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  1. Snap tool is only partially fixed but partially still broken when using non-Aero mode in Windows 7. If you minimize ("restore down") the browser window and then start the Snap too, you will see the desktop will get discolored and the icons will lose text. BUG / SUGGESTION: In Mouse Gestures settings in MX6 the "action selections" for next/previous TAB are incorrectly named "next/previous page". In MX5 it was correct. See attached image.
  2. SUGGESTION: On the "New Tab" page, add a clickable button to the search textfield so that the user doesn't have to use the keyboard ("Enter" key) to initiate search. See example picture attached.
  3. BugSir006, it's not hard to reproduce at all, if you understand what he is saying. Do you understand what he is trying to say?? In MX6, you can't "jump through words" with the text cursor like you can in MX5. To reproduce: 1. open at least 2 TABs in MX6 2. Go to a textfield (for example a Reply field in this forum) and write some text into it. Then put the cursor at the start of the text and press "CTRL + Right arrow". Instead of the cursor jumping to the next word, your MX6 will skip to next TAB. If you claim that you can't reprocude this and that your MX6 skips words
  4. Mouse gestures bugs still not adressed at all.
  5. Still no bug fixes for Mouse Gestures. ☹️
  6. I have also asked / requested the same here: BugSir006 said "Suggestion reported", so .... we can only hope.
  7. Indeed. With this configuration it can be easily replicated. When you "right click hold + left click", you can actually see the mouse-down trail appear. A clear sign that one gesture is triggering the other! But if you resize (restore) Maxthon window so that it is not maximized, even more strange things happen (diagonal mouse trail outside Maxthon window and "close tab" artifact on the left. Crazy!
  8. Yes. At first I though it was a nice thing but then I saw that with this change, it also inherited a lot of things from Chrome that were previously a lot better in Maxthon. For example the download manager. I liked how Maxthon 5 downloaded files were listed and managed in one central window. But in MX6, downloaded files are shown in the bar at the bottom of the screeen which you have to constantly close on X on the other side of the screen. It's just one of terribly annoying things that are now worse than before. And then add the many bugs that it has compared to Chrome, and you lite
  9. Yep, I can actually confirm this, too. Terrible. Good thing I went back to MX5. MX6 is far too buggy!
  10. If I turn off Hardware Acceleration then I can't view the 3D version of Google Maps at all. That is a pre-requisite. In addition to that, I now have to ENABLE "Override software rendering list". At the "Default" setting 3D maps still won't work. Honestly I don't know when this became an issue since I don't use Google Chrome as my main browser. I just noticed it when Maxthon came out. But since this version's changelog says "New Chromium 88", I suspect it is the Chromium 88 version that introduced this problem for me. But again, this is how it is on my system. People with newer comput
  11. Here is a video showing the other mouse gestures bug when gestures "to top/bottom of page" don't work if the cursor is in some text field. In Maxthon 5 there is no such problems. clip0027.mp4
  12. Clicking on "Customize UI" button in the upper right side of Maxthon window crashes the browser. Maxthon Portable Windows 7 64-bit
  13. Here is the video of mouse gesture bug (it shows the example 3 times). I hope you can clearly see the problem. If you don't, let me know. clip0023.avi clip0023.mp4
  14. BugSir006, I don't know if you even understand me. There is probably nothing you can do. It seems to be how Chromium works. There is the same "problem" on Google Chrome. My system (graphics) is old and Chromium maybe doesn't support it fully anymore (ATI HD5770 from 2009). But like I said, I can solve the problem for now by enabling "Override software rendering list" in chrome://flags/ . I just wrote this in case some other user has the same problems.
  15. BugSir006, I am not talking about Street View on Google maps! I am talking about 3D map rendering and globe view! Of course it's possible that it works on your PC but on mine it doesn't. But like I said before, I think this is a "problem" in Chromium generally.
  16. My "new observation" about the problem being only in maximized view was incorrect. It does happen also in windowed view, but instead of triggering "back page" it sometimes triggers "go to top of page".
  17. I just noticed that this version breaks the hardware acceleration compatibility, at least with my system. So hardware / 3D acceleration doesn't work anymore even if "Use hardware acceleration mode" is enabled in settings. You can test this by going to Google Maps and trying to see the Earth or the buildings on the map in 3D. If this view is not available then your HW acceleration doesn't work. I found an apparent solution by opening chrome://flags/ page and enabling the "Override software rendering list" setting. But, we're already in the hacking territory here with these things. Web
  18. Mouse gestures are still broken. If you go to YouTube and activate your "Page top" or "Page bottom" mouse gesture, the video will stop or restart playing instead of moving page up / down. Similar thing happens on pages with textfields like on this forum. If you put the text cursor in some textfield (for example search box above), the mouse gestures stop working. The other mouse gesture is also still broken: 1. Set up mouse gesture like this: "Hold right mouse then left click" to "Close current tab" 2. Set Settings -> Tab -> Close tab -> After closing a tab, switch to: Last vi
  19. I want to add a comment which may apply to the opening tabs in background / foreground issues. Although I have left MX6 due to too many bugs and have reverted to MX5, there was a similar issue with TABs opening in the background. In my case, when I clicked on a link which was designed to open in a new tab, that tab opened in the background (Maxthon didn't switch to it immediately, I had to click on it). I wanted it to be switched to / focused / displayed immediately when I clicked on the link, even if it opened in a new tab. I distinctly remember that this worked correctly before, bu
  20. I couldn't stand all the bugs anymore. I uninstalled Maxthon 6 and went back to Maxthon 5. I'm happy again. :-)
  21. Yes, it's a bug in their default configuration and it's also very hard to manage / edit these engines in Settings. By default it's set to but in reality it uses You have to first create a new one (see attached image) and make it default and then you can delete the old buggy one.
  22. Damn this mouse gesture bug (hold right mouse button + left click for "close tab") is totally killing me! It keeps triggering the "back" action on the tab that gets selected after the last tab closes. I did report this bug but no fix yet. This is the core of my browsing habits and it's one thing that might actually drive me back to Maxthon 5. I'll probably revert to MX5 if the next beta update doesn't fix it. It's really disappointing cause I got to love MX6 more than any other version before but I just can't work with this issue cause it's really impacting my workflow constantly. 😭 And a
  23. SUGGESTION: Add TAB dragging animation. When you grab a TAB and drag it left or right, there is no animation like there is in Chrome or in old MX5 so it looks unnatural.
  24. Can you maybe come up with an alternative icon design for Night Mode ? It looks like a "Star and crescent" symbol of Islam (flag of Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan, ...)! There must be a better / neutral symbol you can use! If you just remove the star and leave only the crescent moon, it would already be better.
  25. I liked the status bar as well. The split view and global mute in status bar were two features I constantly used myself. Having to go into the menu in the upper right to manipulate zoom is really annoying.