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  1. registered!, reached vip 2 and no problem with the e-m@il just a question: the tools included in the browser or add-ons or cloud features are paid? just asking
  2. in spanish is: "Lo más interesante " (copy & paste from google+, spanish version of page) it's must be: "the most interesting" in english ( i guess), but i think how you called it it's pretty nice
  3. here: ENGLISH - SpanishNew post - Nueva EntradaSearch - BúsquedaNews feed - NoticiasNotifications - NotificacionesProfile - PerfilPeople - GentePhotos - FotosCollections - ColeccionesPopular - PopularCommunities - ComunidadesEvents - EventosPages - PáginasSettings - AjustesSupport - SoporteShare +1 - Compartir +1Rate and Review - Valora y ComentaI'm in Google+ - estoy en Google+Maxthon in Google+ - Maxthon en Google+ not listed (see in the picture) Explore - explorar hangout - doesn't have a precise translation, so this can be translated like "Messages - mensages" that is all
  4. thanks -ody-, i updated from this post and thanks Zork for this awesome skin
  5. en el gestor de favoritos de opera (si es que tiene) exportalo como archivo .htm y luego importalo desde el gestor de favoritos de maxthon (te borrara los favoritos que tengas guardados hasta ese momento)
  6. no creo que se pueda, ya que el explorador solo puede abrir solo una cuenta a la vez. al igual que todos lo exploradores.
  7. Postmortem

    QA mod

    i hope the new quick acces contain some features from this mod:lol