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  1. got it. very niceeeeee browserrrrr thanks MX
  2. For example can you provide Remote Desktop compatible with Chrome Remote Desktop? And why to expect people will build duplicated extension..
  3. I'm not expecting to it, just think about it In fact MX never was browser engine. It was UI wrapper for popular engine. Chromium is more stable than Webkit.In fact MX switched from ie to webkit because of stability and anything else (imho)
  4. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-19 12:38 There's no need to create a poll. I can guarantee the majority will want it. The question is how to ... I believe MX Team can do same perfect work with chromium like with webkit (chromium is an open source so you can do same changes like in webkit)
  5. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-18 14:51 There's nothing great about them, it's just that there are lots of them. And that's only because it' ... Because Chrome is popular - there many useful extensions already debugged and working pretty well. - many very good extensions for gmail! - http debuggers - odata layers - google inbox ! - CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP !!! The reason for Maxthon's decision implement 2 engines (webkit & ie) was (imho) ... the popularity and stability of webkit. (Why not to develop Maxthon engine? Because it's excessively. Same thing with extensions). So why not to get to your users additional tools that already works well... Maxthon always was best UI experience for popular engines. ..even Opera closed their engine and implements UI for chromium with extensions because they know what most of people wants - best UI and ability to use popular extensions from chrome. I'm web developer. Maxthon is my main browser since 2005. But I'm always working with gmail (my business in google apps) and I missing many extensions that can help me with productivity and today I'm on junction: I'm hate chrome (bad UI experience) but Maxhton hasn't enough extensions. Why you need developing extensions for Maxthon only? There is 2014 year. All cellular frameworks already dead (in past each provider has each own framework for apps and we know that was bad). Solution was ... html5. In browser's area solution should be ... universal extensions (ok, chrome api and extensions is a much better than Maxthon, but it's ok. Maxthon will not win this war of extension, but win in UI experience. So last missing thing in Maxthon (for saying it's a best browser on net) is a giving ability of using popular extension's framework. You can create poll for users and ask them if they want chrome extensions in MX (as you did when started with MX Nitro in this spring). IMHO every advanced Maxthon user will thank you if it will be implemented.
  6. everyone wants chrome extensions! maxthon ui is one of best, but with chrome extension it will be best of the best