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  1. Hi,

    Paypal is not working on maxthon, the website show for 1 seconds then it show as a white page, full white (u should go on paypal if you like white you will be able to make a wallpaper)

    I want to pay on my games to win and i can't, i have to use this Unstable-Chrome OMG nono, i will keep loosing on my game than use this crap browser that is Unstable-Chrome, anyway.

    I don't think you need a screen, or something, you can see it by yourself (magic !) !

    PS: I have the latest maxthon version.

    (humor guys ! a bit of humor don't kill anyone !)

  2. Where is the refresh button ? I can't find it, and there is blank space between tabs and close, minimize buttons, and can you add the ability to add the buttons like screenshot, traduction, mx play please ?