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  1. This thread has been reposted here on the new Forum. The strings posted above were originally posted by me on another thread and then reposted by Magg. The latest UA Strings are here with the latest stable and beta browser versions included. I repost them again from another thread. Again I repeat they were originally created and written by Imanerd (so he can get the deserved credit) and just updated by me for the various Windows and NT versions.
  2. Can't help you with the extensions porting but I have noticed that some of the most useful extensions have been converted/ported over from Java (JS) Scripts; so it may be easier to do that to "extensionize" scripts or possibly find the really useful scripts that work and promote them on the forum.
  3. UA's Corrected. My fault. Typographic error and then Copied and pasted. Well spotted Oeil de Lynx.
  4. It's a bug. Use it allows the different skin layouts and has lots of other fixes plus the return of the search bar.
  5. Try these two http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2639&category_id= and http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1029&category_id=
  6. UA's updated. New stable version of Maxthon, Chrome and Opera.
  7. Magdalene

    Tabs on bottom

    Go to Settings, General then untick Status Bar Show Tips and Tricks on Status Bar
  8. @ Slank. Well Spotted. Changed. Thanks.
  9. UA's updated. New Chrome and Opera.
  10. UA's updated again for stable and new Beta versions. New version of Chrome.
  11. UA's updated again for stable and new Beta versions. New version of Chrome.
  12. UA's updated today. New versions of Maxthon and Chrome.
  13. UA's updated to latest version of Maxthon. New versions of Chrome and Opera.
  14. @ Ice Eyes. keep the maxthon user agent box ticked
  15. @ Ohke The UA's I post are usable with any version of Maxthon 4 i.e a version for 4.4.5 will work for 4.4.3. I have updated them in this thread on the new forum now. Qupzilla is also available for Windows. I wasn't able to access this thread until today. I recommend the Minimalist UA's. They work and need a lot less updating. For people who don't understand the need for these updates; it's to aid access to certain websites particularly Youtube which often requires the latest version of Chrome in a UA.
  16. @ Bisoprolol You can make your UA more minimalist and compatible by changing it to this. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 Maxthon/4.4.5 Chrome/42.0.2311.135 Safari/537.36 or this one Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ Chrome/42.0.2311.135 Maxthon/4.4.5 QupZilla/1.8.6 you shouldn't need the "1000" in Maxthon 4.5.5
  17. UA's updated again. New Maxthon Beta and latest stable chrome.
  18. UA's updated again. 20 th March. New versions of Chrome and Opera. Windows 10 Preview added to list.
  19. UA's updated again (See Page 1) New versions of Chrome and Opera. Windows 10 Preview added.
  20. Ohke replied at 2015-3-16 04:38 @ Bisoprolol > Remember to leave a marking in " Customize UserAgent string ". Restart the Maxtho ... Thanks for the tip Ohke.