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  1. Videos seemed to play fine for me.

    You say you are using (or have at least tried) the latest version of MX4, but the image is showing MX3 if i'm not mistaken. Unless you are using an MX3 style skin.

    Firstly try the most recent version (available here), and if you are using MX4 with a skin, try using the default one in case the skin is causing some of the problems.

    What's the memory use when playing the video? And do you for some reason have a lot of HDD activity when this happens? And your results of testing with other browsers on the same videos.

  2. So something has changed since this workaround. It seems the suggestions are no longer sourced online or they are and the block still works, but they've added a local list as well.

    Given that there is still no option to disable suggestions i've started looking for a means to disable them... and so far I can't seem to find or figure out where they're sourced or even how to just remove that from the dropdown.

    Any suggestions from anyone? Or even better, Dev's give us an option to enable or disable them at our own discretion!! I don't need to see some random sites in my addressbar dropdown that I probably never want to visit anyway.

  3. DomCas replied at 2014-11-7 07:29 back.gif

    1. From what I know, Maxthon uses Blink. Before using webkit.

    - Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.

    - Why it works in one and not the other?That is true. But Blink/Webkit is only part of what Chromium is. Blink/Webkit is only the renderer, basically what reads the website code and displays it onscreen. Everything outside of that is Maxthon's own code, including the extension system, although even Blink is modified by Maxthon to some degree, that isn't the cause of this issue.

    As you may have noted with running Chromium clones, Chromium is basically the whole browser (renderer/UI/extensions/settings). The only differences might be some UI differences and some minor modifications that the developer might add, like extra security or social media options.

    That is why it works in Chromium clones and not Maxthon.

    If you're into cars, you can think of it like this: Blink is the chassis, and everything else (body/interior/engine) is what Maxthon adds. With Chromium, the dev gets the whole car, but might add window tinting or offer more paint colours.

    2. And the Maxthon1 (Classic) which is based on the Trident,  will not let you install because?I haven't tested with that, so can't say for sure.

    Just did some testing with ActiveX in Retro and it seems it does work and isn't disabled as I first thought. Quite possibly needs to be installed within Maxthon in Retro rather than using the installer they provide as it might not hook into MX for some reason.

  4. 1. I don't think the security module is directly browser related (could be wrong though). The extensions are what interact between it and the browser if i'm not mistaken, so if you can get the extension working everything should be fine. At the end of the day market share talks and Maxthon just doesn't have the same share or limelight as the others.

    4. Not sure what you are getting at with that comment? Maxthon creates the browser and users/companies decide whether they want to use it and/or create extensions for it. Maxthon is in no way suggesting you use another browser, that is my personal view given the situation at hand, but in reality is the only option in the short term. This isn't about marketing, it's simply developer support.

    As it stands unless the bank/security module provider creates a Maxthon extension, or Maxthon takes it upon themselves to create one or possibly work with them to do so, then I fail to see any way the current setup will work with Maxthon.

    5. Tech support can be like that. As far as they're concerned the product works and you have access to it. They don't need to do anything more.

    As stated above, those are the options that I see at this point in time. Apart from you requesting the bank to provide support I fail to see how Maxthon can do much about the problem, but good to see BugSir007's response.

  5. A quick search shows this google chrome forum page it's something to do with sockets not closing properly. In Chrome there's an advanced option to "close idle sockets" which apparently fixed the issue for some people. Maxthon doesn't have such options.

    Does the same happen with other browsers? If yes, then it's probably a local network issue rather than Maxthon.

    You can try clearing cookies and cache, which apparently fixes the issue, but it's not seen as a permanent solution.

    EDIT: link fixed.

  6. DomCas replied at 2014-11-4 21:51 back.gif

    After all, what's wrong with Maxthon?Nothing.

    1. I don't see the point of all these downloads & extensions etc. Seems a very convoluted way just to have extra security on your account. Curious if other banks have the same systems in place. I thought 2-factor authentication was standard if requested now? eg. you get a code sent to your phone which you need to enter when logging in.

