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  1. Thought i'd post this before you find out the hard way.

    Unfortunately there aren't very many users who are developers of extensions or know very well how they work. And MX dev's rarely (almost never) post in response to questions like this.

    So unless you can find it out yourself or there is a user who does know and replies, i doubt you're going to get an answer any time soon.

    Wish I could give you better info, but unfortunately that's the case.

  2. 6 hours ago, A.S. said:

    A few reasons why my extensions were rejected:

    • upload it again, site works wrong
    • be blocked by popupblocker
    • to huge
    • doesn
    • please don

    Pleas "don't" what? Or this is "done". What is done?

    I've been there as well. Tried to do what i could about it... nothing happend.

    6 hours ago, Deivison said:

    My extension was approved, but has not been updated, still the old version.

    And when I click the download button, an error message appears.

    Seems to be updated now...downloads and runs fine.

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  3. 7 hours ago, user12 said:

    In Chrome it's very quickly

    Remember that Google is much, much bigger than Maxthon. They've no doubt got all their systems set up in such a way that extensions can be automatically approved and updated etc. To my knowledge MX does the approval manually, if they don't have people available it will take longer.

  4. On 24/6/2016 at 11:53 PM, Chim said:

    Well, I then couldn't find any sign of where the flip the System Restore function could be.  I believe I then typed in my question to Cortana.

    Odd. Typing "restore" shows the control panel link to create a restore point, which then opens the familiar windows 7 dialog.

    Typing "control" shows a link to control panel.

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  5. 2 hours ago, user12 said:

    How to use ContextMenu API? I can't even find any Maxthon extension with menu items in the context menus. I need an example

    I believe support for this was dropped in MX4.9

    I have an extension that does have a context menu option in MX4.4, but the same extension doesn't show the context menu option in MX4.9

    Unfortunately they have a knack of not updating their documents to show changes frequently enough. And there's next to zero support from dev's or the few in the know when it comes to extension development support.

    Wish I could offer something more...

  6. Playing around with some stuff. Trying to figure out if you can open a new Maxthon window (not a tab) using javascript.

    There is a keyboard shortcut that does it, but you can't send keys from javascript to my knowledge.

    There is the "win.new" command that the skin system uses, but as part of an extension or HTML file within it it's not a valid command.

    Then there's:

    mx.browser.invokeCommand( command [, param] )

                    To invoke a browser command.

                                    command            Command name, please refer to skin document for the name list. String.
    param                   Command parameter(s). Object. This parameter is NOT supported yet.

    This seems like it does what I want it to do, but i keep getting a "win is not defined" error? How can I define something that isn't defineable, because it's supposed to be invoked by the invokeCommand API?

    Does this even work?

  7. It might be weird, but i'm excited for this to finally get a public release. They're really pushing forward with quite a few changes and there's not really much to not like.

    Definitely has changed quite a bit from the initial release almost a year ago.

    And there's talk of some possible changes to the explorer UI in future builds. 

  8. See, this is the problem...

    Part of the reason people don't want to use MX is because they can't find some extensions they want. I'm willing to spend some time trying to port over some where possible, but I need a little help to hopefully push me in the right direction. But all we get is silence...

    There aren't many (any?) users here that are active in extension creation, the ones that post on the Chinese forum don't post here, the dev's don't post here...

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  9. 17 hours ago, Truuuc said:

    Portable version have a Maxthon.exe in Bin folder? Or it's MaxthonPortable.exe (or other name)?

     Maxthon.exe in Bin

    18 hours ago, Truuuc said:

    The Maxthon portable version don't use registry, and if the portable Maxthon folder is not in "Program files" you need to select it manualy in Mx_Updater.

    Maybe add a line stating "For Maxthon Portable you must set the correct install folder above" underneath the folder path field.

    Everything else looks good.


    Updated a few lines from the nsi file. Attached below.


  10. I can only imagine the answer is yes. But it would also depend on the extension and how they work and interact with the page. Ones that run all the time will obviously be eating up CPU time compared to ones that only run when the user starts them.

    Ideally you'd only be running the extensions that you need, and not have 100 installed that rarely or ever get used.

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  11. Quite an update. I think this next major update is going to be quite amazing.

    Seems they're not afraid to constantly update and change things like the start menu/system tray, even though people mostly don't like change. I do think the changes are good ideas though,.

  12. I've been on to them about creating a more user friendly info area for the extension API's with examples. Not on their plans though.

    A.S's guides are a good start. Explains well how to put together a few types of extensions. Unfortunately the only other option is in the SDK documentation especially for details on how to use the API's, which the info can be a little vague (at least for me). Probably OK if you have more knowledge with coding.

  13. Trying to figure out some code to possibly port a chrome extension.

    The chrome extension includes this as part of the code:

    if (chrome.extension.onMessage !== undefined) {
                    function (request) {
                        if (request === 'refreshSettings') {
                            chrome.extension.sendMessage(null, 'getSettings', chromeHandleMessage);

    Not sure how the chrome onMessage / addListener /sendMessage API's mirror those in Maxthon?

    I think it would related to mx.app.runtime.listen( type, func ) & mx.app.runtime.post( type [, obj] ) but not sure if that's right, or how to go about making that work as the above code does for Chrome?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  14. There isn't. The developer of that extension only makes it for the 4 big browsers.

    You could try contacting them and see if they can update it with support for Maxthon. Although, looking at the code the dev doesn't like coding for Firefox, so I don't know if he'd be willing to look into Maxthon given it's small install base.

    I'm having a look at the code to see if it's simple to port over. Will update with what I find.

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