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  1. When the ability to completely remove Vbox will be added? Are you mocking your users?
  2. Where is the option to completely remove Vbox? Are you kidding?
  3. Why is one of the most important issues ignored? The ability to remove this unnecessary to 99% users module was announced!!!
  5. Hot keys settings were removed? Why?
  6. HOW TO COMPLETELY REMOVE VBOX AND BSV MODULE? Deleting bsv.7z, vbox.7z, welcome.7z, files and folder "block" from webui folder does not help. It was promised that users could remove the blockchain module they did not need. Was that a lie?
  7. Where did you find Latest beta 2100. And I do not confirm the error. reddit.com is working normal as usual.
  8. I think this is because M6 is looking for an installed M5 version M5, not a portable one.
  9. Respect other members - use Google Translate
  10. Jeff, One and very important question - M6 interface can be changed as M5? The main scripting engine will be Sciter (Htmlayout) as before?
  11. When the new build with fixed bugs will appear? Project is closed (dead)?
  12. Pop-up translater is killed again. Video_2019-10-31_030254.wmv
  13. 2 ALL Does anyone have news about M6 ? Telegram channel is epty. Everyone is silent...