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  1. Whilst trying to download using MX video downloader I mistakenly deleted Person 1 profile (you're given a choice between Person 1 and Guest). This contained all my data, extensions, bookmarks, sessions, history etc. How do I get it back?
  2. "Hi Magdalene, was there an error message or the installation window show in a flash and disappear?" The installation went to 59% then flashed and disappeared. I've tried several times with my Antivirus (Panda) enabled and disabled but it's the same. Using Windows 10. Still can't use quote function in forum.
  3. Tried installing X64 exe version again. Still won't install. X64 Portable working fine.
  4. The choice and ability to install/ not install Bright during installation has disappeared. Is Bright automatically installed now?
  5. Still can't get quote function to work. It won't accept a pasted quote. It must be a conflict with an extension.
  6. "Also noted, on Quick Launch, the search box engine had been changed from DuckDuckGo to Google Max." That's been happening for at least 2 versions. Quote feature doesn.t work in MX Forum
  7. This one
  8. Click on the widget cog on New Tab Page (Bottom Right hand corner). Scroll down then disable Top Bar.
  9. You can hide that strip bar in later versions. There were lots of complaints like yours. Don't upgrade to obsolete versions use the latest.
  10. Versions for 7.0.0 series removed. Versions for 7.1.6 series added.
  11. It will reduce the resources used and may help tab shutdown.
  12. This is my JSON for new UA extension Note this is for Win 10/11 useragent-switcher-preferences.json
  13. Thread has been pinned for a long time and cryptos have been and gone.
  14. Updated. Changed recommended UA switcher extension in first post.
  15. @ Dong Dong Use 3 parallel lines (top right hand corner), Slide down and save as.
  16. @ Dragoncho That is indeed what UA spoofing does. Websites stop working when browser cores get to old i.e. Youtube So you have to spoof the UA to get them to work. The present Maxthon core (Chrome 103) is now obsolete in browser terms but still works. I still use MX5 with a spoofed UA but that is becoming slowly unusable. With chrome no longer supporting Win 7 and 8 (version 109 is the last supported version for these OS's) we need to upgrade the core. Jeff has stated he wants MX to continue supporting Win 7 and 8. This means any website built for Chrome 110 (i.e Win 10 and 11) onwards won't function correctly so you will have to use a spoofed UA. This is the problem Ben.L.Salomen is having with (see other threads).