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  1. @ Dong Dong Use 3 parallel lines (top right hand corner), Slide down and save as.
  2. It's a bug. Previously you did not need to enable Smart Address bar in order to search or navigate from the address bar.
  3. You have to enable smart address bar in settings.
  4. Confirmed Works in drop down menu (3 horizontal lines, top right corner).
  5. Found fix for my extension problem. Exe version was working fine. Portable was deleting extensions because of corrupt user data folder. Deleted this and copied over user data from exe version. Extensions now ok in portable but now have permanent sleeping tabs problem whether sleeping tabs option is enabled or not. Fixed. Corrupted User Data Folder Update: Sponsor block extension deleting problem has returned. There seems to be a problem with corrupted User Data folders.
  6. Right click, context menu "Save Image as" works fine.
  7. Thanks for the update and fixes. Sponsor block no longer deleting on startup. Used Click and Clean extension and reinstalled. However UBlock origin https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm/related now deletes on startup but when reinstalled it retains all its settings and filter block lists etc. and position in tool bar. Show Wallpaper Switcher button in NTP settings widget still broken. Confirmed. Still need to enable Smart Address Bar to search or navigate in address bar.
  8. @BugSir 009 and Alexzhus I've just removed Clicknclean extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clickclean/ghgabhipcejejjmhhchfonmamedcbeod as it no longer functioned correctly in MX7 (wouldn't open). I replaced it with Click and Clean https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/click-and-clean/mgngmngjioknlgjjaiiamcdbahombpfb I gave M7 a clean and reinstalled Sponsor block. It is now not deleting on startup. Probably fixed but will test some more to confirm.
  9. I've just tried Clear Browsing Data and it worked correctly showing choices in Popup. I've retried 3 times to retest it and it failed all 3 times.
  10. @BugSir009 Yes Scriptsafe is working fine in 1101. No crashes. Sponsorblock continues to be deleted at startup. I use this extension on Chrome it has no problems. I have tried it in MX7 with both default Flag settings and with the modified ones I use in Chrome (where available). It always deletes. This is a recent phenomena as it functioned in MX6 and early versions of MX7. When I reinstall it it appears in the same position in the toolbar as before it's deletion and with the same settings,
  11. My Weather widget works fine. Although I do live about 250 miles from Waterloo in London and it's therefore pretty useless. https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/waterloo/se1-7/current-weather/2532828?lang=en-gb Show Wallpaper Switcher button in New Tab Page settings doesn't work, nothing is displayed when you turn it on (click on widget icon on NTP to access settings)
  12. In 1101 Clear Browsing Data still doesn't give you choice of things to delete and takes you straight to settings. Still deleting Sponsor Block extension at startup.
  13. @ alexzhus Where did you get this version?
  14. It works when you click on 3 horizontal bars button (top right hand corner), slide down to "Save as" and choose "Image"
  15. "Clear Browsing Data" doesn't give you the choice of things to delete. Any method of opening. Click and Clean extension installs but does not function (worked fine in previous version of MX) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clickclean/ghgabhipcejejjmhhchfonmamedcbeod/related Scriptsafe extension keeps crashing https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scriptsafe/oiigbmnaadbkfbmpbfijlflahbdbdgdf
  16. Still deleting extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sponsorblock-for-youtube/mnjggcdmjocbbbhaepdhchncahnbgone/related at startup. Can we have a button to hide this Please
  17. Can't navigate from address bar. Type search request or url in address bar then press enter. Tab will not search or go to requested url. You must enable smart address bar in settings to be able to navigate using address bar.
  18. Thanks for the new version. What happened to MX 7.0.1?
  19. Still deleting extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sponsorblock-for-youtube/mnjggcdmjocbbbhaepdhchncahnbgone/related at startup.
  20. @ Dragoncho That is indeed what UA spoofing does. Websites stop working when browser cores get to old i.e. Youtube So you have to spoof the UA to get them to work. The present Maxthon core (Chrome 103) is now obsolete in browser terms but still works. I still use MX5 with a spoofed UA but that is becoming slowly unusable. With chrome no longer supporting Win 7 and 8 (version 109 is the last supported version for these OS's) we need to upgrade the core. Jeff has stated he wants MX to continue supporting Win 7 and 8. This means any website built for Chrome 110 (i.e Win 10 and 11) onwards won't function correctly so you will have to use a spoofed UA. This is the problem Ben.L.Salomen is having with Skyshowtime.com (see other threads).