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  1. It was promised be fixed in the new core version.
  2. Thank you. Disabled the status bar - the problem is gone. I turned it on again, the problem did not return. Wonders.
  3. Here are 2 videos. On one, continuous scrolling of the page, on the second, constant clicking on the menu. Scroll Menu 2014553907_bandicam2021-08-2410-24-04-986.avi 1520462139_bandicam2021-08-2410-21-17-636.avi
  4. No. When you open a browser while working in it.
  5. The problem of previous versions has not been fixed. Version (64-bit) 0820 (installed). Windows 7 (64-bit). After starting in 10-15 seconds, the browser freezes for the same 10-15 seconds. The scroll stops working, nothing can be pressed (bookmarks, settings, etc.) After the freeze is over, then everything works well. Observed since version On version, everything works without freezes.