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  1. How do i stop an extension that runs at "doc_start" from running on it's own options page? Have tried the "exclude" setting in the def.json file, but no matter how it's written it won't stop it from running. Have even tried adding code to check the URL and if it's the GUID for the extension to stop running the script... but somehow it still continues? Makes no sense to me. PS if I get a reply to this i'll be completely surprised!
  2. I have two scripts. One that I want running at doc_start (script#1) and another on pressing the toolbar/sidebar button (script #2). Script #1 calls for a function in Script #2, but seeing as they're separate scripts it fails at that point. Doing some reading it seems it can be done, and using the standard HTML code adding all scripts required for a page should allow that to work. But it seems when starting a script via an extension that has no effect, even if the HTML file that calls all the scripts is set to run as a background service. Any tips on what I should be doing?
  3. Ummm it's wednesday and no update on the extension site? @BugSir006
  4. Been through a few revisions the past week and a bug fix thanks to a user that posted on the extension site. Now includes a first run prompt to check/save the colour settings, and some minor UI tweaks.
  5. Just noticed this when I was playing around with packing a skin file. It seems the old version of the MXpacker file does actually compress the extensions/skins files. On the test that I did using the skins and an addon it shrunk the file by approx 40-50%. IIRC your extension is one of the larger ones, so if you want to compress it then use the old version. Apart from that and it's command line based (although you can drag n drop) i'm not sure what else thee is different. But the files created still work. Attached below as i'm unsure if it's still available anywhere else. MXpacker_old.zip
  6. Check that syncing extensions hasn't accidentally been turned off in the sync settings.
  7. Confirmed. you get an "enter a username" error if it's entered by using Passkeeper or entering directly.
  8. Doubt it would work, or might cause some issues seeing as there's quite a few differences in the default UI in MX5. Unless the skin was a complete UI update, I think it will have some problems displaying. Haven't tested though. This. Seems they've added support to allow using .mxskin files... now if only there was someone to create a skin...
  9. Updated on the extensions site. Hopefully will be available on Monday ;-)
  10. just an update with this. Working on adding a settings page to adjust the colours. Code's a bit of a mess but does the job. But that's what happens when you learn as you go. Will hopefully have the updated version up within the next few days. Still haven't got around to seeing if it can be enabled on all pages. Might be next on the to do list.
  11. Probably not going to get a reply... but will give it a go and see what happens. I'm having trouble getting the "activate" parameter of the newtab function to work when the string is called from a variable. In: mxTabs.newTab({url:"url", activate:true, position:"afterCurrrent"}); when activate is set to true or false directly in that line it works fine. If I have a variable "openTab" set to true or false and called in that same line "activate:openTab" it also works. But if I have a variable "openTab" with a value set to true or false which is determined from some javascript, and then saved and called via the mx.storage api, it never seems to work and always defaults to "true". Doing an alert (openTab) or rt.storage.getConfig("openTab") shows that the string is correct. Getting quite annoying, as I know what I want to do and i'm pretty sure i've got it all right, but this just won't work.
  12. Seems that might not even be possible. Chrome and Opera at least only show Firefox and IE when trying to import data.
  13. I don't think Maxthon supports exporting passwords. If you're moving to another browser hopefully it can import them directly.
  14. This is what Google has for developers: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions This is what Microsoft has for developers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/extensions/api-support/supported-apis This is what Mozilla has for developers: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons This is what Opera has for developers: https://dev.opera.com/extensions/ All the information related to extensions (and other stuff) is on their developer pages. Maxthon on the other hand, requires you to go to the extension/skins sites (not an issue), but then the links Maxthon Extension SDK / Beginner Tutorials / Submission and Update Process / Approval Criteria, all lead you to the MX forum... then you have to download a compressed version of a MS word file to access the info. We're in 2017, and this is a web browser company yet still making people do things in such a convoluted way like we're still in the 90's. No one is asking that it's as complex or in depth as the sites above. Just bring the info to the web where it should be. All the info in the forum posts mentioned above should be on this "MX developer site", and any competent coder should be able to convert those .doc files into a website relatively easily. That plus direct download links to the examples and the MXpacker. This is just one example of the "many are issues that could be updated fairly easily" but not done, mentioned by MaxthonGuy. This would take someone less than a few days to come up a perfectly workable site, and would rarely be needed to be updated (given how often that info has been in the past). And even when it does it's just a matter of updating those sections that's required, the same way the .doc file would have been updated anyway.
  15. Preaching to the choir there buddy! I've been forever harping on about exactly that... small things that can be fixed quickly and may never have to be touched till the next major update, yet they still don't change, update after update after update.
  16. I've asked that question countless times... never got an answer, It's just the way it is... Maybe one day they'll actually make a proper developer site for things like this, like all the browsers have. Their web design team put together the MX5 launch pages and revamped maxthon.com, but can't quickly knock up a small mini-site (1 or 2 pages) for SDK instructions and relevant downloads (or update the skins/extensions sites)!?
  17. Does it happen on every search? Have you tried changing to another then going back to Bing? Does the same happen when you use the address bar to search? (enter your search term into the address bar, enter)
  18. Why can't it be that simple? Many versions don't change anything, or just minor things like a text placeholder etc. Others completely change the code for UI elements. Just looking back at my current 4.9 skin to the 5.x skins, while things look similar on the outside, there's been quite a few changes of code behind the scenes. And in whichever version they change the names of the files, hopefully related to the talk of a proper skin system being put back in place. So it's hard to say what exactly needs to be changed, as it's not a case of changing a line that says "version=5.0.1" to "version=5.0.2" to make it compatible. It really does depend on what was changed. It might be just a text string placeholder, where you'll get the placeholder instead of the actual text. It might be a link to something outside of the HTML files which was moved/changed, in which case just renaming the files won't work, and you need to rewrite/update the code to allow for that.
  19. You can try renaming the files. 0.dat > UIMain.dat 1.dat > UIHuge.dat No guarantee that it will work 100% or at all.
  20. Looks like some infection, as Facebook or Maxthon shouldn't be doing that. Does the same happen on other browsers? Re-scan your system with kaspersky. Update Maxthon to the latest version http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes4.9/