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  1. In all 5.2+ version the is big performance problem with RTL sites. Same site in RTL is very slow then LTR version. I thought problem in js when working with DOM. I opened bug a week ago but is no response there.
  2. got it. very niceeeeee browserrrrr thanks MX
  3. For example can you provide Remote Desktop compatible with Chrome Remote Desktop? And why to expect people will build duplicated extension..
  4. I'm not expecting to it, just think about it In fact MX never was browser engine. It was UI wrapper for popular engine. Chromium is more stable than Webkit.In fact MX switched from ie to webkit because of stability and anything else (imho)
  5. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-19 12:38 There's no need to create a poll. I can guarantee the majority will want it. The question is how to ... I believe MX Team can do same perfect work with chromium like with webkit (chromium is an open source so you can do same changes like in webkit)
  6. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-18 14:51 There's nothing great about them, it's just that there are lots of them. And that's only because it' ... Because Chrome is popular - there many useful extensions already debugged and working pretty well. - many very good extensions for gmail! - http debuggers - odata layers - google inbox ! - CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP !!! The reason for Maxthon's decision implement 2 engines (webkit & ie) was (imho) ... the popularity and stability of webkit. (Why not to develop Maxthon engine? Because it's excessively. Same thing with extensions). So why
  7. everyone wants chrome extensions! maxthon ui is one of best, but with chrome extension it will be best of the best