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  1. So... As I said before, I test also to download a clean portable version of MX, and the problem is still there, so no problem of cookies or cache. Either on this version I do not login on my account, so no problem with it too. I tried also to copy my portable version of MX from another working PC to that with the problem (the entire folder, so cache and anything else was there) and the problem still there.

    As far as the problem is concerned, I want to stress the fact that not all the titles are partially missing, but only some of them. Sometimes the first, other time just scrolling down a bit I can see the problem.

    As soon as I can, so I think on Saturday, I will try to go to safe mode and will try from there , in order to try it with no program running in background (but I already try to kill any unnecessary program running, and the problem still there...).

    The PC I have the problem (office PC) is a core 2 duo, with windows 7 x64, with 4gb of ram, nvidia graphics and realteck audio. Maybe Oliver One has something similar to that...

  2. Ok, look at this, give some more investigations...

    Original site:


    Here title is truncated, first line is missing.

    Now, I make a manual modification on the site code:


    Changing the h3 tag with a span tag, the entire title appears. It works also using a

    tag, it stays broken by using h1/h2... Notice that not all titles has this behaviour, and this is the only pc I have this problem. And the problem is there also after trying to download a clean version of MxPortable and using it without imprting nothing from my current installation. :shutup: