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  1. Why write like that, with such emphasis? It's impossible to read.
  2. Hi! Can. I would like to know how this can be done through a browser, which is quite logical, rather than looking for a link through all the messages on the forum.
  3. How can I go to this page from a browser?
  4. Hi! What are coins written off for? I don't think I use VIP. Where can I watch and find out?
  5. It works for me. Win 7 x64. When you try to take a screenshot while recording, it is not saved the first time, and a window pops up to close Maxton or continue downloading. Click continue downloading. And when you press again to save the screenshot - it crashes. Watch the video.
  6. Hi! I wrote about this several versions ago. A request was also recorded, but nothing has changed yet.
  7. I already wrote about this once. But for some reason no one cares. I always try to write in English, but not in this case.
  8. + Added Reading Mode + Added Read Aloud feature + Added Maxthon coin acquisition feature (By Bright Data) + Added Settings - Advanced Settings - Laboratory + Added web scrollbar double-click top to scroll to the top, double-click bottom to scroll to the bottom * Updated multilingual translation * Optimized note performance, improved search speed * Enhanced new tab interaction and card design - Fixed known issues
  9. Doesn't show pop-up messages on the weather site in Maxton 7. Everything works in Edge and Maxton 5. Website
  10. Try to disable the items indicated on the screenshot and check. Helped me. chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-encode