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  1. No problems, i'm glad we something figured out in the end. Hopefully the other issues resolve themselves after a little more poking around. Good to hear that you learned a few things as well :-)
  2. I checked the other day and can confirm the issue. I don't understand how/why it happens though. The files downloaded are essentially the same as the local font files just packed differently, so it doesn't make sense that Maxthon would render them differently?! I'd be curious to know if it happens with all fonts?
  3. Beso_910 has posted stating that it will be looked at. When that will be, well that is anyone's guess. And that's assuming that he/she is actually a Maxthon Rep? The comments made seem to indicate so, but there's no badge?
  4. The CPU on 720p was ~70-90% (but played without stutter); the CPU on 1080p was high 90s to 100% and stuttered badly. In contrast to last night when I watched a downloaded .MKV movie (H.264) in 720p and it used ~20%A lot will depend on the codec it's encoded with. Some of the older ones aren't as efficient in the encoding process so are therefore easier to decode leading to lower CPU usage. Also many of the older codecs have at least some degree of HW acceleration via CPU/GPU. The newer codecs are even better at creating better looking and smaller files, but in turn make the CPU/GPU work harder. Some of the newer codecs may not have full HW acceleration, almost certainly not on older hardware. That would be why some are showing very low/very high. If you want to truly test different resolutions you need to ensure that they're all encoded in the same format. ... which reads -41 CThat's a little odd. I'm not sure if it will cause issues though, could just be an anomalie. The 83C on the other hand is a little concerning. From what i've been reading the max temp for that particular chip is approx 75-80C (i'm guessing there's some leeway), but you're right up there. If for what ever reason the CPU is overheating it could be throttling itself back to ensure it doesn't fry itself, which in turn leads to a slower CPU which leads to higher usage meaning stutter etc. Doesn't lead us to the cause, but I think the high CPU temp/usage is definitely a concern. It might just be a case of the heatsink needing to be reseated, or something else entirely. Will be interesting to see what you come up with (if anything) after doing the hardware disabling tests. At the end of the day it could just be that the system just isn't able to handle certain new codecs very well. I'll have a search and see if I can dig up any info & comparisons.
  5. I just tested again on a new portable install and also with a passport account, and it worked fine in both cases. I can't see any reason why it isn't working for you. I have not tested with the installer version, but I can't see any reason why that would be different as it's basically the same files packaged differently and set to use the %appdata% folder to save userdata. Did you remove the HOSTS file workaround by any chance? If I recall correctly it's still required. So the file workaround might be working, but you are actually seeing the suggestions provided by api.bing.com.
  6. Is that using Flash?Yes, I always use flash unless forced to use HTML5. MX popout video is too handy. Hmph, yeah I know. I'm trying to avoid that 'cos, apart from being time-consuming, I've never done it before and I don't know how aggressive to be in disabling stuff - there's a lot of stuff.I made a quick reference for you to use. Anything marked orange you can disable without issue (apart from the last one), every section also has a comment. There's some sections where you probably could try disabling more, but probably not worth it especially if you're a little hesitant. But if you're unsure on what it does or if it's connected to something else (like the mouse) don't disable it. Hopefully that'll be enough to get an answer.
  7. AylaAsperger replied at 2014-11-30 04:14 Yes I found it, I was looking in program files when I posted that and it's in appdata. But it didn't work!Are you following the instructions correctly? I've been using this workaround since I found it while using and have since updated to .3000 and it still works fine. Empty text file named to update.db, marked as read-only in the public\smarturl folder. Also interesting that no rep has made any mention about the porn links suggestions?
  8. Have you run Maxthon at least once so the files are updated? The userdata folder isn't created until MX is run the first time. And are you looking in the right place? It should be in the UserData\public\SmartUrl folder. If you used the installed version of Maxthon, open an explorer window and paste in %appdata%\Maxthon3\UserData\Public\SmartUrl in the address bar. For the portable version, userdata is in the folder Maxthon was extracted to.
