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Posts posted by zork

  1. nice skin, but why the Recently Closed Tabs button don't work the same way it does in the standard skin (LC= open last closed tab, RC= last closed tabs list)?

    No. The button works with the same behaviour. There are 2 buttons - history and recent(all of them can be hidden) 

  2. npo33770 replied at 2014-1-13 08:45 back.gif

    After update to last version:

    Quick acess 6x3 by 6 pages, and page 7, is in blank, but when i try ...

    Maximum page count is limited to 108 pages. It is possible to change it, but this is Quick Access, not Favorites.

  3. subgoku replied at 2014-1-4 03:45 back.gif

    i try edit quick-access\css\style.css in page.dat file, cant put in in center try resize pictures tr ...

    Css is correlated with the script. Don't forget about it.

  4. npo33770 replied at 2013-12-3 15:00 back.gif

    Here is another problem in Feed Reader, the icons for change view and expand/collapse feeds, its gon ...

    This Mod is only QA Mod. Feed Reader doesn't depend on it. About another problem - I'll chek it.

  5. 14243878 replied at 2013-12-3 03:35 back.gif

    actually'll copy the en lang and rus and on the same thing but I'm in the browser POLISH therefore m ...

    You need to add and translate the following strings:

    1. Add section:


    ;; Quick-Access


    QuickAccessTitle=Quick Access

    QuickAccessOptions=Quick Access Options

    QuickAccessTableSize=Table Size

    QuickAccessHideSearchEngine=Hide Search Engine

    QuickAccessHideQuickLinks=Hide Quick Links

    QuickAccessHideTitleDial=Hide Title Dial

    2. In


    ;; Quick Access Page


    add and translate following strings:

    Refresh All=Refresh All

    Table Size=Table Size


    PageSize=Number of Dials:

    HideSearchEngine=Hide Search Engine

    HideTitleDial=Hide Title Dial

    UrlThumbPlaceHolder=Enter picture URL

    DialTransparent=Thumbnails Transparency

    DialShadow=Thumbnails Shadow

    DialSpanSize=Dials Distance (20-100)

    HidePage=Hide Page Navigation

    DisablePage=Disable Extra Pages

  6. 漂移者 replied at 2013-12-3 02:00 back.gif

    Can not modify settings Palace grid spacing (0-100 pixels)?

    No, it's fixed in Mod(20-100). If you need, you can modify this value in QA script by yourself.

  7. einherz replied at 2013-10-31 12:04 back.gif

    i dont use readers mods, have me replace?

    If you need only QA mod - use my mod from the first post. I can help only with it. I'm not responsible for other modifications.

  8. Muroko replied at 2013-8-29 04:49 back.gif

    Ok! this is a very nice mod - but I was wondering if installed and then I update Mx4 to the latest r ...

    After installation of new version of M4 you have to install the mod again. The installer will overwrite page.dat and language file. I'll update the Mod when the new version of M4 comes.