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  1. Update: I installed V6.1.1.1100 (latest beta). This worked until I signed into Maxthon. Then it crashed. I have attached two reports associated with the the latest crash. 70baefd9-fa12-4595-b022-eea4c5bccc51.dmp 70baefd9-fa12-4595-b022-eea4c5bccc51.json
  2. Thanks for helping. I've zipped my reports Crashpad\reports folder, which you can grab here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c10e0t71uvu0ssc/reports.zip?dl=0 My Android version is At least that's what the app reports, although I don't see it on the release notes list. Still, this happened before with an earlier version. While I have Windows version, the crashes also occurred with the V6.1.0.2000 (until I upgraded). I'll update to the new beta when I have a moment to work on this. I'll let you know if that helps. In case my Dropbox link,
  3. Yesterday, Mx6 began to crash 9 seconds after I open it. It did this repeatedly. The debug.log reports this error: 0218/102517.715:ERROR:chrome_exe_main_win.cc(268)] ReadProcessMemory failed: Access is denied. (0x5) I made no changes or updates to my system or Mx6 before the crashes began. I had added a bookmark in the Android version of Mx6 the evening before this started. I also recalled a similar issue several weeks ago. At that time, I updated Mx6 to and it worked again, but I noticed that two new bookmarks saved in Mx6 on Android were missing. This suggested a syncin