  9. I just tested MX4 on a Windows 8.1 tablet with a dual core 1.33Ghz Atom processor, when running a video as described above CPU usage was between 20-30%, though it did max out at certain times, but I think that was due to me switching apps a lot. The default metro player played them 5-10%. MX is clearly not as optimised as other players or it's a HWA issue. Even on my desktop system Maxthon uses 5-10% more than Chrome which hovers ~5%, and that's an i5 3.3Ghz. Are you sure the CPU is running at full speed and not being artificially restricted somehow, or being throttled down due to heat issues? Use HWMonitor to check your temps and CPU-Z to check CPU speeds. On your F:\ drive install, did you try downloading with MX and check it's cpu usage? I think going back and doing this test might be best: 2. Go to Device Manager, disable all devices that aren't required (so anything apart from display, graphics card, main HDD, keyboard, mouse etc) Disable everything else (right-click, disable) restart and do the copy tests again. If the problem doesn't happen after disabling everything, then we know it's a device/driver issue. From then you enable one device at a time and test. Keep doing this until it starts happening again.
  10. Do you mean drag a movie file onto Maxthon before installing Flash?Yes, MX will open and play within the browser. There won't be any network access as it's a local file, and unless there is a HDD issue or MX has a major issue with CPU usage playing files it should definitively show that it's network related, possibly something to do with ZA.
  11. Same here. I think it's almost certainly to do with AdHunter. For me at least, it runs in Flash with Ultra, and HTML5 in Retro. If you turn off AH they both start instantly (although with ads). AH just might work better with HTML5. When the adblock extension that was announced finally happens things might change. Until then the other option and probably the best one, is to use the Youtube Centre extension. I'm not one for adding plenty of extensions to the browser, but this is by far one of the best, adding lots of options, removes ads perfectly and is also constantly being updated.
  12. Before you get too far along with that, test with a local file using maxthon's native playback, just drag a file onto Maxthon. This should isolate anything related to network hardware/drivers being the issue, if that works with normal CPU usage then the problem isn't with mx or it's playback capabilities. It also leads us back to it being a hardware or driver issue almost certainly related to networking. Or flash being the culprit. At least that's the idea. EDIT: it can't be hardware related as your other install works fine, so driver issue is where we're at I think.
  13. How is Maxthon Passport relevant? O_oIt's just a means of testing to see if it's related to your userdata files in case there is an issue in there somewhere. If that doesn't work then it could be something in the public folders which are global settings. Best way to test that is downloading the portable version and testing with that. So if it works fine signed out then it's a userdata issue, if it works fine with the portable version then it's most likely one of the public settings that's gone awry. You could also just reinstall Maxthon as noted by the poster above, or just restore the spellcheck files from here. I usually work by trying to find the cause of the issue, then resolve it. This way I can say for sure that it was due to a faulty file/setting etc.
  14. In case it's a settings related issue with Maxthon, you can just download/extract/run the portable version of Maxthon. It won't have any of your settings (unless you sign in, which you shouldn't for testing purposes). That way you can be certain it's not something you changed within Maxthon. Still doesn't rule MX out, but I think we're at the point where it's pretty evident it isn't the cause. RE: the flash issue. As you found out, MX installs it's own flash and also can be removed by renaming the file. If you installed another version of Flash you need to ensure it's the correct one. IE has it's own one, as does Chrome. I had this very issue when I recently re-installed Windows. You need to install the NPAPI (for firefox) version (not sure if the wording is the same for older versions). If it installs correctly and is the right one, and the file in the Maxthon folder is renamed/deleted then MX will use the installed NPAPI version on the system. RE: the temp files, I don't think that's an issue, apparently the "C:\$ConvertToNonresident" is an NTFS thing that occurs internally when doing some file copy operations. MX might cause some extra copy operations due to the way the temp files are accessed/stored, but as you saw earlier, copying files doesn't add that much load to the system.
  15. PE doesn't report GPU-usage on XP systemsGood to know. I won't harp on about it then I did run DPC Latency Checker last night whilst playing videos but saw nothing unusual.I linked the other one as it actually gave info on the drivers that are causing the high latency. The one you tested with is good for checking if there is an issue, but you then need to start looking deeper to find the root cause. But if it's all green, then I guess we can scratch that off the list as well. Something I forgot to mention which I traced over the weekend is that my ZoneAlarm firewall will intermittently and frequently consume around 20% CPU whilst a video is downloading from YT (as reported in PE).So when you replied "No other programs running", that was no other programs apart from ZA or nothing at all, as in only Windows services and critical components running? It could also be something related to Maxthon's limited HW acceleration options. According to the about:gpu page, all of MX's video decode is done in software, which could explain why it's more than IE (although i'm not sure if IE8 had HWA). The fact that the same system with a different install as you noted in post #23 seems to run things fine, means it's not related to the hardware not be up to the task. This still keeps leads me back to it being a device/driver issue which hasn't been installed on the other install you tested on. I'd try getting Flash 11.3 on the system and test. Then MX and test. And lastly do option #2 in post #22 and see how you get on. If it's related to a windows update then things are getting very complicated. Might be just easier doing a reinstall.
