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    Over the last 20+ years, most major browser innovations came from Maxthon & were copied by others, but now you're seriously lacking & lagging behind (e.g. still no DNS-over-HTTPS , no built-in (irrelavant it can be added as it used to be built-in) ad blocker (removed after a bribe from Opera?), no multi-engine search (like Mx5 had), no VPN, you don't even list stored website zoom values to alter or remove, etc)...

    And you can't import extensions from other browsers like Edge and Opera can or import old mx extensions or change the User Agent as was possible before or have a completely clean New tab page and the sidebar is unusable for anything etc etc.

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    Hi Magdalene, could you please provide a screenshot of your flag settings? 


    Sorry I've tried several times to make a scrolling screenshot with different apps but none of them work correctly.

    Close MX6. Go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data rename your Local State file to Local State 1. Replace this file with the file I posted then open MX6. Open mx://flags to view my settings. When finished close MX6, delete the Local State file and rename your original Local State 1 file back to Local State.

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    Hi Magdalene, could we debug this issue remotely via AnyDesk?

    @ BugSir006.

    No I'm sorry it's not possible.

    I've altered a lot of flags to the same as I use in Chrome. See attached Local State file.

    When I delete that file from C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data a new Local State file is spawned with default flag settings. Last Session page then opens perfectly. So it's a flag setting. Try out the attached file (just rename your own Local State file) to find the bug/conflict. If you need more info/help just post.

    Local State