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  1. Magdalene replied at 2014-5-24 03:13 back.gif

    Youtube does go through strange phases during it's evolution. Perhaps it was one of those phases.

    Although that is possible, the coincidence is just too great. Everything was working fine till the last update.

    I notice there are some users that prefer HTML5, curious to know why? The popup feature for flash makes it a much better option for me, and can't see what benefits HTML5 offers.

    It might be better for mobile devices that don't support flash, but we're talking windows here, and apart from security scares with flash and people not wanting to install it is there any other reason to prefer HTML5?

    Hopefully the popup feature can be implemented for HTML5 and then we (I) won't have to deal with these dramas.

    EDIT: and using Youtube centre for some reason removes the little youtube link on the video, meaning you can't quickly open up the video on youtube to take advantage of YTC. Instead have to stuff about copying links etc...Why oh why!!

  2. I've gone back to MX4.4.0.4000 as the loss of smooth scrolling was annoying me. And it seems i've lost the "bug" of flash video everywhere as well. Doesn't make sense, as that means that it wasn't the MX version or UA that was causing it.

    Have installed YT centre, but it only seems to work on Youtube.com and not on embedded videos?

  3. I contacted Hola ages ago. No response from them.

    In the end it's up to them to create an addon for Maxthon, unless someone can convert one from the other browser versions which I don't think would happen, as it's a little more complex than most addons.

    Until Maxthon is seen as another one of the BIG browsers they won't see support from developers.

    For that reason alone, the Mac version is up on the Windows version as it can use Chrome addons.

    So the only option is to temporarily use another browser for what you need it for, or use the standalone version that is system wide, rather than the browser addon.

  4. tony. replied at 2013-5-10 03:38 back.gif

    what do you want to do - i have noads and skynotes running as separate entries - it was initially ...

    Now that i've finally decided to move to MX4, I have started modding the skin to my liking to a degree. Still working on getting the avatar back on the left.

    But the problem is getting Favs on toolbar back on the quicktools bar. I managed to get it back a while ago after screwing around with the toolbar extension file IIRC.

    Although the bigger problem is that this particular extension gets broken by something so won't display properly - even in the sidebar, even though it calls the same Favourites panel as the sidebar addon. I've tried playing around with all the options in the addon file to no avail.

    Will keep on poking around.

    And please post your method.