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  1. I am getting into a bit of a mess as far as my settings are concerned when I update to a new version, be it beta or full. Today I installed v2401 then v2500 into the same location as 2200 hoping to keep my settings and history in a smooth transition from version to version. What happens is that after signing in and syncing most of my stuff, like favorites, start page, and new tab is carried over but extensions are not updated or the unpinning of unwanted things like Maxnote, download manager etc. And then there is History this is never synced as far as I can see and dark mode is never enabled. What is the correct way to update to ensure that nothing is lost and needs reconfiguring again each time. And more importantly how can I recover and combine the disjointed History records into the current browser version to give me one contiguous file. The new Maxthon startup page does not offer the import from other M6 versions.
  2. Do you have a suitable version for me to try? I am using Win10
  3. This version will not install saying will not work on this PC. I am running 32bit portable version.
  4. OK but I should point out that it is only the active tab that freezes after being left for say 1 hour and I can click on any other open tabs to activate Mx again. PC is not sleeping.
  5. No just a few 2 or 3. I am trying v2200 and freezing continues at startup and after leaving idle for about an hour. You were asking about extensions and I am only running adblock at the moment with these betas. Another startup issue is the login popup which is now enabled but it does not have focus on the password line I have to Tag once to enable typing in the password.
  6. There were three entries in last session on this occasion. This was on startup of Mx. The freezing seems to occur this way as well as after leaving pc unused for an hour or two.
  7. Today Mx started up with previous session tab showing but frozen, with shortcuts not operative. Earlier session was frozen too but History responded and this unlocked the browser.
  8. Difficult to be precise but I estimate 1,2 or 3 hours but not a short time of 10 or 15 minutes. This seems to be a change from Mx5. I will observe exactly what is going on. As far as video recording is concerned I have the Game Bar disabled so cannot use this for recording. What suggestions do you have for an alternative video recorder please.
  9. 1.Mx6 all versions used so far seem to freeze up the current tab if the PC is left unused for a length of time. When I come back to continue browsing the tab page is totally unresponsive and mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts are inoperative. I have to click to open a new tab to unfreeze the tab. 2. My Startup page is last session. Sometimes, often even, this startup does not happen. It starts instead with a new tab which is sometimes frozen as in 1. above. 3. The previous session never seems to be complete with only a few links showing not the complete list. I liked the Mx5 previous session better as this seemed to add incrementally all the previous sessions instead of having to dig into earlier sessions or History.
  10. Just installed v2100 and find that this bug is not fixed. These are the actions I take: 1. Copy(Ctrl + C) Maxthon.exe in install folder 2. Right click and Paste shortcut onto desktop 3. Enter in desktop shortcut properties 6 in the Shortcut Key Field 4. Use Alt Gr + 6 to open Maxthon successfully 5. The shortcut then shows as removed in shortcut properties but is remembered by Windows until I reboot when it no longer works. Hope it can be fixed soon, in the meantime my workaround, see above, does the job.
  11. I have resolved this by doing a clean install. Thanks for your suggestions.
  12. Thanks for confirming the bug. I note that the latest beta claims this has been fixed. Will check it out when I update.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. In a perfect world that would of course work but in my Maxthon world I cannot type Backspace in that field. It will not accept it as it only likes ALT or CTL + entries. Your Screenshot example shows Edit but Alt + Left cannot be replaced with Backspace. Clicking on a new empty space shows Add but neither permit typing in Backspace or just tapping the key instead of typing its name.
  14. Using beta 1900. I have the start page set to last session. The last session page opens at startup but M6 is not responsive to any keyboard input to open a new tab. I am set for Ctrl + Tab and F1 but neither respond, I have to click on the top bar to open a new tab. Once this is done the shortcuts work as normal.
  15. OK BugSir I will after I have deleted my workaround.
  16. Shortcut settings show only Alt + Left. I did not find it possible to add just the Backspace key as a shortcut. How can this be done?
  17. In all previous Maxthons the backspace key has functioned as a go back to previous page key in the same way that ALT + left cursor does. It does not work now in M6. Can this be reintroduced? Another request - bring back the nice rounded edge tabs missing in beta 1900.
  18. Using Windows 10 and beta I have a shortcut on the desktop to access M6 with a shortcut key CTRL + ALT + 6. Every time I reboot the shortcut key is deleted and in the Comment Access Internet is added. This is a bit annoying. I have got round it by linking to the exe via two shortcuts both of which are read only but this needs fixing.