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  1. Reading up on this, it probably one of the least problem causing exploits of late. There has are a lot of pre-requisites for this to happen:

    Server must support SSL3 (many don't now, or have since been disabled);

    Browser using SSL3 (irrelevant due to #1, and easily disabled in most clients);

    Hacker needs to be on the same network;

    More than likely in close proximity.

    Security researchers say that the Poodle bug is more innocuous than Heartbleed or Shellshock. For one, they note that SSL 3.0 has been largely superseded by a newer encryption protocol called Transport Layer Security, or TLS. Also, to pull off an a Poodle attack, security researchers say that the victim has to be actively online and physically close to the attacker — say, using the same public Wi-Fi.

    Also I think that if you're on a hardwired connection your chances of falling victim to the bug is almost 0, unless of course someone has hacked your network. The issue is connecting to random WIFI hotspots that may not be secure. Also as stated you need to be close to the hacker. I could be wrong about it, and i'm not saying there's nothing to worry about, just that in the big picture the odds of being hit by this bug is very, very small.

    So unless you're in one of those situations it's not that much to worry about till the hole gets plugged. Of which I'd be surprised if Maxthon don't fix this in the next release.

  2. Do you use a Passport account? If yes, then first try logging out and see if you can save anything then.

    If that works then as you say it could be a corrupt file. Data is stored here: \UserData\Users\guest\MagicFill, otherwise your account name in place of guest if you're signed in.

    Try renaming/deleting that file and see if it fixes the issue.

  3. Works fine here.

    Update as No.1MaxthonFan has pointed out.

    If it still occurs, try testing with Retro mode, turn off AdHunter, and check with other browsers. If it happens on those as well then it's something on your system, not Maxthon.

    Or it could be what SWFlash0 said, which I found quite interesting - i didn't know they do that :S

  4. thx for the reply but I prefer a "none" option like before That's fine if that's what you want, but there's no point putting up with having a background when there is a simple solution. Unless for some reason you're constantly changing backgrounds, I can't see why that shouldn't suffice till the "none" option is added.

  5. A.S. replied at 2014-10-24 16:22 back.gif

    Someone already asked.

    But it's too difficult for me now. And I have no time.

    Try to persuade author ...

    I had a look at that extension a while back. Very complicated to me, lots of Chrome api's being used. I can't see it being simple to convert, but then i'm not really well versed in it.

    Hopefully the Hola devs to have a change of heart like the adblock guys. If it was available I wouldn't have to use another browser ever, apart from maybe troubleshooting.

  6. Chain Reactan replied at 2014-10-24 13:37 back.gif

    To me, there is no need for an additional search engine on the topright if the main bar does the s ...

    OK, that's what I thought you meant, but your reply to BugSir007 made me think otherwise.

    Menu > View > Uncheck Search Box. It will disappear!

    I agree with you as well, it has become somewhat redundant since you can easily search using the address bar. And with aliases setup, it's just as easy to search a different search engine to your default one.

  7. Firstly, you shouldn't be deleting anything of a program when it's running - even though it should warn you if it's in use.

    Secondly, it seems you have found the problem.

    Reboot your system (if you haven't already since posting) and see if Windows asks for a disk check to be performed. If it doesn't then open an explorer window, right-click on the drive that Maxthon is installed on > Properties > Tools > Error Checking - press the check button.

    Windows should hopefully find and fix any disk issues causing the problem. You should then be able to delete the file.

  8. it has lost all of my links except for the 4 things I had opened as tabs.Unless that is explained wrong, that is how the last tabs page works. It keeps a list of the last tabs that were opened when Maxthon is closed.

    If you want other tabs that were open previously then history is where you should be looking. Earlier Tabs should have a list of the last tabs left open prior to the most recent close.

  9. 15731837 replied at 2014-10-12 00:04 back.gif

    Is there a better skin that I can work off of other than "My First Skin"? As that theme makes the tab on the bottom and adds a few extra things. Without a proper tutorial, I'm not sure if I can skin Maxthon efficiently.You should read the details in the SDK documentation as it offers a lot of information about how things work and options you have. Also the more you know of HTML/CSS the easier it is to work with.

    As tony. said working with the standard UI.dat is probably the best. Documentation shows how to extract this.

    In general:

    HTML files dictate the components of an element. Eg. the navbar consists of the navigation buttons, address bar, search box. Each of those components can be added/removed from the navbar element.

    CSS files dictates how everything looks (size, placement, colour etc.)

    *my terminology is probably off, but it should get the point across.

  10. Checkout the info & attachment in the first post of this thread. http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-804-1-1.html

    The attachment includes a basic tutorial on how everything works along with the required files. If you understand HTML/CSS you shouldn't have any issues with it.

    Just be aware there is no GUI for accessing skins in MX4. They can only be installed by clicking the skin file which will give you a prompt asking if you would like to install the skin.

  11. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-8-23 19:57 back.gif

    Thanks for the explanations. It's lgood to find you back on the boards. Now to answer your quest ...

    But the M4 result leavesme puzzzled how Peacekeeper is identifying Maxthon when it comes after Chrome.At a guess they're testing for known UA elements in a certain hierarchy. So starting with the obscure ones working down to the most well known. When there is a match that is used instead of Chrome/IE/FF etc which will be further down the list. But as I said it's just a guess mind you, as that's how i'd do it if I was testing for something like that.

  12. It could be the latest Chrome update was responsible for the YT change. They seem to go hand in hand.That would make sense i guess. But why would things still be broken after going back to when it would still be using the older/original version that did work?

    Which Youtube link on the videos do you mean?I just found out that you can click the share button and then the more link which opens it on Youtube. So while not as handy as the direct link on the navbar, much better than scrounging for a link. But this is the one I was talking about.