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  1. Update date:Sep 2nd, 2014 SDK runtime version:2.0.0 SDK document version:1.1.17 Readme file for MX Skin SDK v1.1.17 =========================================== This package contains : readme.txt This file _build_mx3.bat Batch file for packing MX3 skin _explode_mx3.bat Batch file for unpacking MX3 skin _build_mx4.bat Batch file for packing MX4 skin _explode_mx4.bat Batch file for unpacking MX4 skin first.png Source image file of sample skin (Fireworks Editable PNG) first.mxskin Sample MX3 skin package first_mx4.mxskin Sample MX4 skin package doc\ skin-tutorial.doc Tutorial for newbie skin makers. skin-engine-features.doc Introduction to the features of the skin system. skin-system-reference.doc Detailed reference document of the skin system. mxpak\ makpak.exe Packer executable unpak.exe Unpacker executable If this is the first time you play with mx skin system, we recommend you: 1. Read the tutorial "skin-tutorial.doc" and get a basic idea of how a skin is built. 2. Double click on the "_explode_mx3.bat/_explode_mx4.bat", unpack "first_mx4.mxskin" and examine the sample skin source. 3. Read the "skin-engine-features.doc" if you want to know more about the features of the skin engine. 4. Look up commands and objects in the "skin-system-reference.doc" when you're working on your skin. MxPacker
  2. Skins and Extensions Review Criteria Version:1.0 Have a complete and accurate description of skins and extensions. Descriptions of skins and extensions must be complete, clear and valid. It should cover the basic information and let users know what the skin or extension is. Irrelevant information or advertisement are not allowed in the description. Be safe and secure. The skin or extension is not permitted in any form: The skin or extension itself is too buggy to be functional.2.2 The skin or extension embeds spyware or malware. The skin or extension may cause Maxthon browser or operating system vulnerablities. The skin or extension cause any danger of users' computers and their property. Do not affect web experience. A skin or extension should not severely affect Maxthon browser’s stability and performance. If a skin or extension contains advertisement, the advertisement should not affect user’s internet experience and the running of skin or extension itself. The start and running of a skin or extension should not launch installers of other non-Maxthon software. Comply with local laws Any political, pornographic or violence information that violates legal terms is not permitted. Any fake or fraud information isnot permitted. Any information that containspersonal attacks or violates the legitimate rights of other people ororganizations. Others A skin or extension that submitted by fraudulent organizations and people. A skin or extension that contains illegal advertisement of medicine, insurance, sales, training, direct marketingor consulting. A skin or extension that URL auto-direction is not permitted. A skin or extension that causes bad consequences though not specified in this criteria. If you have any questions, please email: help#maxthon.com. (Please replace # with @, thank you!)
  3. Submission and Review Process Skins or extension hosted on Maxthon should be of high quality and improve users’ web experience,so any new skins or extensions and their updates must be reviewed by Maxthonbefore they go public. A skin or extension has three kinds of status: pending review, rejected and released. Any skin or extension submitted or updated by developers will be added to a pendingreview queue. Maxthon will perform a review within 24 working hours. If a skin or extension meets the criteria of being appropriate to distribute to users, it will be public. If a skin or extension fails to meet the criteria, Maxthon will send developers a notification back with specific reasons. When developers modify the skin according to the reasons and submit, it will be in the review queue again. Updating Process When updating a skin or an extension, developers should update it on its page, instead of submitting a new one. Before new updates get approved by Maxthon, they will not affect current use of add-ons. After the updates meets the criteria of reviewed, users of this add-on will beautomatically served the newest updates. Abuse Report Users have rights to report abuse on any skins or extensions. When Maxthon receives an abuse-report, we will verify it. If it is true, we will remove the skin or extension from the site. For those skins and extensions get offline, developers can modify them to get in a review queue again. If you have any questions, please email: help#maxthon.com. (Please replace # with @, thank you!)
  4. Here we offer the Maxthon Extension Development Guide and Packaging Tool (for Maxthon3, Maxthon Cloud Browser and Maxthon5). English Maxthon Extension SDK Update date:May 21, 2015 SDK runtime version:1.0.6 SDK document version:1.2.7 Mx-Extension-SDK.doc Changelog: 1.2.7: - update stopOnClose 1.2.6: - add contextmenu api - add resize api - add toolbar support 1.2.3: - Update the description of def.json 1.2.2: - Describe the objects that runtime.post support to post 1.2.1: - The included JS File's format must be UTF8 with BOM Maxthon Extension/Skin Packaging Tool Update date:March 13, 2013 Version:1.0.7 MxPacker.rar Instructions: Pack: Drag the extension/skin directory onto the MxPacker icon (no need to run it) to make a package. Unpack: Drag a package onto the MxPacker/skin icon (no need to run it) to unpack it. or Double click the MxPacker icon to run it, and pack or unpack a package using the GUI. Note: Please rename the packed file's extension to .mxskin, if it is a skin file. Examples: These are from Maxthon Chinese BBS. So you may just take a look at it if your like. Douban Radio: douban.fm.zip Baidu Ting: baidu.ting.zip Douban Radio and Baidu Ting are two popular apps in China which may offer you songs randomly. They can remember your taste and recommend the styles you like. Hope you enjoy. Mx-Extension-SDK.zip