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  1. Just updated to Windows 10 and trying to get Maxthon to use the native window control buttons.


    This option makes me think I can just enable it and it disregard any settings in the skin file relating to what it has set. But there are two issues.


    1/ if I set the option to 0 or 1 nothing happens. The standard Maxthon buttons return, or the buttons in the skin are enabled.

    2/ if i remove all the images etc for the control buttons then I get the standard Maxthon buttons

    3/ the skins i've checked have the option listed as noWindowControl, but the documentation states that it should be noWindowControls. Which is correct?


    Am I misreading this option?


    Hopefully MX gets updated soon so we get a version that looks better in Win10.

  2. Apparently MS is up to 105xx internally, so testers are quite a few builds behind. Seeing how much has been polished up in the last 3-4 builds, I think it bodes well for whatever we might see in the 105xx builds and RTM.

  3. the problem still occurs in the latest version.


    Did you try this?


    Test with a portable version. Don't sign in with a passport if you use one.


    Given your results in post #13, it's a very unusual bug. It seems related to something on your system, as there is no way that all of those scenarios would cause the same issue.


    What happens when you use a different skin? Try one of the ones available in the skins forum.


    What's really weird, is that for that to happen the HTML (or maybe CSS) for that part of the skin needs to be adjusted. And the only way that can happen is by modifying the skin file.

  4. If only i'd known i'd have waited. Still on 10158 - downloads running low. Might give it a few days, will probably be another one the way they're going.

  5. Looks good, installed without a hitch from what I can tell on my test VM.


    One thing that i noticed is that the control menu (right-click a menu), is still in the old style. Doesn't seem to be updated yet... will it? I guess we'll find out soon enough. New film & TV app as well. Have too check it out.

  6. looked at 10147 and it was solid but it was not happy with updates so gone back to 10130 which is good - i get a memory error when closing the pc - had it on 2 different pc's - not investigated - am assuming its just my copy 


    It's not. It's a known issue, apparently fixed in later internal releases. Doesn't affect anything IIRC, as everything is shutdown by the time that error occurs.

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  7. Latest updates are looking good. Aesthetically everything is tying together nicely. Lots of bugs being squashed. Overall looking to be a great update.


    New build should be coming out within the next week.

  8. It looks like new bug.


    After some more playing around it seems it's working fine, just that the Popup Blocker is doing it's job too well! Went back to version to see when it stopped working, only to notice the popup blocker counter increase. It's always the weirdest things! Not sure why it works on MX sites, unless the popup blocker is disabled for these sites even though it still shows as enabled?


    Was hoping to extension-ify it, (it actually works well + a context menu option). But unless there's a way to make it bypass the popup blocker without having to disable it, it's pretty much useless.

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  9. A further discovery is that build 1800 is the last version where url alias use and webpage preload of search while typing still works together. Later versions require one or the other feature to be used only.


    What's the latest version with the issue?


    I'm currently using a beta release and it doesn't have the issues described. But i'm sure I also noted this elsewhere for


    For reference the tests were:

    Enable preload search results + Open a new tab from the address bar enabled


    1 / Enter search term into address bar [Enter] > Page preloads search results and opens in new tab when Enter is pressed.

    2 / Enter alias into address bar [Enter] > Page preloads search results and opens alias URL in new tab when Enter is pressed.

    3 / Enter search alias into address bar + search term [click on page] > Page preloads search results, clicking on page completes search but replaces previous page in tab (also removes tab history).

    4 / Enter search alias into address bar + search term [Enter] > Page preloads search results but opens default search URL in new page when Enter is pressed. There is an error here as it goes to the default search instead of the search alias URL.


    1 & 2 seem to be working as intended.

    3 working, but you lose tab history.

    4 doesn't work. This is an issue that has come and gone over time if i'm not mistaken. Not sure if it's directly related to preload search results.

  10. Btw. I noticed that some updates, which are preparing OS for upgrade appeared in Windows update again, even if I have hidden them previously. Maybe feature, maybe bug, maybe intent.


