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  1. You can ask as you have and see if someone has the ability to do it. But there's no guarantee that anyone can or will.

    Depending on how it's coded, it might be as simple as extracting from the chrome extension file, changing the def.json file and repacking to the MXaddon filetype. See here for some info on extensions.

    Might have a look later on.

    You can also try contacting the creator of the Chrome extension and see if he can make up one for Maxthon.

    Contact details:

  2. The new additions of Skype Video, Messaging and even Phone I think is going to be a big thing for many users. Something that OSX has had for a while to my knowledge. If it can be integrated with a users phone messaging as well it's going to be quite nice. And from what i've been reading it might be the case.

    When this update finally goes live in November I think a lot of users will be quite impressed.


    How could the portable version help in this LastPass situation?

    The idea isn't for you to use it day to day, so you don't need any of your userdata. We only want to test the extension and a clean version of Maxthon to ensure that there's nothing else going on that is causing it to not work properly.

    Doing with a portable version means you don't have to worry about uninstalling etc. If we determine that the extension does work then we go back to testing for issues with your main install.

    because otherwise with crashes Maxthon frequently sheds the tabs even though it's configured to keep them.

    That's a little odd. Maxthon shouldn't be crashing that much... makes me think that there's something else going on. Can you post your crash logs as shown here

  4.  I'm guessing we'll have to go through the entire update process we've done in the past with th2 releases. Why can't updates to these releases be as regular background updates without the install process?

    I've wondered about this as well. Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere as to why they're doing it like this.

  5. Realy tough to uninstall Cortana, xbox etc., I mean you got to click a button

    You mind sharing where this button is? Some of the pre-installed apps don't have an uninstall option on right-click and none of them show in the old programs & features. Only way i've read is to use powershell and a bunch of commands to do it.

    That said, I can't see what the issue is. Just a few apps that once unpinned are almost invisible anyway.

    taskbar, and look/function of Explorer

    Taskbar is essentially exactly the same as Win7/8. Only thing changed is the design when programs are running or in focus. And same for explorer, some changes to things like favs > quick access etc.

  6. Thanks for the reply.

    Got it fixed over the weekend from a PM from tony while the forum was read only. He mentioned the tabbar/index.css and I found the max-spacer entry which I seemed to have looked over when looking previously. Changed it and it works great.

  7. Hopefully someone with some more knowledge of the skin system might be able point me in the right direction.


    I want to change the control box in MX4 to match the style of Windows10, but the area in 10 has been widened slightly which is larger than what the default is in MX. Looking through all the code I can't see anything that would change it. The boxes and hitzones are correct, but when the tabbar is full there is an overlap of the last tab and the minimise button.




    Fixing menus to make everything look consistent! I love these guys!! Maxthon should take a hint! That was one of the first things that I noticed when it was released and thought WTF! But they fixed it! So many exclamation marks!! :D



    Look at that for a public changelog, even developer only stuff like classes, functions, element options are being mentioned + known issues... Again, Maxthon should take notes on how to let people know what's going on with updates.


    This whole rapid release thing is going well so far. Lot's of bugfixes, updates etc. Not sure about anyone else, but i haven't found any major issues with programs not working or crashes etc.

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  9. The reason they gave, as I stated in my previous post, was that the program was not compatible with win10.

    The actual name of the app is CPUID CPU-Z, I've reinstalled ver 1.73.

    It is the only app I have installed that doesn't show the author, maybe M$ knows something I don't about the app.


    I have two programs with no author... still there and run properly. So I doubt that's the cause.


    Something weird is definitely going on, but i'm sure if it was a new Windows feature then there would be more said online about it by now.

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  10. Are you sure it was uninstalled and not just the link to the program was broken for some reason?


    I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would delete programs from a users PC especially without some sort of notification that it's malicious or in some way dodgy.

  11. As with a lot of releases plenty is done behind the scenes and just a few user facing changes. In this case the title bars is really the only one a user will notice.


    Their build number doesn't go up by 300 for just a title bar colour change.

  12. I had ui.dat from unpacked and it has noWindowControl=1.


    As I found in the few skins I checked, including ui.dat. But from the official documentation v1.1.17 it states:


    // Hide the Window Control Buttons

    // Optional.
    // Use this option to remove the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons.
    // Possible Values: 0 (default) or 1
    noWindowControls = 0

    As you can see with an 's'.


    But the point is, neither option works at least in my testing? So is toggle wrong or am I doing something wrong?


    I think you may be misreading.  Note it is Windows 10 and noWindowControl not noWindowsControl.



    Given the above I don't think I am. Would be nice to get some clarification and have that adjusted in the official documentation if it is indeed wrong.