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  1. For some reason the Russian board never plays well with translators, never has.
  2. When clicking on Bing logo in popup, the text is not entered on bing translator(even if the text is selected, not selected in image). It does work if use "Translate Selected Text" from icon drop down Edit: just tried here, simply clicking the icon shows instant results And one question, it seems this extension is always running(as evidenced when hovering different languages for instance), is it using much resources?
  3. I tried with test version 1400 and the left column displayed exactly like without fbpurity enabled. Perhaps show us an image or maybe check the filters to see they haven't changed.
  4. What do you mean? You know they do change automatically when you change the skin, don't you? There are no extensions that I know of that just change the icons. I imagine it could be done within the skin files and they would only apply to default icons I would imagine. Maybe explain better what you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Is the status bar also painted? With skin number one the status bar flashes but is not painted. Also, is it possible to add our own images as a skin?
  6. I also like the variety available from the first skin.
  7. Which version of M5 are you using? I have no issues on, what other sites are giving you uissues? You don't have to use phone number if you don't want to, simply use your email address. It is only an option. Resource sniffer is still in M5 and works better than it did in M4.
  8. PHYR


    Can't wait for the "new" skins!!! I know Tony is going to love them!
  9. I'd try disabling a few of your extensions and then move it to where you want, maybe move it once or twice, reboot and then re-enable your other extensions.
  10. No it didn't, unless you had previously logged in while logged out of your account.
  11. Для чего это стоит A.S., у меня нет проблем с использованием 2 пальца для прокрутки страницы с сенсорной панелью (в стиле ретро или ультра режиме) на поверхности работающего под управлением Windows 10 сборки 14986 с Mx5.0.2.1000, нет никакого ускорения. Может быть, следующее обновление будет решить этот вопрос на своем компьютере тоже? For what it's worth A.S., I have no problem using 2 fingers to scroll the page with the touch pad(with retro or ultra mode) on a Surface running windows 10 build 14986 with Mx5.0.2.1000, there is no acceleration. Maybe the next update will address this issue on his pc too?
  12. I think Edge is set as default each time I update Windows which is relatively often as an insider...
  13. I hope a gesture to show or hide the sidebar is also being considered.
  14. Yes, most modern browsers use multiple processes especially those using chromium base, I'd be surprised if palemoon doesn't also. FF I don't know. It's nothing to worry about, it's by design.
  15. Try updating your user agent or switching to retro mode.
  16. Maxthon uses 2 cores, namely Blink and Trident(IE). Clicking the core icon or through the menu, you can switch between the two. Lightning bolt is Blink(Chromium) and broken page signifies you are using Trident. If it works correctly in IE, it will work correctly in retro(Trident)
  17. Look closely at about the 40 second mark and you'll see the search bar scroll through the status bar
  18. It's M$'s "new" Metro design, probably not accessible in all locals yet.
  19. Think he means this one(I'm using M5 without issue....) @Arend You can simply change core, no need to switch browser. M4 will remember the core the next time you visit Outlook.