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  1. Just like in the title... Page is messed up and not working. Everything works fine in retro mode... Ultra: Retro:
  2. Hmm, problem occurred once again, this time on Closing and re-opening the tab sometimes helps ... Messed up one: Good one:
  3. Changed my font from default to Tahoma, it helped, BUT now some icons and buttons on some sites are messed up... Uninstalled new beta and installed new stable version, everything works perfect, so i guess it's a beta issue and ver.
  4. Hi, for quite some time I'm having a problem with the look of the fonts on sites/adress bar. Soometimes they look normal, sometimes ragged or something... Any1 with simillar issues? Problem occurs on current beta and previous stable version.
  5. Hi, I reported this issue a few versions ago and it was solved. Haven't visited that site for quite some time and noticed that it happens again: http://www.sicklines.com/weights Braking/Wheels/Frames etc. links on the left, doesn't work under ultra mode, only on retro. Fix it please...