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  1. Thanks for that. Adds fine, and as far as I can tell seems to be working as intended. Only thing left is getting rid of the Quicktools dropdown... EDIT: got rid of that.. only thing left is the avatar menu. :-D Also if one of the mod's thinks this is slightly off topic for the thread (even I think it might me) let me know and i'll start another related to my stuffing around.
  2. tony. replied at 2013-5-10 03:38 what do you want to do - i have noads and skynotes running as separate entries - it was initially ... Now that i've finally decided to move to MX4, I have started modding the skin to my liking to a degree. Still working on getting the avatar back on the left. But the problem is getting Favs on toolbar back on the quicktools bar. I managed to get it back a while ago after screwing around with the toolbar extension file IIRC. Although the bigger problem is that this particular extension gets broken by something so won't display properly - even in the sidebar, even though it calls the same Favourites panel as the sidebar addon. I've tried playing around with all the options in the addon file to no avail. Will keep on poking around. And please post your method.
  3. Maxthon Cloud Browser (Maxthon4) does not support toolbar entrypoint. How unfortunate. Would still like to know the reasoning behind this. Seems like the MX team think the Sidebar is a better option, but I just don't see the benefit.