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  1. I have been "playing" with this today : https://hide.me/en/ And it worked well with Mathon. Try it, there's a free programme with 2GB bandwidth. It didn't need any extensions or plugins, I've just run the app and started browsing.
  2. I strongly suggest visiting the Maxthon Extension Center and reporting the extension you talk about if you really suspect it being fraud. Also, please tell us the exact name of the extension - searching for "password shower" yields no results for me. Edit: If you talk about Show Password, I have decompiled it, looked at it - and if it really does send anything anywhere, it's so well hidden that I don't see it at all. And it's a pretty short code, I would really not suspect this one to be stealing anything.
  3. Of course, here you go. Just... no warranties, the extension wasn't initially built for this. imgviewplus.mxaddon
  4. Well, the thing is - I haven't yet created any config screen. But that certainly will be a part of the next update. Once I have an actual place to set and save some preferences, there will be an option not to enlarge smaller images for sure. You're not the only one mentioning it, so I guess people would like that.
  5. Finally, I've finished the new version! More in the first post.
  6. Ok I'm back with some news. The new version is almost done - I have added these features: image rotation (in 90° steps), horizontal/vertical flip, cropping an area that shows up in a new tab as a new image, google image search. Right now, I am finishing a few things and by the end of the weekend, the new version should be ready. Next version should add some sort of a Settings screen, so I can add a few basic things for you to customize. White/blacklisting is a great idea, I guess it could get annoying having to turn the whole extension off when needed... As always, thanks for support and ideas.
  7. Well, I've became ill and that delayed me a bit... It should be out in a week or so.
  8. Could you show us a screenshot of your Extensions Menu, please? Or at least the name of the extension.
  9. Yup, pretty much what you say. Weird. Also that code I posted above started to work for me since I have updated my version to It was throwing the type error even in the console, not using the extension. So that seems to be fixed... But extensions still mess the Image object up.
  10. Try running this from the console:var c = document.createElement('canvas').getContext('2d'); c.fillRect(5,5,10,10); var iDCE = document.createElement('img'); var iNew = new Image(); iNew.src = c.canvas.toDataURL(); iDCE.src = c.canvas.toDataURL(); console.log(iDCE,iNew); c.drawImage(iDCE,0,0); console.log('DCE ok'); c.drawImage(iNew,0,0); console.log('New ok');
  11. No no, my code is correct. Check the W3Schools: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/canvas_drawimage.asp .drawImage is overloaded, you can use it like you say to draw a portion of the image/image scaled over area or like I use it to draw the whole image.
  12. Sorry for the confusion - that was just an example. I was, of course, using an image with correct source. Here's a better example of this problem. If I use "var original = new Image()" it crashes on the type error. If I use "var original = document.createElement('img')" it works. And the rest of the code is always the same. But it may be a problem only for scripts ran by extensions...
  13. I've just run into a strange bug - running this correct code (from an extension) :var img = new Image(); img.src = '...'; ... ctx.drawImage(img,0,0);...will throw a Type Error, whilevar img = document.createElement('img'); img.src = '...'; ... ctx.drawImage(img,0,0);...works. Turns out this bug also affected Chrome since a more than a year old update: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=238071
  14. Thanks! The current version is shown in Maxthon's extensions menu.
  15. Yes, Webkit is of course superior to Trident - and I do believe that it's better in more ways than just stability. And I know that Maxthon doesn't have its own engine, which would be even counterproductive - the more the "internet" is standardised, the better, so using a major open-source engine is a very good thing. But right now, Maxthon is more stable than Chrome. At least for me. So I don't believe Chrome's version of the engine is better than what Maxthon uses. Like I say - why not building a "Top10" list of extensions the community would really love to have. I am sure some extension coders would "take the bait".
  16. Thanks, any info is useful. I have asked on Maxthon's Facebook page, but I've recieved just a short reply - to sum it up, they said it cannot be accessed right now, only modded like you say. They didn't elaborate though, so thanks for that. I have my hands full with ImageView+ right now anyway. Then I'll try to look into this further. QA has remained the same for quite a long time and it could use a few improvements/changes. My main goal is to allow users to define their own QA thumbs. I managed to do that using the console - I just can't make the script run automatically.
  17. You would seriously expect (or even want) Maxthon to change engine just because a few "silly" extensions...? Sorry for being kinda negative here, but I just can't grasp this. Chrome is a memory eater and crashes much more than Maxthon - why would we want Maxthon browser to be similar to Chrome...? I'm a developer and I sometimes have to use Chrome - if I learned something about it, it's that I would never switch to it fulltime.
  18. What exactly do you have in mind? I have already incorporated a few of those things into the extension - zooming when outside the picture (acts like as if you were pointing at the edge of the image if you scroll outside of it), background... working on the menu right now. From the menu, you will have more zooming options (slider,fit to window, original size...), you will be able to rotate and flip the image, resize it, cut and crop, change a few color options, search for similar images with Google (which already works) and do a few special effects (some quick and simple stuff, ie. a sepia filter). Plus there is a Settings button, where you will be able to set the default zoom, background color etc.
  19. To want something and to want something reasonable are two completely different things. And this sounds to me like asking for a PC game to work on all the consoles as well without porting. Which isn't a tough process for some silly reason, it's complicated. IMHO, the best solution for this would be a simple list of the very best extensions Maxthon could actually use for its own benefit and porting them, manually. P.S. It would be really sad if Maxthon changed itself just for the sake of a few extensions. Luckily, I don't see that happening.
  20. Thanks for your feedback and review on Extension Center! I am still fine-tuning it, so hopefully it won't act up in the next update. SWFlash0: Thanks, I will test it out!
  21. The browsers should have their own unique extensions, I wouldn't suggest mixing them - unless they are very simple and completely avoid using the browser. That's unlikely. And since even browsers with the same core are very different, you would keep running into incompatibilities all the time. Even a few updates to the same browser can make an extension act up. This needs individual fine-tuning which you cannot supply in some universal way that would convert extensions... it won't be much reliable at least. And finally - Pardon me, but what exactly is so great about Chrome extensions...? I certainly don't miss them at all.
  22. Finally approved. Thanks for testing and suggestions. There will be a menu with more options and a few settings you will be able to change - but I need to do some research first, still learning some things with the SDK.
  23. Ok, it should be fixed. Too bad the Extension Center didn't just say something like "syntax errors" or whatnot... I have packaged in a bad version of the code by accident. This was supposed to make the code more compact, but it's not finished. Luckily I had the original code as well. The SVG icon is now gone, I should have noticed the filesize is made mostly of this icon. Thanks again for your help!
  24. Hello ! I wanted to make an extension that would enhance the Quick Access, but I cannot find a way to make my userscript (in ViolentMonkey) or even a standalone extension touch the about:blank page with Quick Access. If I open the dev console while having QA open, I can modify it as a normal page. The problem comes when I need to target QA with the "include" attribute - can anyone please tell me how to make a script/extension fire upon opening Quick Access? Thanks for your time.
  25. Thank you again for your help! I have finished the Maxthon extension and everything should be fixed now. I sent it to Maxthon Extension Center for approval and I will update this post once they reply. Edit: Well I'm having some trouble with uploading this extension to the Extension Center. Until I sort it out, I'll just leave the file attached to my first post. (EC's reject reason says 'file not found', which makes no sense...)