  16. Seems to be working fine here, and that's with the standard UA. The image was taken with, but tested with 2000 the day before and it was the same.
  17. Just tested again, and i definitely don't get the spell check issue. Try signing out and testing again. If it doesn't happen then there's something screwy in your settings somewhere.
  18. Well at least we fixed up something But... YT videos still hitting 100% With other browsers as well? You still need to isolate it to Maxthon before you can say it's an MX issue. Test with IE and if it still happens with that, then we're back to flash more than likely being the culprit. Also as requested earlier, process explorer screenshots of GPU usage and GPU mem usage when running the video. You can also try removing your current flash and installing the version that was working above. It could just be the newer versions aren't as efficient on older OS/systems?
  19. A pic might help here? I went right through to the last prompt before listing an item and saw no major issue. But I also haven't listed something for sale for ages, so can't say whether something is wrong or changed, unless it stuck out in big flashing capital letters and neon signage.
  20. No problem, I enjoy these sort of troubleshooting scenario's - keeps the brain active :-D. if it is a browser-related problem, it's all of them. I tried in Firefox on Saturday and the same thing happened.I don't think it's anything to do with browsers. 50% usage to copy a file I think is excessive, even on an older system. Given that it happens in safe mode, and there are no other programs running the only thing left is windows/drivers/hardware. It could have something to do with an update that may have changed something for the worse. If you had a backup image that you were willing to test with from before an update and it started happening you could almost certainly narrow it down to it being that. Without that, i'm putting it down to hardware/conflict/configuration change or error. I've got 3 more options that just came to me (in order of easiest to hardest). After that i'll be struggling to find more. 1. Follow this guide and ensure that DMA mode is available and enabled on your drives. If DMA mode isn't on it can detrimentally affect HDD performance. Although you should have noticed it more often rather than just file copies. 2. Go to Device Manager, disable all devices that aren't required (so anything apart from display, graphics card, main HDD, keyboard, mouse etc) Disable everything else (right-click, disable) restart and do the copy tests again. If the problem doesn't happen after disabling everything, then we know it's a device/driver issue. From then you enable one device at a time and test. Keep doing this until it starts happening again. 3. If you have another spare drive, you can do a clean install of Windows and see if it occurs with that. If yes, then it's a hardware issue. If not, then we're back to the start, where it's probably driver/software related.
  21. No issues here. What spellcheck language are you using? Can you test with English if that's not what you're using?
  22. And why to expect people will build duplicated extension..Why not? They still make ones for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and before the change to Chromium, Opera versions. Maxthon's issue is that it's relatively unknown and therefore people just don't feel the need to create another extension for such a small market. That in itself is a great reason for the MX team to incorporate the use of Chrome extensions, but as of now that isn't happening. Ideally everyone would use the same extension format, but that isn't the case right now. The way I understand it MX as it stands now can't and won't be updating it's extension implementation without some major changes. If they do decide to go to being a Chromium clone in future versions (and I sincerely hope that isn't the case) then many peoples wishes may come true. A remote desktop extension would be another one of the main ones where there isn't one for Maxthon.
  23. Or move the mouse to the top centre of the screen, a tab will drop down that you can click to go back to normal as well.
  24. Changing works fine for me, all the cache data seems to be in the new location. Only thing that is left in the original location is the crash data folder.
  25. I'm not familiar with the Kernel commands, but i'm pretty sure that anything with Unexpected interrupts generally isn't good. The fact that the tests you did all show ~50+% CPU usage and the only common factor I can point to is the HDD was in use in all situations, leads me to believe it's somehow related to that. It's almost 100% not related to Maxthon and doesn't seem network device related. Did you try running in safe mode and trying the same tests? And what other programs do you have running? Can you download this, just extract and run the latmon.exe file. Press the play button in the top left while running maxthon with video for a little, then press stop. Go to the drivers section and sort by ISR or DPC count and see what the driver is that is causing high counts. If you can provide that and any other info you think might be useful. For reference the highest counts on my system is the USBPORT.SYS driver ~1200 IPC and ~7300 DPC. My system runs fine as far as i'm aware. This is really a head scratcher?!