on the forum to see if someone can help out. Offer as much information as you can, especially the following: - Any error messages; - What version of Maxthon and operating system you are running; - Any out of the ordinary programs (network related like firewalls, or downloaders like Orbit); - What you have tried to fix/find out what the issue was. Otherwise people will offer solutions that you may have already done; - And if applicable link some screenshots if it will make things easier for others to understand the problem. The best case scenario is you will find and fix the issue without having to wait hours or days for a response on the forum. At minimum you will narrow in on the issue allowing others to offer a quicker and more appropriate response for the problem. And you may learn something as well :-) Happy troubleshooting!
  8. Original Replier:SnowLeopard Fpr Google, since they went to a two-page login scheme, I have TWO Magic Fill entries fofr Google. One saves the UserName the other saves the password. They do work together whenever I log onto Google. I hope I'm understanding and addressing the right problem for you. The MagicFill entries are not cookies. That's why I'm adding this comment. One further thought, when you have typed the user name right click on the username field and save your eentry to MagicFill which should appear as one of the entries in the context menu. Then on the next screen do the same after you've entered your password. And, if you later change your password, repeat the procedss to save the change.
  9. Actually thats true, that site IS a culprit, for not showing Last Session at all... Strange error, one I never have see before...Maybe it's because all those Insecure content there is on that Web Site.?? Can ONLY get them back (the Last Session) via the round arrow or Alt+Z (see Photo) Had 3 Web pages on Mx, with restart = NO Last Session, like it use to do... ( never have no mark in Auto clear on exit - same goes for Delete Cookies ) Always use the CCleaner, for Clean ups in my Browsers, not with restart of Mx browser... Hope this can help some one, to figure this strange head scratching error out.?? Because I can't... (^^,) @ For SapioiT - I can recommend a Clean Install of your Mx Browser, use Revo Uninstaler for this, as it's also cleans up in the registry (in a safe way). But remember to Backup your Mx Files and Folders (also them in the AppData Folder > C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 ). • Revo Uninstaller - Free or Pro, just as good. - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems But wait a Bit (I'm not typing fast and need to translate to), I think it's better to help you via this Tread (your Post)... (^^,) • [WinPC Issue] Initial loading time... - General Discussion - Maxthon Community @Thanks 7twenty for help deleting that to large help post. :thumbsup: SapioiT can find it in my profile if needed. @ And thanks to 7twenty, for a very good tip, with using the Ctrl+Shift+D Key-combo, nice little trick... For saving several Bookmarks, in one go... Best Regards Ohke
  10. Advanced cookie management using third party programs If you need to do more than clean cookies on one or two sites using the above method, then another option is to use a third party tool to help with this. Using Cookiespy Cookiespy is a small utility that supports Maxthon. Install and select Maxthon from the tabs on top. You may need to select it using the + button on the right top corner if you use the portable version. It will display cookies and allow you to search, then delete as required. Using a SQL database manager Thanks to the scripting nature that SQL DB uses you can quite easily selectively delete cookies using any SQL browser/manager program. I've tested with DB Browser for SQLite. This is a basic rundown of how to use it: Open the cookie file (\UserData\Users\guest\Cookies) - Make a backup first! In the Execute SQL tab enter the following query: SELECT * FROM cookies Then on the next line is where you will state the cookies you want to display/delete in the format: WHERE (host_key NOT LIKE '%facebook%') AND (host_key NOT LIKE '%google%') Press the play button to run the query. The SELECT command displays all the cookies that are not what you have designated in the above command. To delete cookies use the query: DELETE FROM Cookies WHERE (host_key NOT LIKE '%facebook%') AND (host_key NOT LIKE '%google%') Press the play button to run the query. This will delete ALL cookies that DO NOT have facebook or google in the cookie data. You can add as many as you like, they just need to be connected with AND: WHERE (host_key NOT LIKE '%facebook%') AND (host_key NOT LIKE '%google%') AND WHERE (host_key NOT LIKE '%microsoft%') AND (host_key NOT LIKE '%yahoo%') Also make sure all the symbols ('%%') are there otherwise you will get errors. NOTE: You only need to use the DELETE query. I've mentioned the SELECT option so you can view the cookies that will be deleted in case there is some other ones that you didn't add to the list. I recommend creating a backup of your Cookies file before you do this in case something goes wrong. But they're only cookies - so it's not that bad. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, i'm just providing the info that I came across and won't be responsible for anyone losing any data by using this method. Seeing as the browser natively writes and reads to a SQL database, i'd imagine it's relatively trivial for the developers to create a UI to make it accessible to the end user. But for whatever reason it hasn't been done yet. I'd guess that it could be added as an extension if there was a way that you could implement a SQL manager into the extension file somehow. Regardless this is an option for anyone that needs to remove multiple cookies and keep select ones from different sites. Enjoy :-)
  11. Clearing cookies using Developer Tools Open the Developer Tools (F12) Go to the Resources tab, then the cookies section. Right-click on the address you would like to clear cookies from and select Clear.
