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  1. I've hardware acceleration enabled in flash. The strange/tricky thing is that flash DO plays fine on some sites - for example here - http://www.veoh.com/watch/v65939317kW3madrZ. That problem appears specifically on aol.com, but i remember i had same problem on some other sites (i can't remember exactly where).
  2. I have problem with video playback on some pages, frame rate is something around 10-15fps whereas one CPU core is fully loaded (I'm using Intel i7). Example of such page is at aol.com - i get to it from the default Maxthon's home page Please try this one for example http://features.aol.com/video/who-will-win-big-2015-oscars Note: it uses flash for playback. Note: i've checked i'm having the latest version of flash according to this thread http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-13920-1-1.html The same plays absolutely fine in Chrome - no 'slugishness' and CPU usage is around 3-5% (of all 8 cores), Maxthon takes 15% (this is more than 1 complete loaded CPU core).