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  1. Hi to all, I'm trying to save all my favourites saved on Maxthon 5 but I can't find the feature for exporting them in a HTML file...Where I can find that? I only see the feature for importing them...Help me please.
  2. hi to all, I'd like to know why in the new version of the browser (MX5) it is impossible to close the lateral bar on the left of the screen...I hate it and I what to close it as well as the older version of the browser...thank you for the support.
  3. hi to all, I'd like to know if it possible adding SpotFlux Lite extension ( in maxthon
  4. hi, I like very much this new browser, but I'd like if in the future you'll add some features that maxthon user I think adore: - add multilanguage support... I understand English well but I prefer to have a browser in my native language (Italian) - add maxthon passport to save and have all my accouns credentials on all my devices - add the bottom that re-opens closed windows with left click of the mouse and opens menu of recent opened windows. I hope to find these features in the feature, because these are the reasons I use Maxthon from a long time.