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  1. Mantley replied at 2015-3-29 12:28 back.gif

    You have a problem with your settings! With UA unchecked, we don't see Mozilla 11.0 here.


    OS: 6.1.7601.Service Pack 1

    IE: 11.0.9600.17691

    Maxthon.exe =

    Maxthon.dll =

    MxWebkit.dll =

    MxTrident.dll =

    Maxzlib.dll =

    Mx3UnInstall.exe =

    MxAccountSvc.dll =

    MxAddonsMgr.dll =

    MxApp.dll =

    MxAppFrame.dll =

    MxAppLoader.exe =

    MxCore.dll =

    MxCoreMan.dll =

    MxCrashCatch.dll =

    MxCrashReport.exe =

    MxDb.dll =

    MxDownloader.dll =

    MxEncode.dll =

    MxFilePackage.dll =

    MxFileSync.dll =

    MxHttpRq.dll =

    MxIPC.dll =

    MxMsg.dll =

    MxResMgr.dll =

    MxRsc.dll =

    MxTool.dll =

    MxUI.dll =

    MxUp.exe =

    MxWKView.dll =

    MxXDR.dll =

    MxCaptureScreen3.dll =

    MxCmpUrl.dll =

    MxFav.dll =

    MxFavDb.dll =

    MxHistory.dll =

    MxMultiSearch.dll =

    MxPicLib.dll =

    MxPrint.dll =

    MxSec.dll =

    MxSiteIcon.dll =

    MxSmartUrl.dll =

    MxStorage.dll =

    MxSvInfo.dll =

    MxSync.dll =

    MxUrlSec.dll =

    MxAvatarExt.dll =

    MxCloudsSvc.dll =

    MxExtTools.dll =

    MxAddonMisc.dll =

    MxMsgPush.dll =

    MxTabsSync.dll =

    MxUeip.dll =

  2. 13083

    Also, is there any reason you want to run in Retro? Retro is designed as a fallback option in the case the default renderer (Ultra) isn't working properly.

    Retro is one of the available modes, its use, as far as I know, there is no crime. (i'm joking).:lol

    Retro mode combined with unchecked cookies dribbles track of how many newspaper articles a day / month I can read. FB in ultra mode requires cookie in retro mode is not required.


  3. based on Chromium (like Chrome and Opera), so there is no reason why it shouldn't work -

    Dear 7twenty

    I appreciate your willingness to clarify our doubts.

    1. From what I know, Maxthon uses Blink. Before using webkit.

    - Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.

    - Why it works in one and not the other?

    2. And the Maxthon1 (Classic) which is based on the Trident, will not let you install because?

  4. Clarifying some points:

    When I opened this thread I thought I was committing some fault in the set Maxthon, then appealed to other users of Maxthon mostly Brazilians.

    "This issue is very specific to Maxthon users who are holders of the Bank of Brazil"

    When Odyssee said that "my browser is not compatible with the security module" already feared was not only configuration issue, but compatibility.

    7twenty posted when it became clear that he actually tried to install the security module in both Utra / Retro modes and also not successful. The suggestion "Use another browser When You want to of your banking." deduced that we went back to square one. Two Global moderators international forum Maxthon were finding that the Bank of Brazil was not available for Maxthon users.

    The Maxthon, from what I understand, makes efforts to enter various countries, including Brazil markets, hence we have translations for "PT-BR" to ambassadors in Brazil.

    Let's imagine that I, Brazilian, had created a browser in Portuguese. Sometime later rode offices in the US to internationalize my browser. Suddenly discover that my browser is not compatible with the most important Bank of China. Like giving up a huge market potential consumer? It is clear that at least would try to contact you by email with the Bank of China to circumvent the impasse.

  5. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-5 04:51 back.gif


    1. I don't see the point of all these downloads & extensions etc. Seems a very convoluted ...

    "Use another browser when you want to do your banking "

    I was very happy with their analysis.

    Allow me a few comments:

    1) The Bank of Brazil responded to my questions about his security module is not comprehensive it is so comprehensive that endorses the major browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox) and other browsers compatible with leading, Opera, for example)

    2. I can not change the paying bank. Get retirement pensions by BB.

    3. The Bank is the official bank of Brazil has huge network of agencies, serves all state (Petrobras, Eletrobras, Furnas, BNDES, etc.) All major companies have a bank account if they have suppliers or business with the federal government .

    4. Looks like a big marketing mistake Maxthon forgo a country with over 200 million inhabitants suggesting that seek other browser.

    5. Technical support from BB misunderstand my insistence on wearing a Chinese browser Maxthon since I have the Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera browsers work perfectly with BB.

  6. I could not install the security module both in Ultra mode as in Retro mode.

    Following the suggestion of Odysee changed the User Agent to Chrome and so also not installed.

    It seems unreasonable that the Opera being accepted to install it based on the same engine and Maxthon not accepted. The same happens with IE, Chrome and Firefox that accept install security module.

    After all, what's wrong with Maxthon?

  7. Number of agency to be informed and account security module would be installed.

    Both as a Retro Ultra gives error. I called the bank that advises not approve Maxthon.


    Você não possui instalado nesta máquina o Módulo de Segurança do BB para este navegador de internet.

    Este módulo tem como objetivo proteger seu computador enquanto você utiliza o autoatendimento internet, evitando que programas maliciosos tenham acesso a seus dados confidenciais. Ele só é instalado em seu computador se você aceitar e é ativado assim que a página do Banco do Brasil é acessada. Nesse momento todas as proteções serão carregadas e seu computador estará protegido enquanto você estiver realizando suas transações eletrônicas.

    A instalação deste módulo levará apenas alguns segundos. Instale agora mesmo e você estará ainda mais seguro para realizar suas transações.

    Clique aqui para instalar.