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  1. Yes, as described above, that's one of the issues I'm reporting in this thread.
  2. I managed to login to extension.maxthon.cn. Since I can't read most of the site, it's hard to tell, but I think I've found the spot where I can upload a new version. However, it's not working. After I select the file, nothing happens. Worse yet, it appears to have blown away the old version on the site, so the extension isn't installable right now. Is there a size limit? The new file (12606KB) is bigger than the old file (10421KB).
  3. I've been trying since Monday, unfortunately. What specific errors are you seeing?
  4. I need to upload a new version of our extension to extension.maxthon.com, mainly because our logo has changed. However, I can't seem to login. Every time I try, I get: Sorry, invalid account or password. Please enter again. I tried the "Forgot password?" link, and was able to reset the password and use it to login successfully to my.maxthon.cn. However, it won't let me use the new password to login to extension.maxthon.com (same error message). I'm hoping someone can help me get in, because I need to upload a new version of our extension with our new logo ASAP. I tried emailing help@maxthon.com, but they haven't been much help so far. Thanks.