  12. Maxthon has only a basic level of cookie management from the UI. Your options are delete all or nothing using the options provided. This can be accessed from: - the quicktools bar, - Main Menu > Clear Browsing Data, or - CTRL-SHIFT-DEL keyboard shortcut. Select the Delete cookies option on the dialog that opens. Using Developer Tools Sometimes you may want or need to delete cookies for a particular site due to errors or otherwise and deleting all your cookies isn't the most ideal option. To work around this we have some options. Firstly Maxthon does allow you delete cookies for the current site by using the Developer Tools. FOR MX5 (5.1.x and later) - Open the Developer Tools (F12) - Go to the Application tab, click the Clear storage item. - Ensure at least the Cookies option is selected in the right pane. - Click the Clear site data button. - You can also right-click on the site address under Storage > Cookies and select Clear. FOR MX4.9 (and early MX5 versions) - Open the Developer Tools (F12) - Go to the Resources tab, then the cookies section. - Right-click on the address you would like to clear cookies from and select Clear. - You can also select individual cookies if required in the right pane. This should be your first option when requiring cookies to be deleted only from a particular site. Obviously it's not recommended for anyone who isn't comfortable playing around with things that aren't made directly available by the dev's through the UI. Use at your own risk etc.
  13. Hello, I can't found a software which secure delete cache, history, cookies etc.............. on Maxthon 4, Ccleaner (without the winapp.ini files), Wise Disk Cleaner, Privazer and others doesn't support Maxthon 4 Could you help me please and tell me if the built-in option in Maxthon sent all that it delete to the Recycle bin, in that case i could secure empty the Recycle bin. Sorry for my poor english. SaTiVa.
  14. Ninja ZX10R replied at 2015-3-29 19:22 Hmm as regards the issue with the browser I didn't reinstall, I deleted the appdata folder and it wo ... about the password issue : yes it's true but only with discuz ! : as a workaround I either use a private session (which works fine) or another browser. clearing the cookies works but is a bit tedious ...
  15. Hi, I am experiencing very annoying, but unfortunately not so unique problem on Google + in Maxthon. When I am writing new message via Google Hangouts, the whole page automatically refreshes itself. This happens only sometimes. I think I don't have to say that there isn't any problem in other browsers… I have already tried clean reinstallation, to disable Adblock and all other extensions and also delete cookies, but it never helped. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you!
  16. Mantley replied at 2015-3-29 12:41 Your about is correct, but something is broken in your config. For using it is fully reco ... Post #1 Already cleared history, cookies. I've done no avail clean reinstall. Post #3 -I informed him that I did clean install (version - See more at:
  17. 13083 Also, is there any reason you want to run in Retro? Retro is designed as a fallback option in the case the default renderer (Ultra) isn't working properly. Retro is one of the available modes, its use, as far as I know, there is no crime. (i'm joking).:lol Retro mode combined with unchecked cookies dribbles track of how many newspaper articles a day / month I can read. FB in ultra mode requires cookie in retro mode is not required.
  18. Shows a black frame and does not perform. Already cleared history, cookies. I've done no avail clean reinstall. Usually works in IE.
  19. Cookies may not have anything to do with this, I opened Facebook in new tab using Mouse Middle Click and it loaded quickly
  20. Hi DARKSTORM, Glad to talk to you. You meant opening Facebook from quick access page? Here it works fine. You clear cookies and cache files and try again.
  21. I just noticed that Maxthon is taking over 10 gb of memory on my iPad! I already deleted cookies and history but the memory has not changed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  22. Hi ultra7up, Really sorry for this inconvenience brought to you. Here I tried to test it, but it works fine here . 12737 Please try to clear Cookies and Cache files then try again. Thank you for your support.
  23. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-17 23:14 Hi, According to the information you provided, please try to clear cookies and rename your userna ... Hi, I followed the above steps, but the situation isn't resolved yet. As I said, the site still says "Invalid account or password". Maxthon browser says the same after renaming my user folder in appdata. Moreover, the forgot password feature again says "account doesn't exist". Thanks Update: Forgot password feature now allows me to change my password but I am still not able to login!
  24. 27892421 replied at 2015-3-17 14:00 I received a reset password email from Maxthon. Turns out that the forgot password feature now re ... Hi, According to the information you provided, please try to clear cookies and rename your username folder as following then try again: 1. Please clear Cookies and Cache files (press "Ctrl +Shift +Delete" -- check 'Delete Cookies and Delete Cache files'' -- click "Clear now" button) 2. Please go to the directory "%appdata%/Maxthon3/Users/" then rename the maxthon account folder . After above steps, please restart your Maxthon then try again. Thank you for your support.