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  1. Try to run the installation as Administrator ...
  2. Understood. You need to download the latest WinZip. Only then does the archive unfold correctly...
  3. I tried to download with several different browsers and download programs - the result is the same: the archive is damaged ... At the same time, the download of previous versions does not show an error and the archive is fully functional ... P.S. Previous versions are 7z compressed, and 800 is zip. Maybe this is the case?
  4. Broken archives for both portable versions !!! (Version
  5. - MX5: Normal opening of a group of bookmarks (open in order 1,2,3,4). Settings - Open a new tab: To the right of the current - MX6: Inverted opening of a group of bookmarks (open in order 4,3,2,1). Settings - Open a new tab: To the right of the current It can be fixed?
  6. I completely agree. Maxthon lost all its originality and became just one of the Chrom clones
  7. When will these settings appear in the Quick Access tab settings?
  8. How then to sync Bookmarks from one computer to another? I don’t know about other users, but in that case I don’t need Maxnote at all, because I always used Bookmarks on the panel...
  9. Did I understand correctly that Bookmarks and Maxnote are different things now? I know how Maxnote syncs, but how to sync Bookmarks? In particular with MX5...
  10. It's strange. Why is this done? It was much more convenient when Maxnote and bookmarks were one system. Essentially, both are bookmarks. What is the essence of separation? P.S. I activated the engine switch button. Thanks!
  11. And another question: are 'bookmarks' and 'Maxnote' now different options?
  12. How to switch modes and how to get a shortcut to it?
  13. Will the browser have a kernel switch function like in previous versions?