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Bug Comments posted by PHYR

  1. 5 hours ago, Sherry said:

    Maxthon Version is and this has happened since I first got Maxthon a few months ago and before you told me to update to this version. I don't know how to do this .gif or video and I'm not doing anything before or after the problem occurs.. I turn my laptop on and open my browser and if I check task manager there are at least 5 of Maxthon in it. The memory in lowest is about 10,908 and top is 638,596.

    Yes, most modern browsers use multiple processes especially those using chromium base, I'd be surprised if palemoon doesn't also. FF I don't know. It's nothing to worry about, it's by design.

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  2. 3 hours ago, coolbeans2016 said:

    I am having problems clicking on download links in website.  They regularly post links to downloads from Google drive, other cloud storages and it goes to a fresh page but the download page never materializes.  No download GUI popup interface, nothing.

    Using Chrome or IE it works.


    Could you provide a link or a page with a link?


    5 hours ago, Al0n C. said:

    Thank you both  7twentyBugMiss006 .

    1. I'm running a 64bit Windows 7 Home Permium  (3Gb RAM, Dual Processors 2GHz ) Laptop .

    2. Currently on Mx v Portable , with my UserData folder copied from the previous Mx v4.4.8.1000 (as I always did ... :wacko: ) 

    Thanks again.

    You can't use your user data from 4.4.8 with 4.9.3 and expect it to work properly despite what you might have read in this forum by some users.

  4. 10 hours ago, wchris said:

    Figured out that it does not happen on initial open.

    (The icon with the green arrow in the taskbar is in fact also maxthon, just launched with a different shortcut icon from the desktop)

    So to reproduce the problem you have to open maxthon first and minimize it (and keep it minimized). Then open a second instance of maxthon and this second instance will be 648x500 (exact measure) instead of predefined size/position. First instance is sized correctly.

    Can you confirm you could reproduce this please ? Thanks

    You have to restore the size of the first instance as it too is 648x500 when first installed. 

  5. 7 minutes ago, mutilator said:

    glad it isn't just me. 4.4.8 works fine with theses and was the one reason I always went back to the old version as 4.9 had these issues.

    It's not to say they all don't work, only some give me problems but I don't know the cause....