    Hidden updates always come back after a while, at least that's the way it's always been for me. I don't think there is anything untoward going on there.

  11. I am the only one who thinks that forcing these "adware" updates for older versions of Windows are not very fair to users who doesn't want to upgrade? They only affect the user expierence and PC performance, their information value equels almost to zero. The user doesn't need them. In my eyes it's only a marketing strategy how to quickly get big amount of users to the new system.


    No, there's plenty of people that think the same, mostly those that don't have any intention of doing the upgrade. While much of what you say is true (performance not so much, only using 0.2mb of RAM, and no CPU while just sitting in the tray), it is a marketing strategy but Microsoft needs to push this. Firstly they're giving it away, so they're not directly making money out of it, but the idea would be to get people using their Store and the more users with 10 the more eyes they have with the opportunity to use it. Plus it's just better for them to have people on the latest OS instead of some ancient code like XP.


    In some respect you can see it as a more prominent update - it's free, you get notification and you download to install it. Not really much different to any of the other updates MS offers... just this one makes Windows look and run different/better.

  12. startmenu - yes its just whats there - 8.1 start was a waste of space and whilst i can see 10 is improved it still seems poor to me - startisback was and is good on 8 but has not made it to 10 yet but classic shell is just as good - it suits me - things are where they should be so i dont have to re learn - microsoft are past masters at reinventing the wheel - why i have no idea - if it ain't broke - leave it alone


    same for 10 i guess - some change for the sake of it is not needed


    Cortana is the new something for Win10, like the start menu was in XP or Aero glass effects in WinVista. Some people will like it, others with complain but everyone will deal with it some way.


    The change for change sake mantra has been said for ages, but things need to change. ntzphyr explained it perfectly about the new devices Win10 is designed to work with. And like with most MS OS releases there's always one that causes a lot of drama (Vista, win8) to pave the way to it's successor which could have only happened if the previous version existed.


    As far as the start menu, i really can't understand the fuss behind it. It's the same damn thing that's been used since Win95. It looks prettier and has some different options, yet people go on and on like it's fundamentally changed the way you use the computer. Open it, click what you want to run and it closes... not much more to it. Relearning is an issue, sure, but the concept stays the same. I know this is a cliche as well, but are people still using DOS because they were used to it? I don't think so.

    People complained with Win95 brought in the first rendition of the Start Menu, then they complained again when XP changed it, then again when Vista changed it to a list instead of flyouts, then then again when 8 made it full screen, now again because it has tiles... That said, i'm sure if users had the option to use the win95 version someone would no doubt use it?!


    Overall i'm liking Win10. I've only been testing on a VM, but from what i've read and my own testing it looks like it's only going to be better than Win7 & 8. Will be downloading it Day1 (or maybe 2)

  13. Cortana is more than just speech, she is a personal assistant, much like Siri, but much more advanced.Ms demo on win8.1 phone.


    Yeah, meant to elaborate on that a little more. There's a lot that cortana can do, and anyone who's used Siri or Cortana will probably enjoy what it will be able to do on PC. But whether people are OK with talking to their PC will be the stumbling block. Although if people are happy to talk to their phones or Xbox...I guess it's not that much of an issue.

  14. Cortana is the "speech thing", but it's also search in general.


    Project Spartan, now Edge while still under development shouldn't be shutting down on you. It works well and as it gets more features and tweaked before final release it could be a very nice browser, at least for those that use IE for their daily browsing.


    Can someone explain to me what exactly replacing the default start menu offers, especially now in Win10. Sure what was in Win8 was a huge departure from the legacy menu, but much of what was in Win7 has now been added. Even if you don't like the live tiles on the right you can remove them all anyway. All the system folders (documents/music/pictures etc) can be pinned. There's a recent apps list which will become more useful as the system is used. And anything else can be pinned to the right. Apart from design, functionally I don't think it's really missing anything.


    Or is it simply that people like what they're used to...