    2. The reason it won't work is that when you run the installer it installs some random security software (which now i have to try and get rid of). It also installs an ActiveX control for IE and browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox if detected. When you get to the "Instalação da extensão do navegador" (Installing the browser extension) page, it tries to install a Chrome extension which obviously won't work. More than likely the browser was detected as Chrome instead of Maxthon, so you get the download page instead of an error.

    3. The reason Opera works is that it's based on Chromium and uses the same extension system, so most if not all Chrome extensions work on it. Maxthon uses it's own extension model although very similar, isn't able to load Chrome extensions.

    4. Retro Mode more than likely doesn't work (shows an error) as I don't think ActiveX controls are allowed or available in Maxthon.

    So basically you have a few options:

    Choose another bank that doesn't force you to use all this installed stuff.

    Ask the bank to create an extension for Maxthon (but they probably won't because the userbase just wouldn't be big enough).

    It may be possible for someone to create a Maxthon version of the Chrome extension, but that takes someone with some knowledge, time and effort to do so.

    Use another browser when you want to do your banking.

  7. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-4 18:34 back.gif

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for providing more details and links on this problem.

    We haven't provided an opti ...

    That's a very interesting stance on the situation, since AFAIK every other major browser has an option to disable SSL3. Also most of the information that's discussing this bug states that is the simplest way for a user to ensure that they won't be affected by it.

    I think it's another great reason to request an advanced config option within Maxthon.

  8. To me Maxthon's video playback has always been a little sketchy in that it can jump frames, especially if a page is loading in the background. It seems to be related to the way network throughput and rendering is threaded. This was mostly fixed a while back when the multi process releases started, but has since seemed to have crept it's way back ever so slightly.

    Firstly can you provide a link to a video/videos that consistently cause the issue. Even if it's on all, it's nice to test with the same. Have you tried with other browsers and do they show the same issues?

    if the video is recorded in low quality but if the video is a modern, high quality recording,This should have no bearing on your problems. It doesn't matter when or what quality the video was recorded at as it gets re-encoded by youtube. Youtube uses different file formats and encoding depending on what level it's playing at. It could just be that your PC uses HW acceleration for some and not others causing the high CPU load.

    If possible can you grab a screenshot of your CPU usage while running a video in VLC and also in Maxthon, preferably the same one. You can use http://en.savefrom.net/#url=XXX to download the file from youtube or elsewhere. Replace the XXX with the URL to the video. Link the video so I can have look and do a comparison.

    Regarding download manager, i'm thinking it's somewhat related. But we'll work on the video first and see what happens.

  9. Ices_Eyes replied at 2014-11-4 04:06 back.gif

    So... As I said before, I test also to download a clean portable version of MX, and the problem is s ...

    Either on this version I do not login on my account, so no problem with it too.A little confused by that sentence?

    But if i'm reading the rest correctly - any version of MX logged in or not has issues on your PC, but copying an MX portable from another PC that was working fine, then also shows the same problems on the first PC. Based on that the only conclusion I can come to is the PC/software/drivers is the cause. It's the only common factor in both cases.

    Will be interesting to see what you come up with when you do the further testing.

  10. Ices_Eyes replied at 2014-11-3 01:56 back.gif

    Not everyone says they have not the issue... Oliver One said he has the same problem, and he is also ...

    I never said it was just you or that it isn't an MX issue. The fact that Oliver One is a tester I don't believe has any relevance to the problem. It might just be a coincidence that both of you run the same program that is causing the problem.

    Even though you might use the same applications it doesn't mean that something isn't causing a conflict of some description. A lot of things can go wrong with PC's, from failed installs or uninstalls, crashed apps, faulty drivers, malware etc.

    I'd be curious to see the outcome of the testing that I mentioned above. Hopefully it might lead into a direction that gives an answer.

  11. dp7log.png

    As shown above it works fine here, and using the h3 tag.

    I want to say it's not a Maxthon issue, only for the fact that it's not happening for everyone, but you also say that it's fine in other browsers. It's weird - and if it can't be replicated it makes it even harder to determine the issue. I'm curious that you say it's only on that one PC that you have the issue, that says to me it's more than likely something on there that is causing the problem, especially when it happens with clean portable installs.

    I'd start with disabling everything you run on startup and other programs and see if anything changes. If it's still happening then try Windows safe mode and check again.